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Can You Lose Weight Without Exercising?

I am blessed to have some friends that are females, and once a month we meet to talk about things. As a blog writer, I get many inspirations from our gatherings and conversations. Women do see things differently than men do, for today our discussion centered on the topic of losing weight.

Even my own wife has a different opinion about weight loss without exercise issues. I have learned that arguing with the opposite sex is just a losing proposition, so my answer has to do with probing for more answers. Women will provide you the question, and the right answers if given the opportunity to express freely what they have in their true self.

All three women on this lunch date looked fine in the body weight department, but they all insisted losing a few pounds would be appropriate, and I did not disagree with that assessment. The first question was more direct and required some answers from me based on what I know about calories intake and weight gain.

She wanted to know if it was possible to lose weight without exercising. I told her from all the empirical data available over the years, the correct answer should be no, but there are some exceptions.

To begin that weight loss story, one will need to implement a weight loss diet that works. Water should be adopted as the preferred beverage on a daily basis.

Can You Lose Weight Without Exercising?

One must start reading food labels, and learn how to prepare nutritious vegetable based meals. It will be necessary to say a permanent goodbye to all fast food restaurants.

And finally, you internal mechanisms for evaluating your weight loss goals must be examined and re-adjusted to suit your needs. Amazingly, I was allowed to run my mouth without any interruptions, which was unusual to say the least.

The next question was from a friend that wanted to know if sweating means one is losing calories and weight. I reflected on the question – can you lose weight by sweating? Based on everything I know about sweating and what causes it, yes.

Mostly when you sweat, toxins and waste products are been eliminated from your body. Why I agree that sweating should mean you’re losing calories can be traced to the fact that, sweating only occurs when your body is engaged in some form of physical activities.

The physical activities might be walking, lifting, climbing, or just seating in a very hot environment. Even if you suffer from an excessive sweating condition, the elimination of waste products from your body through your sweats cannot be denied.

My three lady friends acted civilized and allowed each one to ask one question. The next question concerned losing weight without dieting.

She wanted to know if it was possible to lose those extra pounds without true dieting. I chuckled a little bit, and the ladies all pounced on me, wanting to know what was amusing about the question that made me laugh.

Remember what I told you in the beginning, women and men read different meanings into actions and spoken words. If you want to keep the peace while talking to women, do not answer such answer such questions with questions of your own.

You’ll look evasive and that’ll be bad for building rapport and needed trust. In a nutshell, they’re testing to see if I can defend my opinions without losing my cool. The question of can you lose weight without dieting was not funny, but you might consider the answer to be.

I have a friend who’s is about one hundred pounds overweight, and he decided to try hypnosis to lose weight. We found a good collection of hypnosis CDs, and he bought the best one with the most positive reviews. Within six months, he lost about seventy-five pounds, but the funny part was how it was done.

The hypnosis CD made him horny like hell, and all he wanted to do was have more sex, instead of his usual habit of eating more.

Amazingly, he found a new girlfriend that was hungry for sex like he was, and he lost all those pounds without even thinking about dieting. The incredible laughter from our lunch table by now attracted so much attention from the other patrons at this fine restaurant.

You should consider it a good thing when your female companion is laughing hysterically during your conversation, as that means you’re making the right impact.

This is even truer if you’re dating her. I have learned to leave with good brevity, and my lady friends insisted I stay with them longer, but I refused due to prior obligations.

Tips for Weight loss Without Exercise

So for all those searching online how to lose weight without working out or dieting, it will be hard to give you a straight answer, as everyone is different in more ways than one.

From my life experience and what I have gathered while researching this article, I have included some of the best ways to lose weight without exercise.

Even if one is looking to lose weight without working out, you must realize that weight loss can only happen when your body uses up more calories than it takes in.

While exercising is one of the ideal ways to lose those pounds and stay thin, it might not be appropriate for everyone, due to time constraints, health conditions or just plain lack of interest.

While I do have my doubts if one can you lose weight with exercise alone, dieting do play an important role in how you gain or lose body fat. It is no joke that you become what you eat, and the current American obesity epidemic is a testament to that fact.

The tips I have listed below will show you best way to lose weight without exercise, but it does call for discipline and true commitment on your part if you want to stay thin and healthy. Here are the tips:

Stay Active

While you do not have to exercise to shed those extra pounds around you waste, you do need to remain very active on a daily basis. Any other activity you can do apart from eating will help you lose weight.

Having sex contributes to weight loss; doing household chores will help you melt those pounds away, and just walking your dog around the block will also help to stimulate weight loss if you do it deliberately, and consistently.

Implement a diet plan

Unless you workout on a regular basis to burn the calories you intake on a daily basis, you must have a way to reduce the amount you consume with every meal. Need to start with learning how to count calories before consuming the foodstuff.

A cappuccino from Starbucks might just have more calories than a regular fast food meal. The only good way I know to do this, is to keep records of what you’re eating on a daily basis. When you document your activities, you’ll find yourself asking the right questions before eating any meal, which is a good thing.

Keeping a private food diary is just the only way to realize and acknowledge that you consume too much calories and need to cut back for best weight loss stories.

Drink More Water

From now on, you have to adopt water as your beverage of choice. The human body is made up of over 60% water, which makes it the ideal stuff to be putting into your body on a daily basis. I am yet to come across anyone suffering from weight gain due to drinking too much of the liquid.

I am not going to get into the debate of how many ounces of water you need to drink on a daily basis, just make sure you’re using it as your preferred liquid. If you can, avoid drinking city water, but if you must, boil it and let it cool down.

Let the Junk Foods Go

While you have no need to exercise, or simply because you cannot, you do have to let the junk foods go. If you eat processed foods, your weight gain will continue to increase. Despite all the hoopla from industry paid pundits, all packaged foods will contain chemicals and high sweeteners, and all will make you put on extra pounds.

You have to let go the cakes, cookies, cakes, sodas, etc. Even the so called low calorie versions, have toxicity that will give you unneeded extra pounds. Learn to prepare your own low calorie diets for best weight loss results.

Can you lose weight without dieting

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

You have to start eating more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Most are alkaline based foods, and will do your body the most good. I am yet to find anyone with obesity problems from eating more natural fruits and vegetables. It is the ideal stuff to eat for the most effective digestive system.

When your digestive system is functioning at an optimal pace, you’ll do your NO2 much quicker, faster, without any associated pain. Please stay away from all those packaged vegetable soups or fruit juices, for they contain much-added ingredients that could cause weight gain.

Final Thoughts

From my life experience, can you lose weight with exercise alone, probably not? Can you lose weight without dieting, probably not? The tips on how do you lose weight without exercising requires more discipline and commitment on your part.

The easy ways to lose weight without exercise steps included in this article can be accomplished by anyone with a desire to lose weight. Get yourself a good food planner, and keep track of all the calories you’re eating on a daily basis.

Eat a more nutritious and balanced diet, that hopefully you prepare for yourself on a daily basis. Any diet pills or supplements will only help your weight loss goals, if you couple it with more positive activities on your part. Watch what you eat on a daily basis, and you’ll completely become a master of your body weight.

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