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Best Way to Get Rid of Bad Breath

How to cure bad breath solutions generates billions of dollars in yearly revenues, with questionable success metrics one can rely on.

I was a former sufferer, and my search for bad breath cures took me to several medical charlatans masquerading as dentists and dental hygienist.

I wanted bad breath solutions so bad that I have even tried yoga meditation based on a fake psychic advice.

What I finally learned after spending thousands of dollars, is that your mouth and teeth are complex parts of our body, and how you care for them will determine if you’ll suffer from smelling breath or severe case of halitosis.

Unfortunately, some people with bad smelling breath do not know about it. But sooner or later someone brave enough would tell the offending party about the smelling breath.

People are decent by nature, and most try not to offend others by telling them about an obvious health flaw that can be cured by following some of the home remedies for bad breath that I would lay out in this article.

If you know someone that needs bad breath treatment, you can email them this article link anonymously, rather than confronting them face to face. Now let’s start from the beginning by looking carefully at what causes bad breath.

Why Do We Get Bad Breath?

Do not let people confuse you with medical terms just because they’re trying to get into your wallet.

Most bad breath cases are caused by the food we eat and more so by the types of drinks we consume.

Food particles have a way of sneaking into those unseen nooks and crannies within your teeth and regular brushing usually do not get rid of them.

Now, imagine every time you eat something a very small amount goes into those areas and start causing all types of health problems including bad breath.

If you like a lot of spices in your food, those hidden pockets within your teeth would be filled up with junk within a few days.

All those sugary drinks you like to consume are detrimental to your dental health.

The sugary drinks are very acidic in nature, and when they mix them with those remaining food particles in the hidden pockets of your mouth, smelling breath will start to happen.

Also, if you consume a lot of beer, wine, and other types of alcohol, your chance of getting bad breath increases tremendously.

During my search for a cure for my bad breath, I soon realized many medical practitioners are worse than used car salesmen.

Some gave me the erroneous information that bad breath is sometimes hereditary, which in itself is a bogus lie.

What I have listed above is the main cause of bad breath, and I am sure that the severity of your case can be traced to you partaking in one or more of those activities.

Best Way to Get Rid of Bad Breath

I Have Bad Breath What Can I Do

While the known bad breath solutions are plentiful, I soon discovered the simple steps you take to maintain your teeth are the most effective ones.

If you truly want to know how to get rid of bad breath, look over these bad breath remedies and start taking immediate action to elevate the condition.

Your Lifestyle

You might not want to hear this, but how you live your life can create smelling bad breath for you.

If you find yourself constantly eating something, your chances of developing bad breath increase at a faster rate.

If you’re overweight, your chance of getting bad breath rises accordingly. So as a first step, try to only eat when you’re really hungry. If you’re overweight begin a strenuous weight loss regimen immediately.

When you feel heavy and bloated, that means your body is carrying too much “waste” that it finds difficult to get rid of because you keep eating more food.

So control your food portion intake and try to drink more water instead of all those sugary drinks with “hypnotic sexy names”. Begin an exercise regimen to flush out that excess weight you’re carrying.

How do you Floss?

Flossing is a must, and should be done at least twice a day or after every meal if you can. Get into the habit of flossing every morning and nightly, right before bedtime.

Please do not consume food and then go straight to bed without proper flossing.

Those food particles inside the hidden pockets of your mouth and teeth do the most damage when you’re resting your body and your mouth.

Brushing at night before bedtime is not enough. If you wake-up with smelling breath, you’ve not been flossing the right and proper way.

In my opinion, if you want to cure your bad breath you need to buy yourself an electric water flosser and start using it right away.

The old traditional method of string flossing would do, but it’s not powerful enough to reach all those hidden pockets within your teeth.

What About Brushing?

If you’re using a traditional toothbrush and you suffer from bad breath, your first step towards an effective bad breath cure is to get an electric toothbrush.

Best electric toothbrushes can eliminate a lot more bad breath causing germs. After you completely floss, then you brush your teeth completely.

Some of the electric toothbrushes you find on the market today have a sonic technology, which helps to keep your teeth looking whiter.

Why You Need a Tongue Scrapper

As you know, your mouth comprises of your teeth, tongue and many other vital organs, and why bad breath sufferers often neglect to keep the tongue clean baffles me.

While you can use your electric brush to clean your tongue, a scraper is more effective at getting rid of all the smelly germs residing on that vital organ.

Scrape it thoroughly as you brush. So to get rid of bad breath tongue, get you an effective tongue scraper and start using it immediately.

Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath

Presently, I use Crest complete toothpaste with a minty flavor. I have also tried Sensodyne and Colgate toothpaste in the past, and they both performed well.

The toothpaste is just an essential part of your teeth cleaning regimen, but following an effective daily teeth and mouth cleaning routine is what would help get rid of your bad breath for good.

Best Mouthwash For Bad Breath

I probably tried every brand of mouthwash including Listerine, but the most effective product to keep your clean mouth smelling fresh, is Smartmouth Mouthwash Fresh Mint.

It’s a little more expensive than the others, but it works at keeping your breath smelling fresh, provided you’ve followed the other recommendations effectively.

This mouthwash comes in two separate containers and you mix a small portion of both. One of the solution is clear and the other is blue in color.

Mix just a tiny portion of each solution and swish it in your mouth.

In Conclusion

To really get the best out of the above bad breath solutions steps, start by getting a thorough cleaning done by a professional dentist.

A good cleaning might probably be bloody and should last at least an hour or more.

Now implement the bad breath remedies I listed above, which include an exercise regimen, eating less, flossing at least two daily, and making sure the last thing you do before bedtime is effective brushing of your teeth and thorough flossing.

I have listed the best home remedies for bad breath, and now it’s up to you to effectively include those teeth and mouth care steps in your daily regimen.

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  • Richard February 19, 2015, 5:45 am

    It is interesting that often we are unaware that we suffer from bad breath until someone points it out to us: The problem is though that sometimes even our closest friends will not say anything for fear of insulting or offending us: A good self test is to hold a mirror in front of ones mouth and breath strongly through the mouth immediately smelling the breath through the nose: If there is a breath problem you will pick it up:

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