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Lifestraw Reviews: Does the Personal Water Filter And Go Water Bottle Deliver Proven Results?

The clean water that we take for granted in most western countries is not readily available to billions of people in developing countries of the world.

So when next you open the tap, give thanks that you’re living in a country with such infrastructure in place.

While this article will be about Lifestraw water bottle, and the water purification straw made by the same company, you should know that the lack of good drinking water, created many illnesses around the world many decades past.

Sadly enough, the technology to bring this needed resource to the billions that need it currently exist, and with less greediness and little planning, this is a resource that can be delivered to most citizens of the world.

A company that has made significant strides in breaching the gap between those that enjoy clean fresh water and the ones that don’t is called Lifestraw.

While they have many products that are designed to bring water purification to the masses, we’ll be focusing on the Lifestraw water filter, and the Lifestraw go water bottle.

What’s the Lifestraw Filter?

You can call it ingenious or revolutionary, but this portable water filtration system comes with an odd design that actually does work.

A closer look will reveal a simple hollow membrane filter that’s embedded into a straw. It’s small, durable, lightweight, and portable.

It is rather inexpensive, as compared to other devices one can use to filter bacteria out of dirty water found out in nature.

Not only does Lifestraw work, but it is made to be worn around the neck just like a necklace.

Once you find a pool of water, you can dip it in, and it will filter out the deadly germs before the fluid reaches your mouth and internal organs.

This water filter straw has won so many accolades, due to the fact it was widely given out at a substantial discount to third world countries, where the need for clean, safe drinking is most acute.

The difference made by the Lifestraw water filter to millions of life’s that now have an instant way to get fresh drinking water from streams and rivers, cannot be put into words.

You just have to see the beaming smiles of the villagers as they received their own personal filtration straw.

If you live in America or other countries with readily available water from the tap, you might be hard pressed to appreciate the significance of this unique fluid-filtration product.

Now you might ask yourself, why millions of citizens from most developed countries are now buying the device.

Simply because the portable water purifier, does work and opens up a world of possibilities for adventures and nature lovers.

It is the ideal water purification tool to bring with you if you’re going camping, especially where there are plenty of streams or rivers one can draw water from.

The power of the many germs found in outside water sources cannot be under-estimated. Most of your stomach illnesses and more deadly parasites can be traced to the doorsteps of dirty drinking water.

How Does Lifestraw Work?

As you suck the water into the filter, it will instantly remove 99.9999% of bacteria, and protozoa, which are small organisms that most times cannot be seen with the naked eyes.

The Lifestraw filter is capable of removing impurities from about 1000 liters of water, regardless of the source.

Here are the Major Features of the Lifestraw Filter

It is made with natural filtration materials that leave no after-taste in your mouth, as you enjoy the clean water.

This is made possible because the devices use no chlorine, iodine or other chemicals in its operation.

You cannot dispute the fact that it is the fastest water purification system you can buy online.

It requires no waiting time, neither do you have to wait for the chemicals to act, before enjoying the fresh refreshing water to quench your thirst.

This simple looking portable water filter has been found to meet and even exceed the Environmental protection agency standards, for clean water efficacy.

This is the right purification product for water, and it’s ideally suited for ultra-light backpackers, Boy Scout members, hunters, fishermen, outdoor campers, and all those that enjoy residing in raw nature settings, a few days within the year.

When you consider all the possible uses for this product, it certainly makes sense to have one or two in your emergency preparedness kit.

Lifestraw Water Bottle Review

If you want to just skip carrying around the filter, you can buy the complete kit that also comes with a water bottle container.

This durable water bottle from Lifestraw is made from strong materials and has the same type of filter embedded within.

The filter is able to eliminate bacteria from about 264 gallons of water, all the way down to 0.2 microns.

It will help eliminate 99.9% of both seen and unseen waterborne protozoan parasites.

Since no iodine or chemicals are used in this water filtration system, you get zero aftertaste.

The Lifestraw go bottle comes in a 23-ounce container that’s guaranteed to be leak-proof. The Tritan material use is absolutely free of all BPA (Bisphenol A) carcinogens.

Lifestraw go water bottle with integrated 1000-liter Lifestraw filter can be used to scoop water from any stream, river or pond.

You can take the Lifestraw water bottle with you into areas where clean water bottle is in short supply.

It is the ideal device for those going camping, hiking or simply enjoying a day, or few days in wild natural environments.

This Lifestraw go water filter bottle is able to remove a great deal of water contaminants that can cause stomach and other illnesses.

This microbiological water filtration can also help you save money, by negating the need to buy disposable water bottles.

Lifestraw bottle is manufactured using BPA-free Tritan, and Phthalate-Free materials. Best of all, the design for the Lifestraw go filter bottle is guaranteed to be leak-proof.

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