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What is the Best Curling Wand?

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to get movie star big juicy curls in our hair? A pretty good inexpensive curling wand gives you so many styling possibilities.

After our review of the Best Curling Irons, many of our readers kept asking us to add other curling products like wands to the list.

You should know that curling wands and curling irons have many similarities, and we’ll be exploring some of the obvious differences later on in this best curling wands reviews.

Simply trusting your hair styles to beauty salons can become an expensive proposition, which one can substantially reduce with a durable curling wand that works for you.

Before we get to the best curling wand reviews, it is appropriate to explain the main differences between curling wands and curling irons.

Differences between Curling Wands and Curling Irons

Before we get to answering what is the best curling wand? Let’s truly examine if there are any differences between these two best curling products.

Here are the Basics Facts when it comes to curling wand vs curling iron:

Curling Wand

Does not come with a clasp. A wand would be more appropriate if you own real curly hair and always looking for ways to touch-up a few pieces.

Best used for natural waves. The waves created using the curling rod is usually more relaxed, and natural looking.

It functions better when you hold it with the cords facing up

Curling Iron

Most will come with a clasp. You can use one for more bouncy and polished waves.

Can be used to create incredibly polished ringlets

Better to use it with the cords facing down

Curling iron Vs. Curling wand

Both come in different sizes, thus allowing you to create looser or tighter curls.

It is also true that a curling wand might pose a problem when using it on shorter hair, or one with many layers to navigate.

When using best curling wands you need to wear protecting gloves, since the chance of getting burn marks on your hands are pretty high.

Best Curling Wand Reviews

Do you wish you could create those bouncy beautiful curls found in many professional magazines?

If you answered yes, the following reviewed top curling wands will give you an ideal opportunity to master the needed techniques, within a short period of time.

Some of the listed best curling wands for long hair came about through our detailed research, using affordability, durability, performance, technology used, and compatibility with most hair types, as measuring yardsticks.

So browse through the top 3 curling wands, and feel free to select the one you prefer through the provided link:

1 – Karmin Clipless Curling Wand Review: Model G3Pro-CL

This best curling product is pricey, but worth every penny if you’re looking for one that last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Karmin Clipless curling wand is from a company that has built a solid reputation for high-quality hair styling tools found in many high-end salons in all over the world.


Karmin curling wand comes with easy to use adjustable temperature setting that can go up to 410 degrees.

Karmin Model G3Pro-CL comes with a much needed carrying case and heat mat, thus making it the ideal best curling wand to take on the road with you.

Karmin g3 salon wand contains one of the strongest and longer lasting heating element setup for longevity and awesome performance.

If you’re looking for the best curling wand from Karmin, this model certainly has all the features to make it on your to-buy list.

If purchased from a reputable retailer, you get a limited 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. The cheapest price for this best wand for curling hair can be found in the link underneath the images.



The only con I can think of is the cost of the curling rod from Karmin.

This brand is mostly reserved for high-end beauty parlors, and it would be wise on your part to get the same results, by deploying the same exact premium tools used by most of your superstars.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a good selection of cheap curling wands, this brand is definitely out of your league, if I may be blunt.

The best curling wand from the company called Karmin will give you the ability to get smooth, sophisticated lasting spirals and curls.

It is one of the best curling wands with a rod that tapers 1/2″ thick to 1″ thick. The full barrel can be used for spirals that are full of volume and bounce.

This is the curling wand to use to create loose or tight curls. With this best hair curling wand, you can get consistent temperatures, due to the top quality tourmaline ceramic heating element used.

Best of all, an astounding 97% of existing users love this curling product and most would gladly recommend it to all those seeking the absolute best in styling tools.

2 – Remington Curling Wand Review: Model CI95AC/2


Let’s be blunt and honest about it, this styling product from Remington is selling like “hot cakes” because it is one of the best and most durable cheap curling wands one can find from a reputable company.

Do not let the low price deter you from considering buying this curling product from Remington, for they’ve been in business for over 70 years, and that my friend is longevity.

The innovative and cutting-edge technology embedded within this hair curling tool makes it a popular choice among salon professionals worldwide.


This professional styling wand is infused with real pearls, which gives it the ability to enable beautiful salon-created curls within the comfort of your own home.

The patent for the technology used is still pending, but the advanced ceramic surface is certainly one of the smoothest on can find at this most affordable price.

It has the features to help you create smooth, silky luminous luster hairstyle, and all you have to do is deploy it, based on the usage instructions included with your purchase.

This awesome Remington curling wand styling tool also comes with some easy to read nifty digital controls, and will heat up to 410 F within a few seconds, if that’s your preferred setting.

The cone-shaped design of the Remington hair wand gives you multiple dimensions; one can use to meet various styling needs.

Remington CI95AC/2 has a built-in automatic shutoff feature, and you get a good protective glove to protect your hands when bringing to life your preferred hair curly styles.

Best reason to give Remington CI95AC/2 pearl ceramic professional curling wand a good consideration is the incredible four years warranty that it comes with.


With thousands of Remington pearl ceramic curling wands sold worldwide, you know some would have issues with the styling curler.

Nothing major as we can see with this styling wand, but some of the complaints is worth mentioning.

Few mentioned it was only appropriate for people with thick and longer hair.

Other users complained the curling wand simply gets too hot, even at the lower settings.

Few of the users that did not give the Remington ceramic curling wand complete full seal of approval wished the digital controls was placed elsewhere on the device.

Due to the placement, it was possible to accidentally change the settings of the curling iron as you’re using it.

Bottom Line:

You should know that over 94% of existing customers approve and love this curl styler from Remington. It has the ability to reach the highest heat possible in less than 30-seconds.

Remington T studio pearl ceramic professional styling wand gives you the ability to control the heating setting from 270-410 degrees Fahrenheit.

The digital display technology from this curling wand from Remington gives it a leg up on even the higher priced brand of best curling wands.

3 – Revlon Curling Wand Reviews: Model RVIR1090


Revlon is another company that needs no introduction with this revolutionary cheap curling wand.

Revlon bold expressions curling wand has about six different types of design you can select from. The color choices are all pink, or a combination of black and light-blue color.


Revlon curling wand has an auto shut off feature, which is good for safety considerations, especially if you have little ones running around the house.

Revlon wand has one of the best tangle free swivel cord among all hair styling curlers we’ve had the opportunity to test and review.

You get a good heat resistant glove with your purchase of this affordable best curling wand from Revlon.

This Revlon ceramic styling wand is designed to heat up real fast, and will stay that way until you’re done creating those free flowing curly waves you so desire.

This best curling wand from Revlon has a cool tip, and a well-placed textured design, one can use to firmly hold the styling tool.

You know, some of the hair styling blogs might say ceramic technology used in the heating element of the Revlon hair curling wand is certainly one of the best


Be careful with the design you select, as a few users did not like the ridges styled design of the Revlon wand.

Some wished the cord was longer, thus given them the ability to create fancy curls and do other things. We saw the cord, and it looked normal and has the most appropriate length for s styling tool.

Bottom Line:

This is certainly a good styling wand for someone just starting out using curling products like this.

It is one of the best cheap curling wands one can find for sell with vast majority of current users, given it a thumbs up for durability and longevity.

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