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Many men wonder what the difference is between beard oil vs beard balm. This is not a surprise since these two have the same purpose, which is to help grow and maintain your beard.

Aside from the oil and balm, you’ll find that there are several other beard products out there. But these two are the most popular. So, how do you decide which of them is the perfect product for you?

Both beard oils and beard balms are effective for grooming. In fact, they are the grooming products that every man should have, mainly due to their effectiveness and versatility. These beard products will keep your skin and hair moisturized, allowing you to maintain your beard well.

The Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Balm

To help you decide between beard oil vs beard balm, let’s take a look at the differences between them:


The beard balm has solid and waxy consistency, while oil is liquid. Thus, the balm won’t spill, which means it’s not that messy compared to the oil. This is an ideal choice if you’re heading out to work.

Furthermore, most of the beard oils are stored in containers made of glass that could break easily if you’re not careful. But the balms are packed in tin containers that are not prone to breakage.


While both the beard oil and beard balms are able to moisturize and hydrate your beard, the beard balm is more suitable for styling since it can hold better, leaving a slightly matte finish in your hair.

The beard balm basically works like a lip balm, while the beard oil is more effective at relieving the itchy feeling in your beard.

Penetration Level

Since the beard oil is liquid, it’s capable of permeating easily into your hair. Thus, it’s more effective at moisturizing the skin that’s below your beard.

Application Method

When applying the beard balm, you have to rub it in between the palm of your hands in order to produce heat and friction, while the beard oil is applied with the help of a dropper.

Similarities Between Beard Oil and Beard Balm

When comparing the beard oil vs beard balm, it’s a good idea to also consider their similarities.

Here are some of them.

Natural Ingredients

Although the different types of beard oils in the market are made from different ingredients, the best ones are made with natural ingredients, such as the Jojoba oil and Argan oil. On the other hand, some of the best beard balms are also made from natural ingredients like the Beeswax, Shea butter, and Cedarwood.

Work Great on the Beard

Both the beard balm and beard oil can help make your beard look smooth, soft, and healthy.

Can Be Applied with Combs and Brushes

They are applied using brushes or combs. These applicators are very useful for grooming while on the go, as you don’t want to mess your hands by touching the balm or oil.

Both the beard oil and beard balms are available in unscented or scented variety, the choice will depend on your personal preferences.

How to Use Beard Oil?

It’s a good idea to use beard oil along with the beard balm to achieve the best results, although it’s also possible to use the oil as a standalone product. When using the oil together with the balm, it’s a good idea to put the oil first.

To achieve optimal results, start by washing your beard with all-natural soap. Once your beard is almost dry, put the oil. This can help contain the moisture in your pores and hair follicles.

Using a beard brush, brush the oil thoroughly and make sure the oil is well distributed all throughout your beard. Apply the oil for up to three times a day when needed. Just like the beard balm, you don’t need to rinse the oil out after application.

The beard oil is very useful during those first few weeks of your beard’s growth, which is usually the time when you will feel itchiness in the area. If your beard is naturally long and thick, you might find the oil easier to use than the balm.

How to Use Beard Balm?

To achieve the best results, wash with soap before applying the balm. Squeeze a dime-sized amount into your palm and rub the balm well.

Then rub it into your beard while making sure that it gets into the skin that’s below your beard. Use a brush to distribute the balm evenly all over your beard and style your beard according to your preferences.

When to Apply Beard Oil

You can apply the beard oil anytime, regardless of the length of your beard. If you’re still in the process of growing your beard, this can work well during the first phases since the oil can help soothe the itchiness. The oil’s conditioning power can help to hydrate and soften your hair as well as the skin below it.

There are many reasons why most men would choose the beard oil when comparing beard oil vs beard balm. But this is mainly due to the fact that beards are usually dry and coarse, and the oil can help to easily tame the hair.

Which is Better, Beard Balm or Beard Oil?

When looking into the comparison of beard oil vs beard balm, it’s easy to tell that the beard balm definitely beats the beard oil. If you look into the ingredients, the beard balm has been found to be a truly effective grooming product that can help you maintain your beard.

Unfortunately, the beard balm doesn’t get the attention it deserves compared to beard oil. If you are not conditioning your beard, both the beard oil and beard balm can do a great job at caring for your beard and keep it looking good and healthy.