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Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews: Benefits & Buying Guide Tips

Despite all the well-established recumbent exercise bike benefits, some people are still debating the merits of getting a good brand for the home. If you live in a cold climate, what will you do when the cold winter months come calling? A good way to continue your cardiovascular workouts regardless what the weather condition is outside in your area, is by having a best rated recumbent exercise bike for use in the comfort of your own home.

It offers many benefits for those suffering from joint pains. You can use an exercise bike to warm up your muscles, before intense physical activity, or better yet you can use your workout on a good brand to build-up your fitness endurance level.

A recumbent bike is still one of the best home equipment one can use to work up a sweat. Most will come with nice resistance settings, coupled with user friendly designs, and should withstand the rigors of repeated use.

Before you make your final selection of a good stationary recumbent bike, you want to pay attention to the available space you have in your home, your physical activity needs, and your motivation to put it to good use once it arrives in your living-room.

There is absolutely no learning curve on how to properly use one of this fitness machines, and you should be fine after a few pedaling sessions. While your budget will help determine your final choice, best recumbent exercise bikes can be found in wide range of prices.

The information on this page includes the recumbent exercise bike benefits one should expect, some of the most important must have features in a good brand, and finally, recumbent exercise bike reviews.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits: Reasons to Buy One

If you want home fitness equipment with a comfortable seat, get yourself one of the best recumbent exercise bikes reviewed in this article. It offers you the ability to be closer to the ground as you pedal. The many recumbent bike workouts one can fine online, makes it enjoyable to even beginners.

This type of stationary home bike will make your lumbar spine stronger, because the seating style encourages proper spinal posture. The larger seat you get on a good brand of recumbent bike is one of the crucial selling points.

Recumbent bikes are designed to be gentle on your joints. While your lower back gets needed support from the bucket seat, your ankles and knees will be protected from any potential injurious impact.

Since recumbent bikes are designed for riders to only seat while pedaling, some of the injuries that can occur while using an upright stationary bike are all negated.

Even with any type of neurological conditions, you’ll still be able to use this type of stationary bike comfortably. It is the ideal best home fitness equipment one can use to get total low impact total body workout.

Regular use of one reduces your risk of pain, while also building up your physical strength. If rheumatoid arthritis is affecting your hips and back, using a recumbent bike will be easier for you to pedal, due to the way it is designed with a lower seating position.

The Convenience you can get from a Folding Recumbent Bike

With many apartments getting smaller all across America, living space in some home is not readily available. If you have limited space issues, you should look to get a recumbent bike that could be folded after completing your workout routine.

One of the most desired models is the Exerpeutic 400XL, which is designed to be easily folded to become compact for easy storage. A good brand of folding recumbent bike will be lightweight and portable; meaning both men and women can move it around with ease.

Apart from putting it inside your closet, a folding bike can also be stored under your bed or just about anywhere you have extra room. Best recumbent bike that’s foldable is the ideal home fitness equipment for those with limited living space.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Essential Features

Without any doubt, a well-designed recumbent bike can help build your muscles up in all the right places. Unless you’re familiar with what features should be included in any good brand, the following tips should be a good guide to help you make the right decision.

Will it be Comfortable? I can assure that a stationary bike comfort level affects your performance either positively or negatively. What sets the standard for comfort is the seating, which is wide and well situated on even the cheap recumbent bikes. It is the ideal home fitness equipment that’ll give you good posture.

Some will offer you additional padding on your seat pus extra lumbar support. I have seen some models with built-in fans to keep you cool as you pedal away. You want a high comfort level in any brand you select as you final choice.

Another way to determine the comfort level of the recumbent machine you have in mind is to look closely at the existing customers reviews. You want a stationary bike that delivers great workout results not uncomfortableness.

Do you have the Space? I urge you to measure the available space in your living quarters before buying your own best recumbent exercise bike. If you’re currently tight on free space, consider a model with a foldable frame.

What is your budget? The most obvious human weakness is that we want a lot and want to pay very little. Life has taught me, you mostly get what you pay for. Better to select a bike machine with the right features and pay a little more, than a cheaper model that delivers no benefits because of poor design and lack of needed features.

Finally, pay careful attention to the types of workouts you can perform on the recumbent bike in your living quarters. Do not assume all are created the same, even thou they all use pedals to get your workout routine going. The higher end recumbent bikes will have more resistance levels one can use to generate better fitness results.

Some of the latest machines have added some cool extra features, like MP3 docks with built-in speakers. I tend to like my music upbeat, as I get my workout routines going, and I am sure most of you would love the same feature in your own recumbent bike.

As you search for the best recumbent exercise bike by price, the key is to strike a sweet balance between what you need, and what you can afford. You’ll find that some of the brands in our recumbent exercise bike reviews delivers on both affordability, and needed features for a great workout.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews

Exerpeutic 900xl Review

Exerpeutic 900xl Review

There are many different Exerpeutic recumbent bike models, but the 900xl has some unique features that make it one of the best home fitness equipment one can use for total body workout.

Exerpeutic 900xl comes with well positioned hand pulse pads that are capable of targeting heart rate zones. The product dimension comes in at; 54″L x 22″W x 34″H.

Exerpeutic 900xl is an extended capacity recumbent bike with pulse, and designed to hold up to 325 pounds of user weight. Apart from a magnetic resistance system, you’ll find the wider seat a welcome comfort for your butt, as compared to other stationary bikes.

Some of the Noteworthy Features:

Exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike is designed with extended leg stabilizers, which makes it easier to exercise without fear of tipping or falling over. Apart from the larger foot pedal, you get the use of strong safety straps for your feet to prevent slippage as you pedal away those extra unwanted pounds.

The design and unique position of the larger seat will help you maintain the right posture, thus limiting an unwanted pressure on your back and knee muscles. The suitable comfort delivered by the design is what enables a great workout routine and fitness results. The seat can also be adjusted to suit your height and riding style.

Exerpeutic recumbent bike has eight tension resistance levels one can use to increase endurance. The easy to adjust tension control system puts you in charge of how you want to customize the challenges of your ride over time.

This Exerpeutic exercise bike is loaded with onboard computer, which has the latest screen display technology. The LCD screen will show the calories burned, the distance traveled, time spent, including your speed and heart rate information.

It has a Crank system that’s capable of enhancing a consistent, smooth and quiet pedaling. After your workout, simply use the provided transportation wheels to put your recumbent bike away at the right storage place. The Exerpeutic 900xl manual is included in your delivery package.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike has an onboard computer system that gives you the ability to monitor displayed feedbacks with up to 13 metrics. It has the required connections you can use to export your performance data to your computer for easy analysis. You get a charging USB port, with data exchange connections.

Embedded within the recumbent bike for home use are 22 programs, including two separate settings for two users. You get twenty resistance levels one can use to create unique workouts to suit your fitness style.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Schwinn 230 recumbent bike seat bottom is vented along with a contoured leg area for best riding comfort, as you workout. The back seat is large enough to provide solid lumbar support, and best of all, it is also vented for comfort.

The seat is built on a sliding rail system with an easy to use lever; one can use to move it back and forth to the desired position to suit your style.

You can enjoy your music through the included acoustic chamber speakers that’s capable of outputting big high quality sound.

The embedded 3-speed fan system will keep you cool as you conduct your fitness exercises. After your workout, provided for your convenience are transport wheels to get it to the right storage location.

Schwinn 230 recumbent is limited to users weighing 300 pounds or less. You can find Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike manual with your delivery package or here.

You get 10 years warranty on the frame, with 2 years for labor, and 1 year for electrical issues that might arise.

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Review

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Review

This best folding recumbent bike is from that nimble outfit called Exerpeutic. Apart from the many recumbent bike benefits one can get from using the machine, it is also designed to be foldable after use for easy storage.

Exerpeutic 400XL recumbent stationary bike comes with a precision balanced flywheel, along with an impressive adjustable magnetic resistance system with 8 levels.

You can use the embedded LCD display system to track your calories, distance, speed, time and heart rate.

The large wider seat has cushion and backrest, plus the stationary bike can support user’s weight up to 300 pounds.

Once you’re done with your workout, simple fold the machine and carry it with the provided transportation wheels for easy storage. You only get a one year limited product warranty from the manufacturer.

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