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Best Dog Breeds From Turkey Like Kangal and Anatolian Shepherd

Turkey is a very old country with artifacts and ruins that are yet to be explored. The many dog breeds from Turkey include Kangal Dog and Anatolian Shepherd Dog. We explore some of the best performances of dog breeds from turkey one can proudly keep at home.

Kangal Dog: The Best Guard Dog

Kangal Dog is regarded as the national dog breed in Turkey because of the fact that its origin can be traced back to one of the country’s province, specifically at Kangal, Silvas Province.

Most people confuse it with a sheep dog; however, it should be pointed out that this particular species cannot perform the duties of herding a flock. It is more of a flock guardian that serves as a protector against the vicious jackals, wolves, and bears that might harm the sheeps.

Kangal Dog: The Best Guard Dog

If you want a gentle, loyal, and protective dog, then you might want to consider this breed. They can be very friendly to small children and pets. They are usually commended for devoting most of their lives guarding what’s important to them.

How It Looks Like

The Kangal Dog breed known for having a thick under layer which serve as their protection against the fierceness of summer and winter of its original country of origin. Aside from being a very effective insulator against the elements, it coat gives the dog breed a distinct appearance.

When it reaches two years of age, healthy males can weigh up to 165 pounds while their female counterparts have an upper weight limit of 120 pounds. In terms of length, males are usually longer than the females (30 to 32 inches against 28 to 30 inches).

Distinct Features

You might be worrying if your dog is healthy and growing up normally. Aside from the weight and length, there are other things that you should consider. Definitely, Kangals should have healthy coats. These should be continuous, spotted, and brindled.

You should not worry if your Kangal has a darker chest and leg. It usually is the case for dogs with a thicker coat. The Kangals also usually have black mask in the face and ears that are shaded. It is better if the dog’s coat is dense and short. Normal coat is essential for balancing the dog’s normal body temperature.

Kangal’s Temperament

The following random facts about the Kangal’s disposition can be expected:

1 – When the weather is hot, you can expect your Kangal to dig a hole in the ground and it will stay there to keep itself cool and comfortable.

2 – They respect older Kangals too. Younger Kangals love staying with their seniors so that they will learn what to do.

3 – Proper training can make it a very good house dog.

4 – When it smells trouble, it usually stands with its ears and tails erect. This serves as its call for help.

With these simple bits of information, it will be easier for you to understand the nature of dogs from Kangal.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog: Exceptional Intelligence

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is popular for its discriminating sense of hearing and keen sense of eyesight. Such a dog usually has the strength that can bring down a wild wolf.

One can trace its origin from the province of Anatolia in Central Turkey. Soon enough, breeders became successful in the propagation of this type of dog in America.

With its characteristics, it should not come as a surprise that it is very good in guarding a flock assigned to it. It is not labeled as a shepherd dog for nothing. It can effectively protect a herd of sheep against jackals, wolves, and bears.

According to experts, the species has existed for six thousand years now. Throughout the centuries, many types of Anatolian dogs resulted. Among these are kangals, boz, malakli, aksaray, and akbashes.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog: Exceptional Intelligence

How It Looks Like

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog usually has a muscular body. Their necks are usually thick and their heads, broad. They also have bodies that are strong and sturdy. Males usually stand higher than their female counterparts (31 inches vs. 30 inches at age of maturity). Mature males are usually heavier than mature females (41 to 68 kilograms, with the males on the heavier side).

Coat color can vary. Many Anatolian dogs have sesame, spotted, or white cream furs. Their ears may or may not have black masks. On their neck area, they are protected by very thick coat. This serves as their protection against predators that might attack their necks.

Usual Behavior

Even after a few months, the Anatolian dogs can turn out to be very big. It usually takes them two years to reach their full size. This proves to show that they belong to the larger types of dogs.

Their physical stature or physique makes them fit as a shepherd dog. It can be very forceful and independent minded. It takes its responsibility rather seriously.

They do not regard their owners highly right away. A certain degree of bonding or socialization may be required before they turn into friendly pets.

This makes it very challenging for anyone to turn an Anatolian Shepherd Dog into a house pet. On top of that, their inherent intelligence pushes them to disobey their masters occasionally.

Important Tips

If you intend to get an Anatolian dog as your pet, make sure that you are capable of providing large space for it. They like to walk, run, and roam around. In addition, they relate well with other animals (e.g. cats). It is also recommended to introduce them to the children around for familiarity’s sake.

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