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Health Benefits of Spirulina: Known Side Effects And Reviews of the Best Spirulina Supplements

It is a good thing that we humans are finally waking-up to the fact that mother-earth has many good natural products one can use for optimum health.

If you’re in search of a true “superfood” with almost no known side effects when used in its rawest form, may I suggest you examine the many benefits one can get from Spirulina?

Before we get to the question what is Spirulina used for? Perhaps a clear and concise definition of the blue-green micro-algae is in order.

What is Spirulina?

With so many of our readers asking what is Spirulina good for? We knew it was time to do a thorough review of the merits of this natural super food.

If we can trace our origins back to the stone-ages, Spirulina would still be in existence before humans. One can call it the first true superfood with one of the most amazing and awesome nutrients from mother earth.

Spirulina is as natural as food can be, and get its famous name due to the spiraling shape of the blue-green micro-algae as it grows.

It is estimated that Spirulina contains at least 60 to 70% more protein than soybean, chicken or beef.

This superfood with the funny name comes with needed essential amino acids, and other forms of vitamins, that can help keep our body functioning optimally.

Due to the incredible amount of nutrients packed into the funny looking algae, it is highly sort-after by supplement manufacturers, including cosmetics makers.

Known Sources of Spirulina

This highly popular spiral-shaped microalgae superfood can be found naturally growing in wild, warm water, natural springs, fresh water lakes, and even saltwater.

Whenever you find Spirulina present, the water will have a greenish hue, due to the deep blue-green color of the nutritious algae.

Like every popular natural food, Spirulina is now heavily grown and harvested in specially created reservoirs to mimic the ambiance of its natural habitat.

In fact, most of the famous Hawaiian Spirulina powder is derived from well cultivated Spirulina farms on the island.

Just like everything else we humans touch, there are now many Spirulina protein powder brands with questionable sources.

Please do read the ingredients label to make sure the nutrient rich supper food does not contain other genetically modified organisms, or cultivated using herbicides and pesticides.

Known Sources of Spirulina

What are the Benefits of Spirulina?

At least most people are now aware that this spiraling shaped-food is good for the body, due to the presence of so many essential nutrients.

Spirulina is not only good for you, but it starts to provide the many health benefits upon ingestion. The nutrients found in this algae organism will enhance the functioning of your body and brain.

Here are some of the Spirulina health benefits known to scientist and mankind in general.

1 – Spirulina Comes with Many Nutrients

This is an organism that can be found growing in some fresh and salt water.

Further classification places the organism among a group of bacteria called cyanobacterium, which most scientist always reminds us, are part of the blue-green algae family.

It has some plant characteristics, as this cyanobacteria is able to produce energy right out of sunlight. This occurs through the process called photosynthesis.

Some have speculated this was the food preferred by the Aztecs in those warrior and magically days of the past centuries.

Part of the rapidly growing popularity can be traced to when NASA gave out a blue-ribbon study proposing the algae organisms can be grown in outer-space for food in permanent space-stations.

If you can consume 1-2 grams of Spirulina powder daily, your body will get all the needed nutrients like protein, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Iron, and Copper.

This organism can also deliver a good dose of manganese, potassium and magnesium. It is also quite capable of delivering all the nutrients needed by our body.

Best of all, Spirulina is not fattening with only 20-calories, and 1.7 grams of easily digestible carbohydrate.

When you look at the gram for gram comparison, it can be called one of the most nutritious super-foods in the whole world.

The quality of the protein you get from Spirulina is probably better than that provided by eggs.

When you add the essential amino acids it provides, this makes Spirulina one of the best nutritious foods given to us by mother-earth.

2 – Spirulina Can Help Your Heart

It is the ideal and most potent food for lowering LDL and Triglyceride levels in humans.

With heart diseases on a rampage around the world, why would you not want to partake in some Spirulina on a daily basis?

Spirulina has all the properties to help lower the “bad” cholesterols, while also helping to increase the good cholesterol found in our body.

Even if all you ingest is 1-gram of Spirulina on a daily basis, you’ll be strengthening all the key factors needed by your heart to make it function optimally.

3 – It Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Since high blood pressure is the key component of many deadly diseases, like stroke, kidney problems, heart attract, a few grams of Spirulina a day can help you live a longer life.

Some might argue as to the right amount of dosage needed for best protection against those diseases.

The fact is that every gram you partake on a daily basis helps your body in more ways than one, including helping to keep your high blood pressure at the appropriate level.

What are the Benefits of Spirulina

4 – Powerful Antioxidants and Ant Inflammatory Properties Can be found in Spirulina

The human DNA and cells can be harmed due to oxidative damage. This damage if left untreated can cause chronic inflammation, which enhances the formation of many diseases including cancer.

Every gram of Spirulina is packed with good antioxidants, which are capable of keeping oxidative damage at bay.

The most active antioxidant property in Spirulina is called phycocyanin, and it is the key substance responsible for the blue-green color of the algae organism.

Phycocyanin is powerful enough to fight-off free radicals, while also inhibiting the production of additional inflammatory signaling molecules within your body.

Other Organic Spirulina Benefits Include

From all the scientific studies one can find from researching reliable sources, other organic Spirulina benefits are:

Spirulina has the power to keep your LDL Cholesterol from falling victim to oxidization.

With ongoing studies, Spirulina has shown much promise against oral cancer.

If you suffer from hay fever, which is a form of allergic Rhinitis, perhaps a few grams of the superfood is all you need to get back your good healthy body.

Spirulina has all the properties needed to help you increase the available healthy red blood cells in your body.

A few grams of Spirulina on a daily basis will increase your endurance, while also strengthening your muscles.

A recent study has shown the ability of Spirulina to help lower your blood sugar to healthy and acceptable levels.

Any Known Spirulina Side Effects?

Most people not familiar with the nutritious algae want to know if Spirulina is safe.

Based on all the available evidence, this highly nutritious and easily digestible superfood comes with no identifiable side-effects, except for the presence of iodine in its compounds.

If you have past sensitivity to iodine, it might be best to skip using Spirulina.

If you’re extremely sensitive or very allergic to seaweed or seafood, it might be wise on your part to avoid taking any Spirulina powder supplements.

If you’re diabetic and insulin dependent, better to ask your doctor for permission before taking any Spirulina capsules or powder supplement.

Any Differences Between Spirulina Powder Vs Spirulina Tablets

First I would suggest you stick to the organic form of Spirulina, for best most potent healthy results.

As far as the difference between Spirulina powder and Spirulina capsules, one can point to the absorption rates.

The powered form of Spirulina will be the quickest to be absorbed into your system, while also giving you the ability to measure accurately the needed dosage.

Spirulina protein powder is more popular among dieters looking for weight loss help, or those seeking faster intake of nutrients into the blood stream.

The capsule or tablet form of Spirulina is popular as a supplement to be used before or after workouts among fitness enthusiasts.

2 of the Best Spirulina Powder

1 – Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Powder

Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Powder

You can buy Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica powder in also capsule form.

Spirulina Pacifica is made using a patented ocean chill drying system, which is capable of preserving more of the antioxidants found in the Spirulina.

Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica comes to you with all the natural beta-carotene, proteins, and all the essential vitamins and minerals intact.

This pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica powder is packaged using glass container, which protects the product against the effects of oxidation.

Spirulina Pacifica powder is made from cultivated Spirulina, but the methods and process used makes it one of the top-selling products within this niche market.

2 – Organic Spirulina Powder from Sari Foods Company

Organic Spirulina Powder from Sari Foods Company

It is always better to get all your vitamins from food rather than synthetic chemicals found in some highly rated multivitamins for fitness enthusiasts.

For those looking for organic Spirulina powder benefits in its purest form, this brand delivers with many flying colors.

It has the natural ingredients your body needs to balance your pH levels, while also reducing inflammation.

The antioxidants are carefully preserved to deliver the power to fight-off free-radicals, while also strengthening your immune system.

This Organic Spirulina Powder from Sari Foods Company has all the anti-aging properties needed by your body to stay young and remain youthful looking.

This best Spirulina brand will instantly boost your energy once ingested! You get a free downloadable delicious Spirulina recipes e-book with your purchase

2 of the Best Spirulina Capsules

1 – Top Rated Spirulina from BRI Nutrition

Top Rated Spirulina from BRI Nutrition

As you know, one of the biggest drawbacks with even the best organic Spirulina powder supplement is the awful taste.

You negate such issues about foul taste by using this Spirulina capsules to get the same awesome benefits offered by the algae organism.

This is one of the best Spirulina products in tablet form. It is made in a GMP and NSF fully certified facility.

Spirulina tablets from BRI nutrition provides increased energy, and faster detox of toxins from your body.

Spirulina capsules benefits are kept intact because this product uses neither filers nor artificial ingredients.

The best Spirulina tablets from BRI nutrition are made using vegetarian methods, and digestion should be smooth and easy.

2 – Now Foods Spirulina 500mg

Now Foods Spirulina 500mg

This is a vegetarian dietary supplement from the legendary Now Foods Company. The manufacturer is a trusted source for many of the leading food supplements sold online.

The Spirulina used in this brand is fully grown in the state of Hawaii, in one of the best freshwater algae setup.

All the nutrients attributed to Spirulina are carefully preserved during the manufacturing process.

You get good and essential amino acids, including vitamin B12, Beta-Carotene and more, from this best Spirulina capsules.

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