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Poor Mind Body Connection Can Create Diseases in Your Life

After several decades in this world, I believe it is my duty to share some of my observations about the main cause of diseases and what you can do about it. When I was born until the age of seven, I spent most of my days in the hospital ward for one ailment or another.

My mother used to say, the evil spirits wanted my soul, but she was going to fight them to her last breath. Fast forward a few years into adulthood, I have pretty much stayed out of the doctor’s clutches through my growing determination to cure whatever ails me through mind power, instead of prescriptions.

Growing up, I knew I had an intense hatred of hospitals. I once dated a pretty girl that gets sick all the time. When I look back now, most of her symptoms originated from her poor mind-body connection, and how she saw the world in general. Before I get to how your state of mind can make you sick, let me give you several reasons why you need to run from medical doctors.

Why You Need to Run Away From Doctors

Medical doctors are nothing but pimps with fancy titles. Now, the term medical doctor refers to all the practitioners that are trained to seek a patient cure by prescribing questionable medicines. Let’s start with the word “practicing physician”.

Most medical doctors are not trained to seek the source of your disease, and your diagnosis will happen through trial and error. The word practicing means just that, only you the patient will be the guinea pig to be experimented on.

The Mind Body Connection

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Certain medical fields are prone to inducing more future visitations, for more profits. As a test, I went to an optician with my friend and lied to the doctor that I could not see properly. This was when I used to live in New York city, and the hospital in question was Columbia Presbyterian hospital in the upper west side.

I had a good job, and the company gave free health insurance despite my attempts to take half of the premium payments and get no insurance.

First, the so-called eye specialist conducted a series of test on my eyes that took about two hours and probably cost thousands of dollars. As we waited for the results of my eye examination, my friend just was convinced my theory about doctors would be proven wrong.

The doctor called us in and started to rant about how I was losing my eyesight, due to some unheard medical condition. He insisted I should seriously consider the latest Lasik surgery to fix the problem. By now I was hysterically laughing inside while my friend was not amused at the wrong diagnosis.

He went on to prescribe me two powerful eye medications until I decide when to have the surgery. The surgery cost thousands of dollars and the two prescribed medications cost about $450 to fill. I did not bother to tell the so called eye specialist that this was just a test, and nothing was wrong with my eyes.

After that day, my good friend became even more convinced that most doctors have a financial stake in making sure you get some type of treatment, even if nothing is wrong with you. The reason why is simple, most of the initial diagnosis comes from what you tell the doctor during the first conversation.

Ten years later, my eyesight is going strong. Can you imagine how many people are given treatments due to a wrong and false diagnosis? If you think I am wrong, try conducting your own experiment if you have a robust free health insurance to foot the bill.

The Origin of Diseases

Contrary to what the medical establishment would have you believe, most infectious diseases originate in your mind first, before manifesting into your physical body. Now the only test one can perform to prove this theory resolves around telling yourself you’re sick.

If you want to test this theory, find a nice seat in your living quarters and turn off all electronic devices. Now close your eyes, and repeat several times “I have a very strong headache” or “My stomach hurts”. You can select any symptom you want for your own test.

Just say the mantra to yourself in that quiet state, for about seven to ten minutes. Repeat it every day, and within seven days or less, most likely that sick condition you wished for will becomes apparent within your physical self. PLEASE DO NOT CONDUCT THAT EXPERIMENT! Your mind is more powerful than most people realize, and what you wish for in an altered state will mostly be granted sooner rather than later.

Due to several initiatives from those that think they control this matrix, negative thoughts will manifest much quicker than positive ones. So, in a nutshell, if you can alter the way you feel about yourself, you’ll eventually alter your physical condition in the most positive manner.

This is another quick experiment you can do to cure your physical ailments. If you start to feel like you’re about to get a headache, immediately start saying to yourself, “I feel good, I feel fantastic“. You have to repeat this mantra probably hundreds of times until you feel better.

To protect yourself from all viruses, why not just repeat the mantra when you wake up in the morning and right before bedtime. Spend about five to ten minutes repeating the mantra every session and see how great you feel on a daily basis.

Other Sources of Diseases

We humans are so naive to say the least. We eat all kinds of crap on a daily basis, and them we wonder why the hospitals are always full of sick people.

While the above mantra will fortify your immune system, if you continue your digestion of poisons on a daily basis, the viruses will eventually win, since you’re inviting them in with open arms. The following foodstuff will make you sick sooner rather than later.

Too Much Eating

Only you can tell if you’re gluttonous in your daily living. Take all your clothes off, and look in the mirror naked while carefully analyzing what you see.

If you see branches all over your body, most likely you’re overweight and eat too much. Signs of obesity includes; protruding stomach (unless you’re pregnant), extra-large hips at the buttocks area, abnormal breast growth for guys, heavier arms, puffy fat face, etc.

Most people will buy more clothes to hide the most obvious fact of carrying too much weight. Hey, I am nothing judging anyone, but unless you cut back on your meals, your future ailments are just around the corner, regardless of how often you pray to God or Allah. Now you know why the rate of all types of diabetes is exploding all over the world.

Smoking Will Eventually Make Your Life a Living Hell

If you presently smoke, I am begging you to stop now. Cigarettes, weed, and rolled cigars are nothing but disguised poisons that’ll rob you of your life essence as you age. Contrary to what some might think, smoking marijuana will not improve your health.

Any benefit you can point to, I can give you five negatives that’ll wreck your good health as time goes by. Anyway, the recent weed available for sale in many states has been genetically modified to increase potency, to make you docile and infertile.

Apart from the entire health woes one can trace to the doorsteps of smoking cigarettes, cigars or weed, your manhood will start to perform less and less as you smoke more. Your spam count will also be diminished.

For every person you point to that smoked and had cute babies, I can point to five or more with issues about ejaculation and conceiving. Do not buy some of the recent media hype about smoking weed, for it does permanent damage to your lungs, digestive systems, and other vital organs.

Alcohol is a False Happiness Creator

Since I stopped drinking about ten years ago, I can see the damage alcohol consumption does to good people on a daily basis. If your life is so stressed that you need something to make you forget or zone out, then my friend you need a closer examination of your daily activities to find out what is wrong.

Alcohol is a depressant, despite the initial burst of happiness principles with the first few drinks. Drinking alcohol will destroy your ability to perform in bed.

The effects will be gradual, as you age it will become more apparent, and then most will run to the medical doctor to be pimped with the latest medical drugs with added side-effects.

Alcohol consumption destroys your ability to make wise choices. Women would probably relate to this better. Most one night stands can be traced to too much alcohol consumption. Drinking or taking drugs creates a false personality, which is one of the contributing factors to astronomical failure rate of modern day relationships.

So do not buy into that false media created story about how drinking red wine can be good for you. Every positive point traced to wine consumption comes with at least ten negatives, which the industry pundits carefully omit from their stories.

Final Thoughts

It was not my intention to offend anyone in this article, for after all it is your life and sorrow to bear if you do not change to a positive lifestyle. Apart from repeating your daily mantra to fortify your immune system, you need to start cooking your own food.

mind and body connectionTry your best to stay away from junk foods and all packaged food ingredients. Eat more natural fruits and vegetables, and try to drink lots of fresh water. I am yet to find anyone that got sick or fat from drinking too much water.

If you can, spend a few minutes each day meditating. Just find a quiet place, turn-off all electronic devices, close your eyes and just imagine the life you want to be living. Simple steps like these will enable you to remain very healthy.

If you happen to get sick, you should realize you have a chink in your protection armor, and finding the weak link and fixing it, will make you healthier than using pharmaceutical drugs with millions of side-effects.

Your daily activities contribute to how you feel, and by adopting better things to eat and do, you change your health for the better. Do not forget that a healthy mind will deliver to you, a very good healthy body.

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