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Known Benefits of Jumping Rope And How to Select the Best Jump Rope

Can you remember the last time you jumped rope? It is a cheap and very portable exercise to do. Most people enjoy jumping rope because it is one of the best and most effective physical activities one can use to burn calories while also strengthening core body muscles.

Before we get to jump rope for weight loss tips, you should know that this article is divided into several sections.

We first examine the many health benefits you can get from using the best jumping rope with durable design metrics.

We take a closer look at the features you want if you’re looking at several jump rope brands made for beginners.

Even with one of the best jump ropes, you still need some timely tips on how to do the activity the right way.

Better to know what steps to take to prevent injuries while jumping rope, and the relation between jump rope for heart and your overall health.

For you to get all the known benefits of jumping rope, one needs a durable brand with the proper jump rope length.

You can find reviews of some of the best jump ropes one can use to stay in shape, or get the best weight loss stories going.

If you know about all the benefits a good jump rope can offer, the link below should take you to the complete products list found on Amazon.

Benefits of Jump Rope Fitness

Jumping rope has been falsely maligned and neglected by most fitness gurus, simply because almost everyone can do it, and the cost is relatively cheap.

This portable piece of fitness equipment can be used to burn more calories and stay in shape than some of the highly rated home gym exercise tools costing hundreds of dollars.

Here are the well-established positive health benefits one can get from regularly jumping rope:

1 – The Right Jump Rope Length is Portable and Fun

The fact that the activity can be fun and exciting should not be forgotten when discussing the benefits one can get from jumping rope according to the medical researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine

The right length offers you the best opportunity to get in shape while also losing those unwanted pounds. It is an established fact that people get more positive results from activities they love and enjoy.

Jumping rope is fun, and can be done almost anywhere. It is the cheapest form of home gym equipment with awesome fitness results with just a few minutes of daily use.

2 – It is the Ideal Way to Improve Coordination

Nothing improves your hand, eye coordination better than jumping rope. While you’re focused on your feet, your will brain will make you aware so that you don’t trip the jump rope.

With regular practice of jumping rope exercising, you’ll soon find yourself becoming lighter on your feet.

Now you know why the good professional boxers practice using durable jumping rope brands. It is the best way to coordinate mind and body, to help you get to your fitness goals.

3 – Experience Better Foot and Ankle Mobility

Jumping rope benefit includes less foot and ankle injuries, as you get better with the workout routines.

Runners and professional basketball players conduct fitness training using best jump ropes like the brands we reviewed in this article.

The jumping rope workouts will improve your foot coordination while also strengthening the muscles found around your ankle joint and foot.

A top college basketball coach once said, jumping rope teaches my players how to stay on the balls of their feet the right way.

Tennis players do benefit tremendously from jumping rope exercises since it helps with building stronger feet muscles, which ultimately leads to better endurance.

4 – You Should Jump Rope for Weight Loss

If you have obesity issues, you should jump rope for weight loss. Jump rope weight loss synergy occurs because the activity helps you burn more calories than jogging.

It has been established that this aerobic exercise consumes about 1300 calories per hour of jumping activity.

You should know that just ten minutes of proper jumping rope workouts delivers the same benefits as running an eight-minute mile.

If you want to reach your weight loss goals as quickly as possible, you must include this aerobic type of physical workout in your fitness routines.

5 – Will Help Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

One of the most notable benefits of jumping rope is the increased cardiovascular fitness the activity enables.

Your entire cardiovascular system includes your heart, arteries, and veins, all work together to help pass blood and oxygen through your most vital organs.

It is also true, that a healthy and well-functioning cardiovascular system means good overall body health.

Other types of exercise that can enhance the functioning of your cardiovascular system are; walking, all types of biking and jogging.

6 – Jumping Rope Will Improve Your Bone Density

One of the best workout exercises for bone health is jumping rope. You can see the merits of jumping rope from this NY Times article, and a recent study by a US government agency.

It is a fact that every jump your conduct using a jumping rope makes core bones in your feet and legs stronger and healthier.

Now that you know your bone density can be improved with jumping rope, the question is how many jumps are you going do every week?

Other benefits that can be attributed to jumping rope are:

It will deliver rapid improvement to your breathing organs. The efficiency of how you breathe will be enhanced and vastly improved with every jump you make.

It can certainly make one smarter. The jumping rope institute conducted a study that confirmed the activity helps with the development of the right and left hemispheres of your brain.

Also, since the activity improves your focusing skills, it is reasonable to expect such skills to be transferred to other areas of your life. Better focusing skills are needed for studying, and doing other accepted socialization skills.

Jumping rope can help build your calmness, just like professional boxers do in the fighting ring.

How to Jump Rope the Right Way

I am sorry to say, but if you haven’t jumped rope since elementary school, doing so now will come with some humbling experience.

Your initial awkwardness will be rewarded with better coordination of your core muscles. Here are some tips on how you can do this simple activity with the most benefits.

First practice jumping, without holding the rope. It is a way to get a feel for what to expect.

You should hold both handles of the rope with both hands.

Better to swing the rope vigorously to get a feel for the expected rhythm once the activity commences.

Now while holding the handles of the rope, jump continuously as you swing the rope simultaneously.

Ignore the initial pains you might feel, and soon you’ll begin to feel the right way to do it, without tripping the rope.

I can assure you of proficiency in this physical activity if you keep at it, and jump the rope on a regular basis.

Injury Prevention While Jumping Rope

Depending on your weight, jumping rope should not create any more injuries than other fitness activities. If you’re obese, try to take initial “baby” steps, as you practice rope skipping.

Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes, and your jumping surface is conducive to stability and good ankle health. The two will help determine the impact of your jump on your entire body.

As you jump, try to stay on your toes while utilizing the natural shock absorbers located all around your body.

As a beginner, try not to jump very high until you get acquainted with the rigors of the jumping workout.

You goal for jumping rope, is to take simple baby steps, while ramping up the number of jumps as you get better and better with the activity.

Slow and steady, should be your motto at keeping injuries at bay, while doing this enjoyable physical activity.

Reviews of the Best Jumping Ropes

There are so many brands of quality jump ropes, and it is quite difficult to give you timely reviews of all of them in just one article.

After careful research, we selected three of the brands we thought delivered the most bangs for your buck.

All the best jumping ropes reviewed below can be used for weight loss, and double unders. Most beginners to this type of fitness activity would benefit tremendously from the simplicity of the jumping rope designs.

Some of the Best Jump Ropes Are:

1 – Elite Surge Speed Rope

This is an incredible and yet versatile CrossFit rope. The brand is now so much in demand, and the manufacturer is trying hard to keep up production.

It is one of the preferred best jump rope at speed and double unders competitions. I have seen competitors use this excellent jumping rope to get more than six jumps per second.

What are the Specs?

The weight of the best jump rope from Elite Surge is 3.4 ounces.

The handles are made from machine cut aluminum and infused with a durable foam grip.

The cables are attached at a 90-degree angle. To give it better durability, you’ll find dual bearings embedded in each handle.

The strong cables for this product is about 10 feet long, and can be easily adjusted using a Phillips screwdriver and cable cutter.


You get a full two-year warranty from the manufacturer of the best jumping rope.

It comes in so many different colors, with some of them having a durable carry-on bag. (The models with the utility carry bag do cost a few dollars more).

This high-quality jump rope is CrossFit approved, and you also can get free shipping during this special promotion period.


If you do sweat a lot, some users complained the handles can get slick despite the embedded foam grip design.

The handles might appear small and thin to some rope jumpers, especially if you have larger hands.

Bottom Line:

This jumping rope from Elite Surge features newer design, and it is even better than the older models. It is durable enough to permit 6-7 jumps per second.

The jump rope workouts you can do with this product is only limited by your imagination. It is the best jump rope preferred by professional athletes, and those looking for speed.

2 – Speed Jump Rope by Survival and Cross

This is probably one of the cheapest jump ropes one can find online with well-established performance metrics.

You can find this brand at boxing clubs, martial arts training centers and fitness gyms all across America.

While it only comes in an all-black color, it has all features one needs to jump with speed and do double-unders with ease.


The jump rope from Survival and Cross has a shipping weight of about 2.4 ounces, while the product itself weighs less than that.

It is made in China under strict supervision to ensure quality.


Despite the low price, it has the features needed for one to get benefits of jumping rope like weight loss, and Cardiovascular & lymphatic health.

It is the ideal jump rope for a beginner looking for full body workout with an easy to master jumping rope.


Even with over 92% approval rating, some of the current users complained that the cord was too light for more rigorous jumping exercises.

Even some of the users that love the jump rope from Survival and Cross, advises one should refrain from using it on a concrete floor.

Bottom Line:

Even with the low price of the best jump rope, you still get a no question asked money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

If you’re new to jumping rope, this is the cheapest and most durable brand to get acquainted with the fitness activity.

3 – King Athletic Jump Rope for Cardio Training

To get all the benefits of jumping rope, this is the best jump rope to invest your money in for several reasons.

It has so many free extras, not counting the numerous jump rope workouts you can do with the fitness product.

King Athletic Jump Rope has an ergonomic design, and the premium materials used cannot be disputed when you handle one for the first time.


The jumping rope length is about 9’4″.

It can be used comfortably by individuals as tall as 6’10”.


It has one of the best warranties of all the best jumping robes we reviewed. The product is guaranteed for life, with a no questions asked money back or product replacement.

Your purchase entitles you to a free eBook with the latest jumping rope workout techniques one can use to reach fitness goals easily.

This jump rope from King Athletic has a durable custom fitted foam grips for the handles.


You do need a good wire cutter and screwdriver to cut the jump rope to your ideal size if you find the length too long.

On the other hand, some users said it was quite easy to change the length to any desired size.

Bottom Line:

If you need best jump rope for double-unders, this brand should be on top of your list. The materials used to make the fitness jumping robe convey high quality in all aspects.

It is also an exciting jump rope for beginners, due to the easy learning curve and affordable pricing.

Best of all, the lifetime warranty for this best jump rope from King Athletic should make your buying decision an easy one.

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