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Best Beach Cruiser Bikes For Comfort Riding

When you feel bored of using the tools in your home gym, try to get your hands on a cheap beach cruiser bike, and ride it for an hour and two to change your whole perception about physical fitness. Contrary to what some might think, riding the latest modern bicycle is not always about zooming through the roads at top speed.

If your desire is to enjoy the scenery at the beach, local park or getting to know your neighborhood, best beach cruiser bikes are made with all features to enhance your riding comfort, while helping you shave off those unwanted extra pounds.

My recent trip to Jamaica proved to me the value of getting around town on a well-designed cruiser bike, with a durable and comfortable seat. The ride through the different beaches was more than pleasant, and to top it all off, I was able to lose a couple of pounds during my so-called vacation days.

What is a Cruiser Bike?

In reality, a cruiser bike is similar to your everyday bicycle except for some unique variations. You can easily spot cruiser bikes because most would have balloon tires, along with a comfortable upright seating mechanism.

The handlebars are usually more upright than regular road bicycles. Best cruiser bicycles will use single-speed or 3-speed drivetrains, and you’re bound to fall in love with the straight-forward steel construction. The expressive styling is one of the unique selling features of top cruiser bikes.

It is a good tool to use for local errands, provided your local route is flat and not bumpy. In this beach cruiser bike reviews, I will explore three of the top cruiser bikes for women and best cruiser bikes for men one can buy for less online.

Beach Cruiser Bicycle Reviews

With so many cruiser bikes for sale online, one might find it difficult to navigate through the wild claims by manufacturers. After careful research, I was able to find the 3-top beach cruiser bikes for women, and 2 of the best men’s beach cruiser bikes one can find at an affordable price with free delivery. Ladies first like my mother taught me!

Cruiser Bikes for Women

After looking through an exhaustive list, these are the best cruiser bikes for women I found, that deliver the most value for the money. Each is well designed and will give you an incredible riding experience, even if you’re new to riding on a regular basis.

Subtle differences between the top rated cruiser bikes for women and men can be found in the smaller frames, styling, and handlebars.

1 – Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban for Women is one of the top selling cruiser bikes one can find for sale online. The manufacturer also makes a version geared towards men, but this version for women has some unique features worth talking about.

Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser bicycle can be purchased in two different wheel sizes: 24 inches and 26 inches. The frame for this best cruiser bike is a bit smaller but ideal for most women sizes.

Firmstrong urban lady comes in 16-different color schemes, and I am sure you would find one that’s suitable for your style and taste.

The wheels for the Firmstrong urban lady beach cruiser are made from aluminum, and your riding comfort is enhanced due to the 15.5-inch durable steel frame.

The White-wall balloon tires will enable a more comfortable, cushioned ride. The oversized seat contains dual springs for added comfort during your rides, and you can count on the easy-to-use coaster brakes to bring the cruiser bicycle to a full stop once engaged.

Firmstrong urban lady single speed bike has handlebars that are enhanced with durable foam grips. Women from 5 to 6 feet tall would find the best cruiser bicycle the ideal companion for doing local errands or seeing all the scenery your favorite beach has to offer.

2 – SixThreeZero Beach Cruiser for Women

I sometimes chuckle when I think of the names of the manufacturer of the top best women’s cruiser bikes.

SixThreeZero 26-inch beach cruiser bicycle can be bought in 1-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed versions. While you can buy the SixThreeZero beach cruiser bike in 9-different colors, be mindful some of the color schemes do come at a higher cost.

SixThreeZero cruiser bike is notable for its smooth configuration, which gives it the ability to handle all types of road surfaces, including your beach boardwalk. Amazingly, this best cruiser bike for women has an astounding perfect feedback score from current customers.

SixThreeZero bikes have suitable frames geared for upright riding, and the handlebars are soft while offering firm grips as you pedal away your extra calories. SixThreeZero cruiser bikes do come with some amazing features, but the pricing is on the expensive side.

3 – Huffy 26 Deluxe Cruiser Bike for Women

While this cruiser bike has all the features to beloved by female riders, the lack of free shipping makes it more expensive than the two reviewed above.

Huffy Cruiser is priced cheaper than the above two best female cruiser bikes, but the shipping cost makes it more expensive when all is added together.

I like the classic frame of the huffy cruiser bike, and one most commend the huffy bicycle company for giving it an embroidered seat, for more comfortable ride. You’ll quickly fall in love with the 12-gauge spokes, and the coastal brakes will enable immediate stop once engaged.

I like everything about the huffy 26 deluxe cruiser bike, including the 40mm painted alloy rims, but the lack of free shipping makes it hard for me to recommend it as the best buy for the money.

Best Cruiser Bikes for Men

Since most guys are taller than females, the best cruiser bikes for men do come with some subtle differences as compared to the ones reviewed above.

I have selected two of the top men’s beach cruiser bikes one can find with affordable pricing. Each of the two brands reviewed will deliver excellent riding comfort for even novice riders of vintage style bicycles.

4 – Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This is from the same company that makes the version for the females, reviewed as the top pick. There several unique things one should know about this best cruiser bike for men, apart from the 13-different colors one can select from.

Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle can be bought in 24-inch and 26-inch setup. You can only get the 24-inch setup in 1-speed version while the 26-inch can be purchased with 1-Speed, 3-Speed, and 7-Speed mechanisms.

Firmstrong urban man bicycle reminds you of the old style vintage bikes, with coastal brakes. It has a classic curvy design with solid, 19-inch durable steel frame. The wheels are made from aluminum, and the handlebars are coated with foam grips for better riding.

Firmstrong urban man single speed comes with oversized seating system with embedded springs, which ultimately results in more comfortable riding for men as short as 5 feet, 4 inches and up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

The pricing for this best beach cruiser bike from Firmstrong makes it a good buy for the money.

5 – SixThreeZero Men’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

SixThreeZero in the barrel cruiser bike for men is just as durable as the female version. You can buy one in 1-speed, or 3-speed version. SixThreeZero in the barrel 3-speed bike is available for purchase in 4-different color schemes.

SixThreeZero beach cruiser 26-inch bike has an extended steel frame and has a unique forward pedaling design. SixThreeZero cruiser bike has seating system that’s made from modern black leather bubble saddle.

The pedals come with rubber blocks, which mean your ride will be more comfortable than most people would expect. While it is the most expensive best beach cruiser bike, you do get the option of free shipping with your purchase.

Bottom Line:

In this best cruiser bike reviews, I have shown you the five most desirable brands with the best value for the money. You can lose weight and also have fun while riding beach cruiser bikes.

The subtle differences between the men and women version of cruiser bikes can be traced to the style of the frame, and the design of the handlebars.

You can find beach cruiser bikes for sale from the links provided in this review, or you can click on the link below for the complete product offering page.

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