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Sweet Sweat Reviews: Is the Workout Enhancer Needed?

Do you know that when you sweat during workouts, you’re more likely to lose more weight? After many attempts to try this workout enhancer product out, we finally have the long overdue reviews on sweet sweat.

It comes in a cream form, and can be used to induce sweating in areas where you need to lose more weight. It gets better! Let’s say you have a bigger arm and would love to lose some weight in that spot, you just apply the sweet sweat cream and commence your workout as usual.

Pros of Sweet Sweat Cream

This medicated cream is designed to target specific areas where you need to lose a few pounds. It has the ability to induce more calories burning during your workout.

This workout enhancer will not only improve your body’s circulation and sweating, you overall skin health will be significantly boosted.

One of the best sweet sweat results includes fighting muscle fatigue as your muscle activity is substantially increased.

Since this product stimulates the sweat glands, you’ll be releasing built-up toxins within your body during your workout.

Cons of the Product

If you’re looking for one cure fits all for weight loss product, this is not it. You do need to exercise to get the benefits from using sweet sweat workout enhancer.

This product will not decrease your hunger; neither will it give you faster metabolism.

Sweet Sweat Bodybuilding Features

When I first heard about this product from a dear friend, my skepticism alert level kicked into higher gear. But after using the Sweet sweat cream for several workout sessions, I can tell you it does work. The cream will help you fight muscle fatigue, thus preventing other painful injuries like pulls, strains, and shin splints.

The areas where you rub the cream will produce more sweat during your workout routine. Not only will it accelerate and enhance circulation, the induced sweating will enable quicker weight loss. I applied it to my stomach, and I was sweating from that area.

Most of my gym colleague thought it was odd, as sweat poured out from my stomach area. Within just two weeks, my beer belly was gone, to the amazement of friends and co-workers. Now everyone is bugging me to reveal my secret, thus the need for this Sweet Sweat Review.

My girlfriend used up mine cream for her thighs, and boy did she sweat from that area. Most people thought she passed urine on herself, so I would suggest you wear dark pants if that is your problem area for weight loss.

The body area where you apply sweet sweat cream will feel hotter as if someone placed it under a furnace. Amazingly, the extra heat production does not transfer to the rest of the body during the workout.

I would not suggest you cover your entire body with the cream, unless you’re morbidly obese and intend to slim down all your body parts. A co-worker tried it, and he lost a tremendous amount of weight. He confessed to me, his weight loss has rejuvenated his sex life. Now his girlfriend is onto the product, and she’s getting excellent results.

Just a Word of Caution

If you’re a couch potato and refuse to workout, this weight loss cream will not benefit you. It is not an all in one weight loss product. The efforts you put in through good workouts will be enhanced tremendously, in body areas where the sweet sweat cream is used.

In the beginning, it might be best to try out your legs or arms, for instance, and see how the additional sweating helps your workout. The areas where you applied the cream for weight loss will get hotter, as you increase your workout routine. Do not panic the hotness in that particular area will subside, as the power of the cream is used up.

Sweet Sweat cream may liquefy if you store it at temperatures above 95 degrees. Store the Sweet Sweat cream in normal room temperature.

While the company admits that the sweet sweat cream will work if you find yourself in an infrared or dry sauna, I did not put that to the test. Since saunas are designed to induce sweating, the synergy with this cream seems probable.

Sweet Sweat Active Ingredients

We sent an inquiry to the company that makes this product for the list of ingredients, and it took a few days for us to get any reply. Do you blame them, copycats are everywhere! After answering several answers about our intention with the information, the company sent us the following list of ingredients.

White Snow Petrolatum
Kosher Brazilian Carnauba Wax
Squalane Oil
Aloe Vera Extract
Tocopheryl Acetate
Coconut Oil
Kosher Jojoba

All the ingredients are sourced from natural sources, and not one case of rash or allergic reaction has been recorded by the manufacturer. It would not surprise me if the company left out some other ingredients just to make it difficult to create your own at home. Like any powerful cream that can induce weight loss, the unique combination of the ingredients is what makes the cream so effective.

Best Way to Apply Sweet Sweat Cream

Take an ample amount of sweet sweat cream and apply it to your skin, before you commence your workout program. Just use it to cover the area of your body needing weight loss, without actually deeply rubbing it in.

It is better if your workout clothes are loose fitting fabrics, which allows your skin to breathe. Using the sweet sweat bodybuilding cream while wearing tights might create friction. If you do wear tights, make sure they’re made from 100% cotton fabrics.

Nylon apparel and Nylon tights will hinder your body’s circulation during the workout, which means the product will not be as effective.

To remove the residue of the sweet sweat product from your skin, you can just towel off or take a shower with warm water and bath soap.


I have noticed that this product will induce faster weight loss in areas of your body where it is applied before workout. While the cream induces Thermogenic Activity during exercise, for permanent results you need to alter your lifestyle that is creating the weight gain.

The company behind this product is transparent and you’ll find tons of information about Sweet Sweat workout enhancer on their website.

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