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Common Home Remedies for Earaches And Ear Infections

Need ideas on home remedies for ear infections? You don’t have to worry about clogged ears and loss of hearing anymore. Listed here are numerous ways to treat these infections with materials you can find within your home.

There are different types of ear infection. But the most common one is what they call otitis media, or an infection in the middle ear.

Ear infections are usually accompanied by symptoms of acute pain in the ear, loss of sense of hearing, a feeling of unreleased pressure inside the ear, and in some cases, watery discharges coming out of the ear.

Ear infections can be triggered by a lot of factors. When you have colds and blow your nose too hard, this may put a lot more pressure than your ears can handle.

If you are in high-altitude places as is the case when you are riding a plane, you may experience a sharp pain in your ear.

The pressure from being too high may cause your eardrums to pop. Ear infections can also develop from being in extremely cold places and exposure to a lot of second-hand smoke.

Home remedies for ear infections are do-it-yourself methods that you can use to treat ear infections.

home remedies for ear infections

First of all, avoid doing things that will worsen your infection. Do not go into scuba diving and if possible, do not go on plane trips first.

When you feel like a sneeze is coming, try your best to control it by not sneezing too hard. As dust and pollens are always preludes to a sneeze, try to avoid dirty places as well.

Same goes for coughing; when you cough, do not exert too much effort that you start to hurt your ear. Try to control a cough so as not to let more pressure into your infected ear.

Before people rushed to doctors to have their ears checked, they used a lot of effective home remedies for ear infections.

One traditional method of a curing earache is to use a warm damp cloth to relieve the swelling in the ear. Just get a cloth, soak it in warm water and press it against the infected area.

Another common ear infection is called the “swimmer’s ear”. This infection is usually caused by water being trapped inside the ear from swimming or taking a shower.

This condition can be really painful because edema formation blocks the ear canal. Most common of all home remedies for ear infections is with the use of water and vinegar.

Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and use this as eardrops. The vinegar will act to kill the fungus causing the infection.

You can also use lemons or any other acidic fruit. The acid will neutralize pH levels in the ear and cure the infection.

Alcohol is also one of the most common home remedies for ear infections. Take a Q-tip, dip it in alcohol and gently apply it inside your ear. Be careful not to overdo this, though.

The alcohol may destroy the natural environment of the ear and this may cause more problems. Do this once a week to treat the ear infection.

Once your ear gets well, you don’t need to do this anymore. You can go back to using dry cotton buds.

To treat the pain, you can take two doses of ibuprofen or Tylenol in a day. These over-the-counter drugs will not cure the infection, but it will temporarily rid you of an earache.

These home remedies for ear infections are just some simple treatments you can follow. If symptoms still persist, it is best to have your ear checked by a doctor.

In cases when the ear infection is so bad that pus is already coming out of your ear, it would be best to forego home remedies and immediately seek the help of a professional.

Using Home Remedies: A Sound Way to Deal with Earaches

An earache is a complication that happens whenever the internal parts of your ears are infected. It may eventually occur if a harmful material penetrates your middle ear or if you are suffering from a respiratory tract illness.

The complication may eventually subside after sometime even if you would not try to do any action against it, though it could really help if you would do an immediate action through the help of simple home remedies for an earache.

One of the most common home remedies for earaches is hydrogen peroxide. Dropping around 2-3 drops of this chemical inside the affected ear could lessen the pain that you feel.

However, you should still be cautious when using this chemical because there are reports that it causes a mild complication as it reacts with the materials that are inside the ear.

It would help if you would try to drop a few amounts of hydrogen peroxide on your skin before using it on your ear to avoid problems that are more serious.

Other substances that you may try in order to alleviate the pain you feel are olive oil, mineral oil, and tea tree oil. Dropping 2-3 drops of any of these substances could create a soothing effect inside your ear.

They are also milder compared to hydrogen peroxide and they would not likely cause any complication as they react with other substances inside your ear.

However, they are relatively expensive compared to the ordinary liquids that are known to treat an earache.

The juices of some of the most common spices that you can find in your kitchen can also become an effective earache remedy.

The juice that could be extracted from garlic could be an effective solution to an earache if you would mix some alcohol into it.

This is possible because garlic contains a natural painkiller that would alleviate the pain while alcohol is antibacterial that could lessen the complication inside your ear.

You may also try to use the juice that you could extract from onion and drop it into your ear. This juice has the same soothing effect that the garlic-alcohol mixture could give.

However, you should still see to it that the onion that you would use is clean and would not infect your ear.

If you are afraid about using dropping a substance inside your ear, you can also try several home remedies for an earache that are used externally.

One of these home remedies includes using hot water that is inside a small container.

All you have to do with the container is to wrap it in a towel or a cloth and use it as a pillow while exposing the area where you feel the pain.

Another simple home remedy that could help you is a chewing gum. Consuming a chewing gum could lessen the pressure inside your head, which contributes to the pain you are feeling.

It is also a safer way to deal with pain compared to most home remedies for earache.

Using home remedies for earache is a feasible solution to deal with the complication. However, they would not be enough if the problem persists. The assistance of a medical specialist could help you a lot.

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