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Food Addiction And My Overweight Next Door Neighbor

I just moved to another state, and my next door neighbor is nice, friendly, and extremely noisy to say the least. The guy next door has a lovely wife with three kids, and all of them are extremely overweight.

My first contact with the family was the invitation to a barbecue within two weeks of moving into that area. The amount of grilled food present was shocking, and would certainly feed an entire village in Africa.

overweight health problems

My biggest gift is the power of observation and it kicked into high gear. Present at the food barbecue was about twenty people plus ten kids. Everyone present was overweight except for me and my son. Let me describe the grilled food present for consumption:

Racks of Beef Ribs

Racks of Pork Ribs

A large container of macaroni and cheese

A big pot of yellow rice

A big pot of white rice

A large pot with nice smelling Beans

Racks of half chicken grilled to perfection

A large bowl with different types of vegetables with fried bacon sprinkled into it

About 3 different types of salad dressings

At least twenty hamburger meats with more still cooking

Several large bowls with different types of chips

All kinds of canned soda and good selection of beers and hard liquor

Several bags of candy

Plus a lot more.

I could not fathom why people choose to destroy themselves through over-eating. Listening to some of the conversations, I could hear breathing problems, diabetes and other deadly health diseases manifesting through enlarged stomachs, over-stretched butts, and other body disfigurements.

I am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but the later quiet discussion with my neighbor confirms my suspicion. He told me he has type 2 diabetes and that is why he tries to only drink diet sodas. I almost chuckled, but allowed him to continue without saying anything.

He told me how he gets tired so easily just from working up the few steps in his house. Finally, he told me he has to go to the pharmacist to fill several prescriptions for him and his wife. I wish I had the nerves to tell him his health problems can be traced to obesity.

It baffles me why today’s medical establishments don’t just tell patients the honest truth. All my neighbor’s ailments can be cured with a robust weight loss. I have tried to keep my distance from that family, despite the friendliness.

They use food to nourish or hide their pain, and it would be a shame for me to make the wrong statements to that effect. Generally, I could care less what others decide to do to their body, but he’s trying all his best to get very close to my family.

Health Risks of Overweight and Obesity

If you’re wondering why obesity is a problem, then you need to know about the child obesity statistics in our present day America. The facts about obesity cannot be denied despite all the slick press releases by food manufacturers and beverage makers.

On this blog, we have addressed several causes of obesity which then leads to overweight health risks. Below are some of the known health risks associated with obesity.

1 – Increased Chances of Getting Coronary Heart Disease

As you over-eat and your body mass gets out of whack, your chances for developing different types of heart disease increases substantially. Some of the additional fat buildups start to affect the functions of your arteries. If your arteries are blocked, the supply of oxygen-rich blood to your heart will be impacted negatively.

health risks for obesity

2 – High Chances of Getting High Blood Pressure

Tried standing next to an overweight person and take a few steps with him or her, and listen for the heavy breathing. If you’re carrying too much weight, all your internal organs will be doing double duty just to keep you alive.

High blood pressure is an ailment that’s prevalent among overweight people. Apart from the other health problems caused by obesity, highly elevated blood pressure is a deadly killer among obese people.

3 – Higher Chances of Stroke

With your arteries block by the buildup of plaque, your chances of getting stroke increases substantially. If in doubt, visit your local hospital and check the statistics.

4 – Increased Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is derived from having too much sugar in your blood. The medical community calls it the blood glucose level. Obesity can be traced to your body’s inability to break down all that you’re eating in a timely manner.

As usual, the medical practitioner helps the sufferers by prescribing more deadly medications, with adverse side-effects. If you suffer from diabetes, try to lose some weight and watch as your condition improves for the better.

Other health risks for obesity includes Abnormal Blood Fats, Metabolic Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, Reproductive Problems and Gallstones.

Here is a good video explaining how we gain weight slowly

Solutions to Obesity

The best treatment for obesity that works can be traced to change of diet and intense exercising. Unless you change your intake of food that’s making you fat, your weight gain stories will continue. A good start to solutions to obesity can be started by eating more fruits and vegetables.

If you’re looking for how to prevent obesity with guaranteed results, you must keep your hands and mouth away from junk and fast foods. Prepare your own nutritious meals at home with good natural ingredients. After eating if you feel tired and sleepy, you should stay away from such foods.

It is not my intention to offend anyone that’s fat or overweight. Despite all the well-known overweight health problems, the ultimate desire to lose weight now must be made by the individual. My neighbor continues on his gluttonous ways, and I can tell his health will only get worst.

If you have health woes that can be traced to obesity, try to lose those extra pounds by changing your relationship with food to favor your positive healthy existence.

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This article is from one of our avid readers. We’ll call him Mr. Tom Jones, and all you just read are his personal views. You can leave your comments below for him to read.

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