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My Weight Loss Experience, Action Tips & Best Supplements

This is my personal journey to how I lost over 100 pounds in one year. Yes, it took me one year to get to my ideal weight loss goal. I tried many diet programs, supplements, pills and even yoga, to make me thin and healthy. My journey took me through many weight loss supplements, and in that process I discovered what brands are effective, and the worst ones to avoid.

If you’re over-weight, there are hidden issues that make you overeat. From my experience, that is an ideal point to start your search for an effective fat burning technique. In my quest to lose my extra pounds, I soon discovered that FDA approved weight loss pills that can be bought over the counter or online does not exist.

The agency that is supposed to be in charge of our food and dietary supplement supply chain simply does not have the manpower or mandate, to do an effective job policing the many claims from questionable products.

As a woman, I weighed about 245 lbs. at my highest point, with a height ratio of about 5 feet 11 inches. My biggest weight gain occurred during my junior year in college. The boyfriend I invested most of time on decided to go with the next shining girl, who just happens to be my roommate.

The discovery of the cheating drove me to eat like never before, to cope with the agony and shame of been dumped. Before the massive weight gain, your self-esteem is usually the first casualty of this war.

Should I blame my cheating ex-boyfriend for dumping me? No, but I needed to acknowledge that weak point in my life as the basis for getting back control of my dieting. It takes a while before you realize food has taken control of your life.

best weight loss supplement

Contrary to what people think, weight gain is a slow and steady process. I used designer clothes to hide the first few pounds. Later on when the designer clothes would not fit, I turned to baggy clothes to try to look sexy.

The most crucial mistakes I made can be traced to all the enablers that surrounded me during my weight gain years. I wished someone had talked some sense into my brain, to let me know that three slices of pizza will do damage to a healthy waistline.

No one told me the occasional red and white wine would give one massive calorie. I did not smoke nor get high, but the food was my addiction. Rather than learn how to read food labels, I took lessons in how to consume different ethnic foods.

Before I get to review of some of the best supplements for weight loss that I tried, let me explain some of the mistakes I made that contributed massively to my weight gain.

Factors that Helped Me Gained Weight

1 – Like Minded Friends

As my weight gain progressed, I noticed a dramatic change in the friends I hung out with. When I look back at those sad fat days, all my so-called friends were all obese. We felt comfortable around each other, and rarely did we talk about the massive pounds we were carrying around like a pregnant female.

Through my over-weight friends, I soon discovered many different ways to eat cheese, and the different brands of chocolate. Rarely did we talk about nutrition in a healthy way.

2 – Non-Regulated Eating

If you cannot regulate how and when you eat, you would gain massive weight in a short period of time. I used to consider snacks as not food, but just stuff to keep my body alive and happy.

During my highest period of obesity, I ate almost every hour. I maintained a good selection of snacks in my large bag, and when out of stock, my close enablers of friends offered me new brands of sweets without any hesitation.

3 – Drinking Alcohol Will Not End Well

We all see it in the movies, and we’re bombarded with television shows showing us how cool people look while drinking. Most alcoholic drinks now come with some form of sugar, including your so called red or white wine.

My favorite drink was Kahlua and cream, or Baileys Irish cream liqueur. Soon my digestive system was overwhelmed with all the junk I was eating, and massive weight gain is just one symptom of it.

4 – Very Sweet Sugar Drinks

Nowadays, manufacturers try to hide the sugar ingredients in the most popular packaged drinks. Even when you see the name sugar free, no fructose corn syrup etc. on the label, if it’s sweet know that some form of sweetener was added to the drink. Because of our poor labeling law, manufacturers of packaged drinks play a game of bait and switch with consumers.

Factors that Helped Me Gain Back Control

Just like I was thrown into the world of binge eating and massive weight gain by a cheating boyfriend, my salvation will come through the attention from a well-meaning and deserving young man. This was during my last year in college.

For some reason, I neglected to take some minor classes required for graduation. The lecture hall was a giant auditorium, and the professor just talked and talked. The guy next to me had one of those piercing eyes that could look through your soul. He appeared intense and friendly at the same time.

Five minutes into the lecture I brought out my favorite snack to take a bite, and he said, you deserve better than that. Those few words changed my perception of me for the better. Normally, I would just ignore sly comments like that, but for some weird reason I did not take a bite of the snicker bar.

After the lecture, he showed me his picture when he used to be fat, and he suggested I could beat the demon that’s making me eat too much. While on your road to self-destruction, your guiding angels will send you someone to help you, provided you take the advice and listen to what they have to say.

My new found friend became a constant pal of mine, and he used his newly acquired skill of hypnosis to give me better-eating suggestions. In the beginning, he would try to hypnosis me, and I would pretend to go under his spell while he gave me suggestions we agreed upon beforehand.

The changes were slow at the beginning, but the suggestions led me to learn about better food choices. Slowly I started avoiding my over-weight friends and discovered the farmers’ market close by. I soon learned how to read food labels when shopping.

Looking closely at what I ate became a daily ritual. The first person to dislike me was my roommate. I tried to bring her along on my healthy diet ways, but she was just too stubborn to see the light. After graduation, I was still obese at 200 lbs., but the weight gain has stopped.

Steps I Took to Lose Those Extra Pounds

1 – You Need to Set a Goal

If you need to do something important, create a goal to help you along. If you feel you’re too fat, weigh yourself naked and create the ideal weight you want. Write it down in a journal, which I named “my weight loss stories”.

If you skip this step, you’ll lose weight and gain weight like a “yo-yo ball”. You want a specific number in mind, before starting your weight loss program. The ideal weight I choose was 130 pounds, which means I have to lose 70 lbs.

2 – Give the Goal a Completion Date

If all you did was set the ideal weight goal but no completion time, most likely you’ll not meet your goal. Creating a completion time line will make it firm in your mind. I gave myself one year to reach my ideal goal. I needed to lose about two pounds every week to be on schedule.

3 – Keep a Journal

Just like you keep a journal about your checking account, you need to make a weekly journal about your weight loss progress. Within my journal, I noted my weight for that week, and I kept a tabulation of how many more pounds I had to lose.

4 – Begin Your Exercise Program

In the beginning I was too mindful of my weight to join a gym, so I decided to walk my butt off. I purposely rented an apartment on the third floor without any elevators. My job was on the fourth floor, and I made sure I walked up the stairs every day.

The first 30 days was the hardest on my body. Every muscle ached and screamed for me to stop the madness. I soon realized we humans have two little voices inside our head, one that’s good for you, and the other one trying to lead you astray.

I spoke two or three times a week with my former classmate, who is now a very good friend. Without his encouragement, I doubt if I could have continued. In the beginning of your weight loss routine, you need a good friend that would encourage you along.

If you have a friend that’s overweight, your progress would be sabotaged before you have the chance to make it. It’s like trying to quit smoking, and you have a roommate that smoke.

5 – Start Reading Food Labels

Before you put any food into your mouth, research the ingredients list to know what you’re about to eat. I soon discovered that the foods advertised heavily on television or on the internet are the worst kinds of food for your internal organs.

Most packaged foods contain some form of sugar and preservatives, which in my opinion throws your digestive organs out of rhythm. Do not neglect this part, if you want to reach your weight loss goals.

6 – Get Some Help With Best Fat Burning Supplements

The first few months called for fortitude against foods which at that present time was simply missing from my ability. To make sure I stayed true to my weight loss goals, I did try some supplements for weight loss.

Best Weight Loss Supplement Reviews

Purest Garcinia Cambogia Extract

I bought this brand for two reasons, after watching an episode on Dr. Oz show about the power of vegetable capsules to help one lose weight, and the fact that it is manufactured in the USA. I bought the 90 capsules bottle and it lasted one month.

While the formulation is kept secret, one of the main active ingredients is Garcinia Cambogia which helps to suppress ones appetite. You can read more about reviews and warning labels through the above link.

100% Pure Forskolin Extract


This is the next brand of weight loss pills that I took right after the top brand. I choose it because the ingredients are sourced from 100% natural materials, and it is fully manufactured in the USA.

This might be the most effective weight loss pills you can buy online for less. It is slightly more powerful than the first one I tried.

Weight Loss Story Ending

To stay at my present ideal weight, I only drink water. I have discovered the pleasure of eating natural fruits again. As a personal choice, I stopped drinking alcohol but can still have fun at outings with friends and co-workers. With my new found power to resist food, I think before I eat anything rather than afterward.

I reached my weight loss goals within 10 months, and I dare to say I am in charge of what I eat not the other way around. Food is more powerful than most people realize, and over-eating will make you gain weight, which then leads to other health problems.

You must set your weight loss goal for better health, and not because someone else says so. If you enjoy being fat, please do not let me get in your way, as I do not need more enemies. But I can tell you the benefits of staying in shape far out way the pain it takes to get there.

The decision to lose weight must come from within, for no one else can do it for you. No matter your current weight, you can get to your ideal weight provide you’re willing to work for it. It is not an easy ride, but the benefits make it an exciting experience.

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