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Concept 2 Rowing Machine Reviews

If you happen to stop by a high end gym, chances are that the rowing machine used is from a company called Concept2.

It is no secret that this company started out by selling these quality indoor rowers to gyms across America due to their high quality and impressive performance metrics.

If you’re looking to buy Concept 2 PM5 indoor rowers, you should know that there are two durable models available – Concept2 rower and the Concept 2 model E.

This concept 2 rowing machine review will examine the merits and features of both with the exploration of the similarities and differences.

Durable indoor rowers can be bought online, but the quality metrics varies from brand to brand.

This brand of Concept 2 indoor rowers is recognized worldwide for they help set the standards for indoor training.

With so many Concept 2 rower workouts available on the internet, there are cardiovascular exercises one can perform to increase physical fitness while at the same time toning your physique.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5


From all the Concept2 model d reviews, we looked at online, this best indoor rowing machine is easier to set-up, folds easily for storage, and also enables potent fitness benefits.

Concept2 model d PM5 rowing machine has one of the best performance monitors, plus ergonomically designed handles.

The well-placed design of the adjustable foot-rests and flywheel guarantees you’ll only experience smooth movements with very minimal noise.

This best indoor rowing machine from Concept2 can be used for an effective low-impact, full body workout.

Features of the Concept 2 Model D PM5

Performance of the Monitor

A rower is just as good as the performance monitor, and the one embedded inside the Concept2 indoor rower is one of the most advanced within the industry.

It is the key feature that sets it apart from other training fitness equipment. Concept2 d monitor is designed to provide not only comparable data but also accurate ones for every row you make.

While it has sophisticated functionalities, the ease of use factors guarantees it can be mastered by all users.

The included backlight technology gives it enhanced visibility. You can use USB flash drives to store your workout data.

Not only can you monitor your heart rate wirelessly, the Concept2 D rower monitor is adjustable, which means you can position it to suit your rowing style.

Great Flywheel and Damper

From all the concept 2 rower reviews, we looked at, the design of the flywheel is praised by many fitness bloggers.

It is capable of responding to the efforts you make on every stroke. Due to the unique design, you get the impression that you’re in full control and in charge of your resistance and exertion efforts at all times.

The design of the spiral damper makes it possible to adjust the airflow to the flywheel, which means you can easily change the way each stroke feels to suit your preference.

Concept2 model d flywheel design generates very little noise while maximizing the smooth feeling you get from every row you make.

Easy to Fold for Storage

This rower keeps a low profile with its 14″ (35.6 cm) seat height. When you’re done with your workouts, the quick release mechanism easily separates the machine into two pieces for easy storage.

For easy mobility, the included caster wheels found on the front foot allows you to roll the fully assembled rowing machine into your desired position.

Adjustable Footrests and User-Friendly Handle

This rower from Concept2 has adjustable footrests, which you can use for quick and easy sizing. Regardless of your feet size, the footrests are uniquely designed to accommodate a vast array of shoe sizes.

The ergonomic handle is user friendly, while also featuring a 10-degree bend, which means you can row with your natural arm and hand position.

It Has a Nickel Plated Chain

Indoor rowers with nickel plating are known to require fewer oiling periods for in-between many rowing sessions.

Concept2 nickel plated chain design not only looks good, but also works the hardest. Best of all, it requires less maintenance while ensuring silky smooth feeling during your rowing workouts.

Easy to Assemble

When you get your own Concept2 model D rowing machine, you’ll need a total of eight screws to install the front legs.

All the required tool and gear are included in your delivery package, plus a well detailed illustrated instructions manual.

From watching the assembly video, it is estimated it would take 20 to 30 minutes to fully assemble this awesome indoor rowing machine from Concept2.

Sturdy Construction and Easy To Maintain

This indoor rower called Concept2 model D is built tough. Model D concept 2 rower is designed to be maintenance friendly.

The toughness and durability of the rower is one of the reasons you find many of them in use at living rooms, training centers, military bases, hotels, boat houses, and health clubs all around the world.

The Specifications for the Model D PM5 Performance Monitor

1 – The monitor is designed to turn on once you commence your rowing workout.

2 – It gives you the ability to micro-manage several features including games, preset workouts, and multiple languages.

3 – It is loaded with resources, which allows you to instantly track speed, distance, calories burned, pace, and watts usage.

4 – The illumination of the screen provides all the data you need like pace boat, force curve, large print, bar chart, etc.

5 – All your generated workout data can be easily transferred to your PC, Mac or mobile devices using a flash drive.

6 – This best indoor rower from Concept 2 is Bluetooth smart and made compatible with most of the top rated heart rate monitors.

7 – Concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with PM5 is able to support racing with other Concept2 rower owners simply because it has the latest connectivity to digital devices, smartphones, and computers.

Overall, this indoor rowing machine from Concept2 supports maximum user weight of 500 pounds.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

In this Concept2 Model E Review, we’ll see some of the refinements added to the model D that made it possible to create this one.

Concept2 model E indoor rowing machine with PM5 not only offers durability, but the included 20-inch seat height gives it a presence unlike any other indoor rower on the market.


Concept2 model e uses a nickel plated chain design, and it has a glossy finish with a double powder coat.

We will explore the differences between this model and the model D, later on in this review.

The higher frame found in the Concept2 model E indoor rowing machine makes it easier for one to get on and off.

Concept 2 model E is the ideal indoor rowing machine for those with mobility issues or tired knees consideration.

Not only is the Concept 2 rower model E aesthetically pleasing, for it is also considered one of the best luxury indoor rowing machines one can buy online.

When you consider the brands of air-resistance rowers found online, Concept2 model E stands out for so many reasons.

Features of the Concept2 Model E

Quiet Flywheel and Damper

A rowing machine is as good as the way it feels with every stroke that you initiate. The flywheel in the model E makes you feel like you’re in control of all your resistance and exertion at all times.

It has a durable spiral damper, which provides the needed ability to easily adjust the airflow delivered to the flywheel.

This is what makes you feel each stroke, so you can change it to suit your rowing style preference.

The unique design of the flywheel helps minimize noise while delivering a smoother rowing feel.

Enhanced Performance Monitor

When you look at a highly rated indoor rower, it is the monitor that enhances all the functionalities embedded within.

This is what sets the Concept2 E rower apart from the competition, for the performance monitor is sophisticated with advanced features.

It is famously known as the PM5 technology, and it provides not only the most accurate data but the most up to date comparable data for every rowing stroke you make.

The latest in backlight technology is included, which helps to increase visibility. It has compatibility with most of the top USB flash drives, which makes it very easy to store you workout data.

Concept2 model E indoor rowing machine with PM5 has a feature that allows you to wirelessly monitor your heart rate.

Better Seat Height

The included 20-inch seat height makes it the ideal rower for those with knee problems or mobility issues.

The higher seating mechanism makes it easier to get on and off the rower. In a gym full of top rated treadmills and elliptical machines, this indoor rower will stand out.

Foldable Storage

The included frame-lock mechanism offers you a way to quickly separate the rower into two pieces for easy storage.

For mobility, you’ll like the included caster wheels on the front foot, which makes it easier to roll the fully assembled rowing machine into your preferred position.

Better Nickel Plated Chain Housing

This indoor rower has an enclosed Chain housing with a nickel plated design. It not only looks good but also built to withstand hard works.

The nickel plating design makes it last longer between each oiling session. The enclosure of the housing chain helps to keep debris out of the housing.


Adjustable Footrests with Good Handle

The included adjustable footrests on this Concept 2 indoor rower makes it simple to conduct quick and easy sizing.

Worry not if you have big feet, for the footrests are designed to accommodate different shoe sizes with ease.

The Concept 2 model E rowing machine has am ergonomic handle capable of 10-degree bend, which makes it easier to move it to suit your rowing style.

Durable Construction and Easy to Assemble

Apart from the well-known durability of the Concept2 model E indoor rower, putting one together involves using just 10 screws.

In about 30 to 45 minutes, you’ll be able to put together the monitor arm, front and rear legs, performance monitor and pick up cable.

In your delivery package, you’ll find all the required tools and gear along with precise, detailed installation instructions.

The PM5 specifications for the Concept2 Model E rowing machine is just like the ones found in the Concept 2 model D rower.

Similarities and Differences between Concept2 Model D vs. Concept2 Model E

Concept2 rowers are known worldwide for durability and sturdy designs. Both can be used to stay in shape as you build a new physique.

To make it easier to select between the model D and the model E indoor rowers, we created the similarities and differences that can be ascertained between the two world-class rowing machines.

The Similarities between Concept2 Model D and Concept 2 Model E


The listed features below can be found in both models of the Concept2 rowing machines:

Both indoor rowers are made in the USA by the same company called Concept2.

The rowers are both well-known air resistance indoor rowing machines.

The rowing motions for both machines are designed to mimic outdoor rowing feelings and sensations.

The overall length and width of the rowing machines are the same. Both Concept2 rowers have 96 inches for the length and 24 inches for the Width.

Both frames are made from durable and long lasting aluminum.

The noise levels for both machines are the same since both use the spinning flywheel design.

The ergonomic handle can be positioned in a 10-degree bend.

They both have similar footrests system along with padded contoured seats.

Both the model D and the model E offers the same resistance adjustability.

The maximum allowable user weight for both indoor rowers is 500 pounds.

The offered warranty from the manufacturer is; 5 year limited warranty on the frame, with a 2 year warranty on all the moving parts and the PM5

The Key Differences between the Model D and Model E


Despite all the similarities listed above, there are key differences between both Concept2 indoor rowing machines:

The Concept2 model E rower is more expensive than the model D. The price difference might not be much, but it might affect your buying decision as to which best rower to choose.

Another key difference is the height of the seating mechanisms. The Concept2 D rower has a seat height of 14 inches while the Model E has a seat height of 20 inches.

If you’re taller and have longer legs, the model E Concept 2 rower might be a better buy. It is also better for those with knee problems or mobility issues.

The color schemes are different for both rowers. The model D Concept2 rower can be bought in either light gray or black color while the Model E comes only in a light gray with dark blue-gray accents color.

The support legs for the Model E Concept2 rowing machine is comprised of welded steel while the model D has aluminum fronts legs and steel rear legs.

Concept 2 Model D has a chain steel that is partially enclosed. Concept 2 model e indoor rower chain is made from nickel-plated steel with a fully enclosed housing.

The model E might last longer from maintenance periods since the chain housing is fully protected from debris and the degrading environmental elements.

Another key difference between both rowers from Concept2 is the exterior finish.

Concept2 model d has a powder coat, which is non-glossy. Concept2 model E indoor rowing machine with PM5 comes with a double powder coat plus an extra clear coat to give it a glossy finish.

The Best Concept2 Indoor Rower for You

Both concept rowers are formidable in their own right. Based on the minimal price difference between both indoor rowers, the Concept2 model E offers a better value.

This is especially true if you have longer legs or knee and mobility issues. The similarities are significant, but the few differences can make a huge impact on your comfort level while rowing.

If you can afford the extra dough, go for the Model E. If you’re short on funds, the Concept 2 model D rowing machine is just as durable.

Both Concept2 indoor rowers have all the needed features to help you stay in shape and build a newer physique.


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