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How to Get Optimum Health With Best Liver Detox Supplements

Without a good functioning liver, your body will witness the power of many diseases that could render you hopelessly unhealthy. Why do so many people abuse their liver? Might it be, because most are unaware of what this vital organ does?

Your liver works hard to deal with all the bombardments of toxicity we put into our system. This is the internal organ that helps digest food, regulates fat metabolism and cholesterol. A good functioning liver is needed to clean impurities from your blood, plus many other essential functions.

Currently in the USA, at least 50% of middle-aged Americans are known to have a condition called “fatty liver”. The root causes of liver damage can be traced to poor dieting, smoking and alcohol abuse. Every smoke or drink you consume diminishes the power of your liver to clean out toxins from your body.

Just like weight gain, the process of damaging your liver is a long-term accumulation of bad habits that come home to roost. If you refuse to pay careful attention to what goes into your mouth, the consequences of eating junk food and drinking alcohol beverages are just too numerous to list in this article.

Most poisons or toxins are instantly transferred to our bloodstream the moment you inhale or swallow them. A great majority will pass through our skin, and others will be released by invading bacteria or dying cells. Many of these toxic substances will pass through the liver because it is the body’s waste-purification plant.

It tries mightily to break them down and remove all the toxins from your blood stream before they can do permanent damage. On the other hand, if you constantly engage in bad behavior activities, your liver will soon be overwhelmed and cannot protect your body from the ravages of the toxins.

The kidney is another vital organ that helps to break down toxins, and bad bacteria. Now you know why we excrete feces and urine on a daily basis. If your urine is colored and your “shit” smells like a dead cow, you probably have a poor functioning liver and kidney, which you might be able to correct with the right best liver Detox supplement.

3 Top Liver Detox Supplements

1 – Now Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator Review

This is one of the best liver detoxification products one can find online, with established performance metrics. It is a good product that helps answer the question of how to cleanse your liver naturally.

Now Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator has the ability to remove most toxins that are preventing your liver from functioning the right way. This liver Detoxifier & Regenerator contains Milk Thistle Extract and other essential herbs that help with better liver functions.

The formula also includes two amino acids, which are required for the production of glutathione, a well-known free radical scavenger. You’re required to take 3 capsules daily. Best to take this liver dietary supplement with your food.

It does not contain any gluten, soy, milk, fish, and egg, wheat or shellfish ingredients. It is better to store the best natural liver cleanse product in a cool dry place, after opening.

Causes of Liver Toxicity

Over 90% of packaged foods are simply not good for your internal organs, and your liver is the bearer and deliverer of the eventual bad news. From my research and talking to health professionals, here are some of the products and activities that can lead to eventual liver failure.

Junk foods – most of the packaged foods sold with many false nutritional claims are just toxins that would overwhelm your liver. Animal fats, fried foods, sugar, caffeine, high corn fructose syrup, are just some of the ingredients one should avoid if you want your liver to serve you well into old-age. Pay more attention to how your fast foods are prepared, and look up the ingredients list before consuming them.

Drinking alcohol – Forget the industry supported claim that some red wine is good for you. Would you consider a substance good, if it provides two positive benefits but also provide five negative effects?

You should look at alcohol the same way. The damages caused by drinking far surpasses any perceived benefits. After many years of drinking, most people do get alcoholic hepatitis, which is a known condition of liver inflammation.

Pain Killers sold over the counter – some of your non-prescription pain relievers can damage your liver, especially if taken on a regular basis or in conjunction with alcohol. The list of pain killers with ingredients that can be toxic to your liver include aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, and any product containing acetaminophen.

There are also many prescription drugs with ingredients that could lead to serious liver injury. Unfortunately, many of our best medical practitioners are now in “bed” with the pharmaceutical industry, so it is up to you to ask questions about your prescribed medicine, before taking it.

Popular medications like lovastatin, amoxicillin-clavulanate, fluvastatin, rosuvastatin, etc have ingredients that are not friendly to your liver. Certain antibiotics, antivirals, and anabolic steroids should be avoided at all cost if you want a well-functioning liver.

Even some Supplements and Herbs – some of the popular herbs one should avoid includes: chaparral, comfrey, cascara, ephedra, and kava. Keep your vitamin supplements out of the reach of children, because overdose can lead to liver damage.

Industrial chemicals – the most obvious one I can point to, is the one used to clean your garments called carbon tetrachloride or perchloroethylene. Luckily, many eco-friendly cleaners are now doing away with this toxic substance, but the use is still prevalent with-in the industry.

You should pay careful attention to chemicals used on your job, as some of them might lead to liver damage if exposure occurs on a long term basis. The money will not do you any good when your liver stops performing optimally.

If you visit the coal country part of America, you’ll see the damage that can be caused by industrial pollutants on a large scale. Those that work in the oil industry or participate in the “Fracking” oil production methods are inhaling substantial amounts of toxins that can only lead to eventual liver damage in middle or old age.

2 – CulTao Premium Liver Support & Detox Cleanse Supplements

If you can get past the odd sounding name, you’ll find that this is a durable brand of liver supplement. For those with an active and toxic lifestyle, this product will restore the missing balance to your liver functions. If you have bad looking skin due to poor liver functions, this is the right one to buy.


Even if you drink alcohol on a regular basis and know you have a weak liver, this cleanser supplement can still help by boosting the glucose metabolism found in liver.

Included in its formula are 16 nutrients and herbs, all uniquely combined to deliver power, restore missing minerals and vitamins, to enhance your liver’s ability to eliminate toxins and bacteria.

Some of the most active ingredients include turmeric, Milk Thistle, picrorhiza kurroa, boldo leaf, dandelion root, artichoke, burdock root, and yellow dock. During research for this liver Detox supplement reviews, I discovered this product contains no preservatives, no additives, no artificial flavoring and comes completely gluten free.

CulTao Premium Liver cleanser is fully made in the USA under Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations (cGMP), as dictated by the food and drug administration.

Not only is the supplement manufactured using the purest, highest quality ingredients, the included herbal extracts meets or exceeds the European Standardized Extracts requirements.

To get the full benefits from this liver cleansing supplement, you need to take two capsules on a daily basis with your meal, or 30 minutes before your meal. To maintain the potency of the liver supplement helper, keep out of direct sunlight by storing it in a cool dry place.

Foods to Help Cleanse Your Liver

Apart from drinking at least six to eight glasses of water on a daily basis, there are known best foods for liver Detox one can include in any nutritional plan. Most of the natural foods listed will stimulate and help your liver do its job most efficiently.

The food you eat is either helping to enhance or hinder the healthy functioning of your liver, so pay close attention to the following food choices for better healthier living.


Garlic for liver healthThis small pungent white bulb herb has ingredients that can activate your liver enzymes, which leads to the ability to flush out toxins from your body with ease. Your smelly garlic contains good amounts of selenium and allicin, which are some of the best-known compounds capable of inducing or aiding liver cleansing. Better to use fresh garlic bulbs, instead of the packaged garlic powders with chemical preservatives.


Grapefruit for liver healthDo not overlook grapefruit, as it has high amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C, which enhances your liver’s natural cleansing power. Just by drinking a small glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, liver detoxification enzymes production will be boosted, thus making it easier to flush out toxins and other carcinogens.

Carrots and Beets

Carrots and Beets for liver healthBoth contain extreme amounts of beta-carotene and plant-flavonoids. These colored fruits will stimulate and improve the overall functions of your liver. Again, try to stay away from the factory packaged brands of both items.

Olive Oil

There are many organic cold pressed oils that are good for your liver, and olive oil just happens to be one of them. Flaxseed and hemp oil are also beneficial when used in moderation.Olive Oil for liver health

They provide the body with a lipid base that can suck up all the harmful toxins present in the internal organs. This is a good thing, especially if your liver is overloaded and not functioning as it should.

Lemons & Limes

Lemons & Limes for liver healthThese two little cute citrus fruits contain good amounts of vitamin C, which will aid your body in blending toxic materials into agreeable substances that can be easily absorbed by water. Just by drinking freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice in the morning; your liver will be stimulated to function better.

Other food items that can help your liver function optimally include: Leafy green vegetables, Walnuts, Cabbage, Turmeric, Green Tea, Avocados, Apples, Alternative Grains, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Artichoke and Kale.

However, if you find your liver overloaded with toxins, performing a thorough liver cleanse might be your best alternative. Listed below are some of the best supplements for liver health one can buy over the counter or online. All will help eliminate parasites that might be trapped in your liver.

3 – Livatrex Liver Gallbladder Cleanse


This is another good brand of best supplements for liver health, which provides an answer to the commonly asked question of do liver Detox supplements work. For those that hate swallowing capsules, it comes in liquid form, with a tiny drop cap.

Not only will Livatrex help restore and purify the liver and the blood, it would also give a sluggish gallbladder the push it needs to start functioning effectively. Livatrex Liver Gallbladder Cleanse will help your liver regenerate new cells, which will aid in the production of more bile.

The synergy between your liver and gallbladder will be significantly enhanced. Here are some of the features that make this one of the best liver Detox supplements one can find online:

Not only will it help you liver break down fats, the digestion and elimination of deadly toxins will be improved after each use.

The manufacturer claims it helps to restore vitality, energy, improved memory, and clarity; all supported by several reviews from existing customers.

It has the required ingredients and power to purge stones from the gallbladder and liver.

Not only is this product Vegan safe, it is also completely free of all genetically modified organisms. Some of the most active ingredients in this best liver cleanse supplement are, organic and wild cultivated herbs. Apart from free shipping, you get an unconditional money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Additional Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Liver Cleansing

Unless you adjust your lifestyle, your clean liver will be short-lived to say the least. Here are some additional tips for those looking for motivation to stay on the right part to a permanent healthy liver.

Diet – You should try as much as possible to consume a whole food diet. A vast portion of your daily nutrients should be sourced from fresh vegetables and organic fruits, including raw seeds and nuts. These types of food are alive, meaning they deliver good amounts of enzymes, oxygen, and other nutrients, minus industrial toxic pesticide residues.

If you must eat meat and poultry seek out organic brands, thus guaranteeing you have a lesser chance of consuming synthetic hormone, pesticide, and antibiotic contamination.

Contrary to what people think, cows, poultry, and other slaughtered animals are not happy to be killed, and they pass on karmic justice to whoever eats the meat. If you live your life according to the dictates of nature, you’ll experience fewer sickness issues, with improved vitality and energy.

Water – Even if you drink bad city water, it is still far better than the stuff packaged in all those highly sweetened drinks. If you can, do try to avoid tap water, as the contaminants they come with can cause other health problems.

If you have a low budget, boil your city water and then let it cool down before drinking it. The chlorine and fluoride included in our city water are not helpful for a growing healthy body, despite the propaganda by paid government mouthpieces.

Drinking two liters of bottled water daily should do your body good if you engage in a healthy lifestyle. Double the amount of water consumed if you drink, smoke or eat toxic foods on a regular basis.

Exercise – Physical activities must be included in your daily or weekly activities. You have muscles in your body and your brain, unless you work them on a regular basis, they become weak and poor functioning. This is especially true if your lifestyle if full of toxic products.

You sweat when you exercise, which is another way of eliminating toxins from the body. Good exercise routines can vary from just walking several blocks, using the treadmill, running through your local park, or lifting weights. Any type of exercise will do your body good. When your body is happy your live functions better at removing toxins from your body.

Air – Pay attention to the air quality in your living area. Most people use toxic cleaning products, which affects the indoor quality of the air they breathe. Get your hands on a good brand of air purifier and you’ll be shocked at the dirt and bacteria collected by the filter in just a few days.

Just staying away from Starbucks coffee for one month will allow you to have the funds to buy a good air purifying system for your home or office.

It was not my intention to sound like a preacher or alarmist, but your liver is the key to a good healthy body. To correct and bring back to life a weak liver, some of the supplements reviewed can help restore the missing nutrients. After your liver cleanses, lifestyle changes will help guarantee the functioning of your liver at an optimal pace.

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