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How Do You Compare Best Power Towers? Reviews of the Top 6 Brands

I have several fitness tools in my home gym, but what I always wanted was a durable and rugged power tower.

The regular workout exercises you can conduct on a well-designed best power tower is only limited by your imagination.

If you’re seeking to lose weight or enhance your cardiovascular health, power tower fitness equipment will complement other tools in your home gym.

You can use one to strengthen your core muscles. Based on the best power tower brand you chose, the need for floor space is very minimal.

Types of Exercises You Can Do on a Power Tower

A good brand of power tower is one of the most useful fitness equipment you can have in your home gym.

You can use one to workout your entire body. The various body weight exercises will strengthen and tone your muscles.

In your home gym, here are some of the exercises you can perform on a power tower:

With the power tower pull up station you’re able to do narrow and wide chin ups.

You can use a power tower for pull-ups, which will help tone your biceps, back and forearm muscles.

To make your leg muscles stronger, you can do leg or knee raise. There are many variations you can perform to help make your core muscles stronger.

A good power tower fitness brand with pull up station will allow you to do different types of push-up exercises, which will ultimately lead to stronger chest muscles.

The dip station within the power tower can be used for different type of dips, which leads to stronger triceps and shoulder muscles.

With the right power tower height, the number of Ab workouts you can do is only limited by your imagination.

Power Tower Reviews

After careful research of several power towers one can find online, the following are the brands we thought provides better value for the money.

1 – Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower

If you look at the many stamina products you can find online, their line of power towers can be used for various workout routines to build up your core muscles.

It not only comes with good durability, but the ease of use features are also admirable.

You can use the stamina power tower to conduct several workout exercises, all capable of working your entire body.

Stamina outdoor fitness power tower is constructed from heavy duty gauge steel.

While it remains sturdy, it is also capable of withstanding the power of the elements.

Stamina power tower home gym is very resistant to fading, which is known as UV protection, chipping, and corrosion.

Some of the exercises you can do with the stamina tower include pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, chin-ups, which involves multiple grip positions, and vertical knee raises.

The following video will give you an idea what you can do with this power tower fitness tool for your home gym.

2 – Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower

The Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower is another brand of home gym equipment that is worth the money.

It has a vertical knee raise station which can be used for knee and leg raises.

The embedded pull up bar will allow you to build powerful arms, shoulders, and back.

The way the push-up bars is situated makes it easier to build stronger chest muscles while also toning your arms at the same time.

3 – Bowflex BodyTower

Bowflex makes so many fitness products and one of them happens to be the Bowflex BodyTower.

Once you get past the assembly routine, you’ll soon discover this best BodyTower is much easier to use and master.

This total body machine from Bowflex allows you to experience various dynamic resistance ranges.

This is a good multi-station workout tower with easy to adjust horizontal bars.

Meaning the variety and intensity you experience in your workouts can only be limited by your imagination.

There are more than 20 exercises you can perform using this best power tower including planks, squats, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips, leg and knee raises, and much more.

The frame is constructed from commercial grade steel. It has sling straps, hand grips, workout placard, and cushioned back pad.

Bowflex BodyTower weighs about 120 pounds, and it is capable of supporting maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

4 – Stamina 1690 Power Tower

This is probably one of the best power towers with an outstanding and awesome sounding name.

The stamina 1690 power tower is the ultimate home workout tool one can use to conduct various exercise routines.

It has multiple exercise stations, and it is capable of supporting push-ups, tricep dips, sit-ups pull-ups, and much more workout routines.

The frame is made from tough steel that is capable of offering solid support during your physical exercises.

This stamina power tower only weighs about 54 pounds and the free standing design style means it will take up very little floor space in your home gym workout area.

5 – Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 is another power tower with an outstanding name. It has multiple stations one can use to work upper and lower body muscles.

The included pull-up and chin-up stations will allow you to experience multiple grip positions.

It is the ideal power tower for quads and lower abs workouts. The sturdy base makes it easy to set up in just about any floor type.

It has a height adjustable feature, and the embedded slip resistant foot grips can also serve as push-up bars.

6 – ProGear 275 Tower Fitness Station

The durable steel frame of the ProGear 275 Tower Fitness Station allows it to support user weight up to 275 pounds.

Apart from the dip station, it has a 2-inch thick back and forearm cushions.

Not only is it capable of offering multiple grip capability, you also get to enjoy the extended leg stabilizers.

There is a step support located on the main frame, which allows shorter users to easily reach the pull-up and chin-up bars.

This power tower workout routine from ProGear weighs about 96 pounds, and you get a one-year limited warranty with your purchase.

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