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Best Weight Bench for Home Gym

If you’re tired of going to the gym with all the known issues that could discourage a good workout session, this adjustable weight bench reviews will give you the low-down facts about the key fitness equipment you want in your home gym. The fitness gym that you setup in your living quarters is not truly complete without a good weight bench.

A good brand can have many features with dumbbells and attachments, or it can just be a simple folding weight bench you can use to get your physique toned to the way you like it.

In this guide about best weight bench for home, I will first look at the types of weight benches one can find online, before getting to the reviews of some of the top brands you can get for your home gym.

You do have to decide ahead of time what type of workout exercises you want to conduct on your own home weight bench, to make the buying process easier.

Luckily, the products reviewed includes full workout benches with all the tools you need to build muscle, and also plain weight benches one can use with dumbbells to build-up body muscles the old-fashion right way.

The good news is that no matter your budget constraints, there are hundreds of good weight benches one can choose from, but I am only bringing the top 5 models with the best performance metrics based on test and feedbacks from current users. You’ll also be given where to buy weight bench for less because most are on sale.

Different Types Of Weight Benches for Home Gym

The first step in finding the right weight bench for your gym at home begins with deciding what type of workout routines you’d like to do. As you look through the many different kinds of home weight benches, keep in mind what you’ll like do on it, and how it would help you write your own true weight loss stories with toned muscles as an added benefit. Weight benches for home use can be classified into these categories:

Flat Bench

The is probably the cheapest type of weight bench available for sale online with a straight-up plain design. You cannot do many types of workout exercises on this bench because it is not adjustable, and even the top on the line ones will have no attachments.

When you ask fitness enthusiasts, most would acknowledge the limitations offered by flat weight benches, the popular workouts one can do on one are; skull-crushers, triceps dips, seated bicep curls and dumbbell bench press.

Folding Weight Bench

Some might be tempted to equate a folding weight bench with an adjustable weight bench, but a closer look at both reveals key differences.

Folding solid benches can be made flat after your workout routine, which makes it easier to put away in so many places like under your bed. It is actually the preferred home weight bench for those that have limited living space.

While it is light and portable, most of the good brands are well designed and built sturdy, to withstand the rigors of your workout routine. You might also like this type of home weight bench if it is your intention to hide from your guests the source of your newly minted physique.

Adjustable Bench for Your Home Gym

Among fitness experts, you can hear them call this type dumbbell bench. It is the most popular type of weight bench because you can find one for sale in many different styles and variations.

All the adjustable benches I have used will allow you to create different positions to suit your workout style. You have the option of using one in a flat or incline position.

Some of the top brands will allow you to experience 90-degree angle while upright, and some will provide you with a decline setting. While dumbbells are the primary equipment one can use on this type of bench, you can add a Squat rack to give you the ability to do shoulder and bench press exercises.

Some adjustable weight benches for home use are sold with attachments, or designed to be used with readily available attachments to increase the range of your workout routines.

Olympic Bench for Home Use

One can call an Olympic weight bench an adjustable brand with many attachments, and provides you the ability to engage in so many different incline settings. An Olympic bench will usually come with complete tools that are attachable, for complete home fitness equipment.

When you see an Olympic weight bench you’ll know it just by sight, due to the full-sized nature of even the cheap brands. You can consider it the fully loaded model of weight benches one can use at home for good workout results. As you guessed right, they usually cost much more than the other types of home weight benches.

Abdominal Bench

This is another type of weight bench you instantly can identify; due to the way most are setup. It is sometimes called decline bench, and most come with one of the steepest decline positions one can use to work the abs.

You might find some unique brands that would have designs that give you the ability to change the height or angle. Abdominal weight benches are mostly found with fixed decline position, which makes it possible to experience a wide range of motions during your abdominal exercises.

Best Weight Bench for the Money

You’ll find that all of the weight benches reviewed in article are made for home use, but the features embedded in some of them are the same found in commercial brands widely used in popular gyms all across America.

Remember a good weight bench for use in your own home will enable excellent workout results, provided you bring the right motivation and daily commitment to your workout routine. Here are the best brands of weight benches we thought delivers the most value for the money:

1 – Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench Review

Bowflex Selecttech 5.1 adjustable bench is as popular as any fitness equipment sold around the world. It is an upgrade from the Bowflex 3.1 because you can do more with it. It not only has a sleek design, the sturdy construction will allow you to get muscular results in a short period of time.

Not one can you do six different adjustable positions on the Bowflex Selecttech 5.1 bench, you have the option of keeping or removing the leg rest based on your workout style.

While researching the feedbacks from existing customers, most were happy with the durable and comfortable seat. Not only is it easy and quick to assemble, you get to be happy with a solid weight bench as you build up your muscles for a better physique or figure.


Bowflex Selecttech 5.1 adjustable bench is designed to be used with your favorite decline exercises, which is not possible with some top brands of the same design and style. With regular decline dumbbell bench press, your lower pectoral muscles will get stronger.

Another benefit offered by the Bowflex 5.1 is that you can move it into an incline position, and can be used as a good single arm curl pad.

This best weight bench for home gym can enable a true abdominal workout, by just changing it into the decline position, while using the attached leg brace to hold steady in your position.

Bowflex weight bench is as strong and stable as can be, with one of the longest warranty periods within the fitness equipment industry.

Your purchase of the Bowflex bench 5.1 comes with a 30-year warranty on the frame, but only one year warranty on the plush upholstery.


I am yet to come across any fitness equipment one can use at home without a few unsatisfied customers, and this weight bench is no exception to that steady golden rule. Some complained the Bowflex bench 5.1 is just limited to chest exercises with dumbbells.

Some complained that the wheels to move the fitness tool around are too small, but it is fairly light and can be lifted for easy movement.

The biggest complaint is the weight limitation of 300 pounds. Bowflex Selecttech is ideal for beginning and intermediate workouts, so if your goal is to compete in an Olympic weight-lifting competition, this is not the right tool to use.

Bottom Line:

Bowflex Selecttech 5.1 is an adjustable weight bench one can use at home to get awesome workout results. The frame is the most important part of any weight bench, and this one comes with a solid warranty of 30 years.

Bowflex 5.1 adjustable bench is from a company with several solid fitness products that’s beloved by millions of consumers world-wide. It is built lightweight while also offering flexibility and sturdiness for those looking for a solid weight bench, with established performance metrics.

2 – Ironmaster Super Bench Review

This is another brand of adjustable weight-lifting Bench one can use in the comfort of your home gym. It is priced comparably to the Bowflex 5.1 and either one will enable great workout results. One of the biggest selling features of the Ironmaster super bench is the versatility built into the best home fitness equipment.

With this super bench Ironmaster, you get the ability to tilt the tool into 11 different angles. Each angle offers you many home exercise routines one can use to get buffed within a few weeks or months.


Ironmaster super bench adjustable weight-lifting bench is solid as rock, and can withstand up to 500 pounds of users weight, which is one of the best within the fitness industry.

The eleven different angles can take you from decline to upright with just a few adjustments.

Ironmaster bench functionality can be substantially extended with attachments one can buy online.

Ironmaster super bench is the ideal for home gym equipment because it can be coupled with smith machine, dumbbells, rack or cage for wider range of workout routines.

Ironmaster has powder coated grey metallic frame with even stronger chrome components for a solid weight bench you can utilize in your own home.


That same few negatives rule also applies to this product. Some user did not like the fact that you have to take some time to change into different angles if you want to expand your workout routines.

Other feedbacks concerned the need for more room space, if you intend to recline the weight bench from Ironmaster for other workout steps.

Bottom Line:

Even the Bowflex cannot come close to match the weight capacity of this best weight bench for the money. Just one look at the design shows the product is indeed sturdy, durable, while offering most fitness enthusiasts the weight bench one can use to get professional workout results.

The eleven different angles can be used to enable a buffed physique in a short period of time.

3 – Universal Five-Position Weight Bench

Universal Five-Position is one of the cheapest weight benches with some decent performance metrics. After exploring several weight bench reviews, this product cost about 50% less than the two examined above.

Some might call the universal weight bench cheap, which might truly underestimate what it can do to enhance your workout routine. It is indeed a cheap weight bench, but has some good things going for it, and that was why I included it in this review.


First of all, it offers good value for the money, with one of the lowest prices for a durable weight bench one can use at home.

Apart from been constructed from reliable materials, you can get one set up within just a few minutes.

Universal five position adjustable weight bench offers you nice incline feature, and the bench can be made into five different positions, with dozens of workout exercises within your fingertips.

This bench press equipment from Universal is designed to allow you to challenge your upper body and entire core.

Apart from the contoured shape, you get to use five-inch foam rollers, which help to guarantee a comfortable and safe workout.

Universal 5 position weight bench has unique stabilizer levelers, thus guaranteeing a more stable base when placed on any type of flooring.

This is an ideal weight bench for beginners, or those looking for a product with a smaller footprint.


This home workout equipment from Universal fails to deliver in several categories. It does not offer any 90 degree incline, which makes it not ideal for conducting many exercises that can be found in more expensive models like the two reviewed above.

The leg brace is fixed and not removable. It can only accommodate user’s weight up to 250 pounds.

The warranty period is lagging behind industry standards. You only get two years on the frame, and only 30-days on the beautiful upholstery.

Bottom Line:

If you do not have much money to spend on a weight bench, and you’re just embarking on your home workout routines, this strength training equipment from Universal is a good product to use to test the waters before investing in a more durable expensive weight bench.

You can comfortably do weight lifting bench press on this weight bench for home gym. As a beginner, you’ll be able to use it as good learning home workout equipment for toning your muscles. Amazingly, over 90% of current users love the product, and would gladly recommend it to anyone looking to build muscle on a budget.

4 – Golds XRS 20 Review

This Golds gym workout equipment is an Olympic style weight bench for your home gym. The company behind the product is well beloved in the fitness industry, and one can point to several fitness products made by this company with enviable sales figures.

Golds gym Olympic bench design is derived from the fitness equipment one can find at Golds gyms worldwide. The main company was established in 1965, and some of the leading spin bikes, elliptical, treadmills, dumbbells, weight benches, regular weights, including accessories are made by the same outfit.


Golds gym xrs 20 Olympic bench offers you so many ways to use it, which is only limited by your imagination and fitness experience. It can be used for dumbbell exercises, or you can combine it with other attachments for great workout results.

Golds xrs 20 comes with a squat stand with an adjustable height. This comes in handy when you want to do barbell or squat exercises.

The included 6-roll leg developer, will help you build and develop your leg muscles.

You’ll also come to love the storage facility for the weight plates, and it can be found at the back of the squat stand. It is a good addition that helps to keep your home gym clutter free!

Golds gym weight bench offers you some needed versatility, as the squat rack and weight bench can be separated into individual home workout equipment.

With the included adjustable safety spotters, you can engage in safe and yet effective workouts all by yourself in the comfort of your own home. You find this feature very crucial, when you’re doing squat-type and bench press workouts.

If you want to develop your upper body, and make it more defined, the included detachable curl yoke is at your service whenever you’re ready to go.

The included rolled preacher pad is just what you need to isolate your forearms and biceps, as you engage in proper workout routines for great fitness results.


Golds gym Olympic weight bench came with less than sterling reviews from some of the customers. About 85% to 90% of the existing users love the product. The issues can be traced to bad installation on the part of the customer, which then translates in to poor user experience.

I suggest you consider paying the additional fee for professional installation in your home. Most of the issues experienced by the dissatisfied customers can be traced to poor installation. Another potential downside might be the user weight limit, which is limited to 300 pounds.

Bottom Line:

Golds gym xrs 20 does deliver great value for the money. Amazingly it cost about 50% less to buy this model than the first two weight benches reviewed above. In my opinion, this is functional home workout equipment with a solid nice setup.

In my humble opinion, you get more value from this best adjustable weight bench than all the other brands reviewed. This would be a great tool for an aspiring beginner while pros would like most of the versatility that it offers.

5 – Powerline PFID125X Review

This is a home weight bench from a company called Body Solid. Powerline pfid125x folding bench is surprisingly very strong and sturdy, and can be bought for an extremely low price with free shipping.

The company behind this product has been producing home fitness equipment for over 25 years, and most of the current users love this body solid Powerline bench.


Powerline PFID125X Folding Bench allows you to enable 7 different adjustments for better workout results.

While it is built solid, it can be easily folded up in two quick steps, making storage a cinch for those with limited living space.

Best of all, the best home gym equipment is delivered pre-assembled, which makes it useable right out of the box.

If you need to move it around, you’ll soon come to appreciate the underneath wheels embedded for such purpose.

Apart from helping you do many dumbbell exercises, you can also use the Powerline PFID125X Folding Bench to conduct decline bench press, which is not widely available on all adjustable home weight benches.

Powerline pfid125x comes ready to serve and can be adjusted into an incline position, thus making it an ideal curl pad. You’ll be able to do several motions while also giving your abs an awesome workout.

This lightweight and durable weight bench from solid body come with a ten year guarantee on the frame, but only one year on all the other parts.


This product is not immune to the few negatives rule, as we humans have different needs and desires. It does limit your use of the dumbbells to just chest exercises.

Some complained that the locking bar was too close to the ground, and do pose problems during decline press workouts. In my opinion, that would vary from individual to individual, and might be true for people that are taller than 6 feet and above.

Bottom Line:

The Powerline PFID125X Folding Bench delivers solid performance metrics for the money. Vast majority of the current users (over 94%) love the product, and would gladly recommend it to everyone in the market for a well-made cheap weight bench for a home gym.

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