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Best Vitamins for Hair Growth: Reviews of the Brands Worth Buying

There is no denying the fact that your hair says a lot about your personality. For women and men, thinning hair can cause many sleepless nights and can make one have old age thoughts?

When you look online, the search for the best supplement for hair growth runs into millions of queries.

Based on our research, the factors that can cause hair loss are debatable. Some scientists attribute most hair loss to aging, hormonal changes, poor dieting and negative lifestyle changes.

If you notice that your hair is thinning or splitting at the edges, there are good vitamins for hair loss one can use to enable better hair growth.

What Causes Hair Loss?

One of the primary reasons for most hair loss can be traced to genetics. Most likely, if your father was bald at an old age, your chance of going bald in your old age is higher.

For women, if your mom experienced poor hair growth at her old age, you might go through the same issues as you age.

Another contributing factor to poor hair growth is the processing method you apply to styling your hair. Too much hair perming and coloring can lead to hair loss.

This is especially true if you’re using poorly formulated haircare products with harsh chemicals.

Hair loss can also result from poor dieting and negative lifestyle choices. It is true that what you eat on a daily basis will eventually manifest outwardly on your body.

Smoking and drinking alcohol robs your internal organs of needed nutrients that can be used to initiate proper hair growth.

It is also possible to experience hair loss due to serious illness, pregnancy, strong medications, high levels of stress and pregnancy. Hormonal changes might also lead to poor hair growth.

Some Tips on How to Promote Hair Growth

Before you get your hands on the best vitamin for hair growth, you need to try to get most of your nutritional needs from the foods you eat.

Try your best to eat more green leafy vegetables, while avoiding foods that make you feel bloated and tired.

What you eat is a major contributing factor to not only how you feel, but also how your hair grows.

If you feel that you’re overweight, losing those extra pounds can stimulate better hair growth.

You need to be doing some type of physical exercises on a daily basis. Just sitting at home and popping hair growth supplements might not be enough to correct your thinning hair problems.

Lastly, try to drink as much water as you can. Water is an essential ingredient if you’re seeking to stimulate the right amount of fuller hair growth.

Natural Vitamins for Hair Growth

Before we get to some of the best vitamins for hair growth, let us examine the natural vitamins one can consume from nutrients to get a fuller head of hair.

Any deficiency in any of the following vitamins can inhibit proper hair growth. Getting the following vitamins from your diets can lead to faster, thicker, and vibrant hair growth.

Vitamin C

While most people know about the power of vitamin C to enhance the immune system, it is also an important and essential antioxidant for the body.

Most of your top hair growth products will contain vitamin C, simply because it can stimulate better hair growth.

You can consume more foods loaded with vitamin C to get all the hair growth benefits, or you can find an ideal supplement with this nutrient to do the same thing.

2 – B Vitamins

There are many B vitamins and you can get most of them from the foods you eat on a daily basis. Using a vitamin B complex supplement might help.

You can also get this essential nutrient for your hair from good brands of conditioners and shampoos.

3 – Vitamin E

This is an often neglected vitamin when it comes to hair growth. Foods containing vitamin E can help stimulate faster hair growth.

Better to get all your vitamin E needs from the foods you eat, or you can use a top brand of hair care products that can deliver the same potent hair growth results.

4 – Vitamin D

While vitamin D can do so many things, it is most powerful in stimulating the right hair growth. The right amount of sunlight on your hair should not be overlooked.

You can also get the right amount of vitamin D from key supplements or from the hair products you’re using.

5 – Iron

The right amount of iron in the foods you eat can help stimulate the right fuller hair growth.

Eating foods rich in iron can also contribute to a fuller head of hair.

Other Key Vitamins for Healthy Hair Growth:

Vitamin A

Best Hair Growth Supplements

The good vitamins for hair growth listed above can be gotten from the foods you eat, or you can use best hair growth supplement to get your own shiny, stronger and fuller head of hair.

Even with good how to improve hair growth tips, some of the reviewed supplements can deliver potent results when combined with better lifestyle choices.

From all the best hair growth supplements we looked at online, the following brands are worthy of your consideration:

1 – HairAnew by Naturenetics Reviews

The name for this hair growth supplement is one of our favorite. It is one of the best vitamins for hair growth, based on some of the feedbacks from existing users.

Naturenetics is the company behind this hair growing vitamin and was created in 2013. They now have several natural products one can use for hair growth and faster weight loss.

The key ingredient used in this hair growth supplement is Biotin. HairAnew also contains other high-quality natural ingredients that are known to stimulate faster growth of a fuller head of hair.

The manufacturer also claims this product is tested by a third party organization. It is gluten free and certified vegan.

Naturenetics hair growth supplement is made using non-cruelty methods.

The unique combination of the eleven ingredients will also help nourish your skin while also stimulating the growth of faster, stronger nails.

2 – Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins Supplements

This is another hair growth supplement with an enviable name. This hair vitamin that can also be used for black hair growth and it is able to nourish follicles from the inside out.

Hairfinity is one of the top rated faster hair growth supplements one can buy online. It is formulated using the patented Capilsana Complex method.

Based on the reviews we looked at from existing customers, the unique blend of bioactive vitamins can enable thicker, shinier and longer hair growth.

3 – Hair Covet Hair Growth/Hair Loss Prevention Supplement Reviews

What vitamins help hair growth? The brand from Hair Covet is designed to help one grow a fuller head of hair that is stronger and thicker.

It contains the active ingredient Biotin, which is 5000 mcg per day. This top hair growth vitamin includes an unprecedented 37 ingredients that can help one get a fuller head of hair.

The nutrients found in this hair growth supplement can help one reverse hair loss. It is the ultimate hair growth aphrodisiac for women deserving a fuller head of hair.

You get a full warranty with your purchase, with 100% money back guarantee in full 100 days. It is a good vitamin that helps hair growth.

4 – Zenwise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins Supplement

If you’re seeking some of the best hair vitamins for hair growth, this product from Zenwise is worthy of your attention.

What is the best vitamin for hair growth? This brand delivers a product that contains 27 high-quality ingredients that are capable of revitalizing and nourishing your hair.

The key vitamins that help with hair growth contain no wheat, peanuts, soybeans, gluten, fish or eggs.

It is made in the USA in an FDA certified facility. The formulation for this natural hair growth supplement is free of sweeteners, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Best of all, this best hair growth pill comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

5 – Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets

Some of the best hair growth vitamins include a brand called Viviscal. This hair nutrient tablet is backed by proven five clinical trials.

It contains the active ingredients AminoMar and Biotin. It contains the vitamins needed for hair growth plus it can correct thinning hair problems.

Viviscal hair vitamin is designed to nourish the hair follicles all from within. Prolonged use will help strengthen and make stronger your fuller hair growth.

While some of the existing users of this best hair growth vitamin did not get the expected results, the vast majority experienced fuller and stronger hair growth.

6 – Will’s General Super Hair Growth Vitamins

If you’re seeking what to take for hair growth, perhaps this product from Will’s general should be considered.

It is one of the top rated hair growth pills that work fast. It is loaded with all natural ingredients that can stimulate healthy and vibrant hair growth production.

The unique formulation used in making Will’s general super hair growth vitamins helped make this product an active player in this niche market.

From all the hair growth supplement reviews we looked at, some of the existing users complained the pills are too large, which makes swallowing a bit more difficult.

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