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Do You Know the Health Benefits of Krill Oil? We Explore the Side Effects and Best Krill Oil Brand

As I looked around relevant government publications for information about best Krill oil benefits, I soon discovered an hornets nest of vitriol from supporters and some environmentalist determined to cast the way the product is sourced, in the worst light possible. This reminds me of the debate about meat consumption while loving pets. Most people fail to realize that one man’s pet is another man’s source of protein.

While the debate rages on, whether it is appropriate for euphausia superba to be harvested, the health benefits offered by the product has never been in doubt. In this article, I will examine what exactly Krill oil is, the known benefits for health, possible side-effects, and best Krill oil supplements.

What is Krill Oil?

What is Krill Oil?

Your best Krill oil is derived from sea animals popularly called euphausia superba. If you see one up close you’ll probably call it a tiny crustacean shrimp. Getting to a good supply of them is another matter, as one of the main sources of this sea creature is in the deep cold ocean in the Antarctica, Russia, Vancouver, Japan and Ukraine.

There are some comparisons to benefits derived from fish oil, but there many differences which we’ll explore later on in this article. Now you know why there are so many krill oil supplements on the market, because it is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids including EPA and DHA. The nutrients within Krill oil can help one lower cholesterol levels, while keeping you safe from many types of heart disease.

While the source of Krill oil appears to look like shrimp, they serve as the most important food source for some giant sea creatures like squid, fish, whales, penguins and seals. The commercial harvesting of Krill oil source is very controversial to say the least.

Environmentalist are concerned that unchecked harvesting for use in Krill Oil supplements would pose a threat or possible extinction of crucial see creatures needed for eco-balance. We humans can be hypocrites sometimes, because the same people fighting to save the whales and seals will not hesitate to consume a piece of steak from a dead cow. Shouldn’t all animals be protected?

I am not taking sides in this debate, but I do know that the antioxidants in a best krill oil supplement can help the nervous system and brain function optimally. This essential oil is able to neutralize the negative effect posed by free radicals, thus leading to better immune system for users.

What are the Benefits of Krill Oil?

What is krill oil good for? Despite the claim by some environmental activists that some Krill oil brands might be toxic, the food and drug administration stands by its approval of many krill oil supplements. The many benefits of krill oil is the main reason why it has outgrown all other fish oils, in both production and popularity.

As compared to top fish oil brands, Krill oil does not have any after-taste. You can also find high amounts of astaxanthin than in fish oil. Some of the best health benefits of Krill oil are:

Can be Used to Lower High Cholesterol Levels

The massive growth in popularity of this oil can be traced to the ability to help control the levels of bad LDL cholesterol. Complete studies by leading scientific organizations confirmed the power of Krill oil in helping to reduce the liver triglyceride levels in participants.

Better Control of Menopause and Premenstrual Symptoms

For many women, that time of the month can cause many emotional and physical symptoms not normally exhibited in everyday life. This miracle oil can help with those issues associated with menopause and premenstrual cycles. By taking 2 to 3 grams of Krill oil daily, it leads to better breast tenderness and reduction in cramps, hot flashes and mood changes.

Can Help Control Joint Pain and Arthritis

This study conducted a few years ago, proved that Krill oil can help reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis due to the presence of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Another study from the national institute of health, showed how daily small dosage of this oil helped to reduce joint pain while also preventing joint inflammations.

Improved Memory

One of the best Krill oil benefits are the ability to give you improved memory. The omega-3 fatty acids present in the oil are good for optimal mental health, and daily use will significantly boost your memory power. Better memory leads to improved cognitive functions in the elderly.

Can Boost Your Immune System

Due to the presence of Docosahexaenoic acid which is a form of omega-3 compound, Krill has the ability to increase the activity levels of your body’s white blood cells. A very active B-Cell will help your immune system become much stronger and fight off infections of all kinds. A good immune system is required for optimal performance of your internal organs.

Get More Youthful Looking Skin

One of the other great benefits of krill oil, is the improved look of your skin. The omega-3 fatty acids found in this miracle oil can contain the damages cause by acne and other inflammation skin disorders. The Omega acids found in best Krill oil will give you hydrated skin, which means less wrinkles and fine lines. The antioxidant Astaxanthin is able to offer protection for the skin against UV radiation.

Krill Oil Weight Loss Benefits

One of the most amazing benefits of krill oil supplements is the ability to speed up metabolism, which then leads to faster digestion. Faster metabolism and digestion will mean less stored fat in your body, which ultimately means better weight loss success stories, if that’s your goal. Your body will also be able to burn fat faster, due to the increased HGC levels.

Other health benefits of krill oil includes: good for preventing Cardiovascular Illnesses, can help give one better eyesight, has the ability to fight-off the causes of diabetes, and it can help the elderly slow down the on-set of aging, plus giving one the ability to manage any symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Possible Krill Oil Side Effects

Are there any krill oil dangers? Despite the exceptional health benefits one can get from using Krill oil, there are several drawbacks that has been linked to using krill oil supplements. Below are some of the side effects linked to using Krill oil.

Krill oil has been given a good seal of approval by the food and drug administration, but usage might cause upset stomach, bad breath, nausea and diarrhea in some people. More studies are needed for certain side effects of Krill oil to be conclusive.

To be on the safe side, people with the following conditions should only use Krill oil under the supervision of qualified medical personnel.

If you have suffered from seafood allergy in the past, this miracle oil might not be for you. Those with shellfish allergy should steer clear of all krill oil supplements, or take some under the supervision of a nutritionist or medical doctor. Because Krill oil is derived from shrimp like fish, it is better to err on the side of caution, and avoid even the best krill oil supplement.

If you’re an expectant mother or breastfeeding, you should only take Krill oil under proper supervision. Although we know the omega-3 fatty acid (DHA) present in Krill oil will give a boost to your baby’s brain development, other potential risks has not been fully researched. Your Pediatrician or OB/GY doctor should be consulted, if you want some of the benefits offered by Krill oil.

Other potential side effects of krill oil include:

If you suffer from blood coagulation disorders, only use the krill oil pill or supplement under proper medical supervision. Krill oil has the ability to cause an increase in performance, if you’re using a blood thinning medication like warfarin.

The following medications might also interact negatively with Krill oil: ibuprofen, Heparin, Diclofenac, Naproxen, Clopidogrel, and some brands of Aspirin. To be completely sure your medication will not interact negatively with Krill oil, ask your doctor first before using it.

Best Krill Oil Supplements

What is the best krill oil? With so many products on the market claiming to be the best krill oil supplement, one has to look for other metrics to pick out top performers. In this krill oil reviews; I have included some of the best Krill oil on the market. You can select your best krill oil brand from the list below.

Viva Labs Krill Oil Review

Viva krill oil reviews

Viva labs krill oil is derived from the Euphausia superba that’s extracted from the deep waters of the cold Antarctic. This Krill oil brand from Viva labs is loaded with powerful nutrients and compounds one can use to keep a healthy heart, and good joints.


The Krill oil from Viva labs contains one of the highest concentrations of EPA, DHA, astaxanthin and phospholipids per serving.

This Krill oil brand was manufactured using top innovative Capliques technology, which is why the final product has no fishy odor aftertaste. The capsules are not coated with extra stuff like soft gels.

This product is independently tested by a third party. The test is conducted to look for heavy metals and impurities, and none was found in any of the final product.

A krill oil viva lab supplement is purely certified under the International Krill Oil Standards Program commonly known as (IKOS). The manufacturing facility where this product is made comes with FDA certification, which means it must adhere to high-quality GMP standards.

All of the recent clinical studies show viva lab krill oil is able to support brain, joint, cardiovascular, and feminine health.


Despite having an approval rating of over 97% from those that bought and used the product, some of the feedbacks lean towards the negative side.

Most of those that did not like Viva Krill oil complained about the awful taste. Since it does not have any sweeteners added to it, expect slight bitterness if you let it stay too long in your mouth before swallowing it. Few users complained about the packaging.

Bottom Line:

With overwhelming approval from existing customers, this brand of Krill oil comes with very high concentrations of the nutrients that do your body good. The capsules are small enough, so that swallowing would not be a problem. It contains powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin, which helps to keep several of your internal organs in tip-top shape.

The recommended dosage for this product is two viva krill oil capsules on a daily basis. Since it has the ability to delay the on-set of oxidation, you’ll find that the product is not prone to easy spoilage. To make sure the product retains potency, you better store unused portions in a cool dry place.

NatureWise Krill Oil

This is another best krill oil brand with an appropriate eco-friendly name. NatureWise Krill Oil is a certified sustainable product and comes with full GPS Traceability right on each bottle.

NatureWise Krill Oil


This krill oil supplements from NatureWise contains no fillers despite been in a soft-gel gelatin glycerin capsule.

The finals product contains to genetically modified organisms.

NatureWise Krill Oil has omega-3 DHA and EPA essential fatty acids. This product is manufactured under strict NSF standards, and comes to you completely gluten free.

The nutrients within this oil will help lessen the aches and pains in your joints.


With over 97% approval rating from existing users, some had issues with some aspects of the product. One user confirmed it did help his internal organs function better, but wished it came in a glass container instead of plastic.

Some wished it came with higher contents of omega-3 fatty acids. Another purchaser claimed the Krill oil from NatureWise had fish smell that would not go away, even when refrigerated.

Bottom Line:

The unique formula of this best krill oil supplement makes it withstand the power of oxidation and spoilage. Even if exposed to air, light and other elements, the potency of the content will remain intact, as long as it is stored in a cool dry place. It has an extended shelf-life with an expiration date on the plastic bottle.

The final product is tested for traces of mercury and other harmful substances by an independent testing organization. Best to take two gel capsules daily for the first month, and then reduce it to one daily capsule afterwards, for best benefits from NatureWise Krill Oil.

Here is a great video about the benefits of Krill oil

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