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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review

After seeing the fitness Ab carver pro results gotten by my friend from utilizing the home gym equipment for just 21 days, I looked online to buy one for less. The equipment itself is odd looking, but I needed to give it a good try, before deciding if my money was well spent.

The creator of the perfect Ab carver pro made a product one can use to realize greater results from all the well-known Ab exercises. It is constructed in such a way, that your midsection will become lean and toned, within a few weeks.

Truth be told, before giving the Ab carver 21-day workout exercise a try, I was skeptical as hell. Try not to judge the equipment by its look, until you get one and give it a good try. This Ab carver cost less than some of the best adjustable dumbbells I have in my home gym fitness equipment collection.

My Ab Carver Workout Journey

You can download you own copy of the perfect Ab carver 21-day workout plan before you begin.

Day 1

As I looked for a suitable place to begin the exercises, my living quarters seem small to accommodate all the stretching and bending required for developing my Ab the right way. I soon realized the Ab carver from Perfect Fitness is more suited to smooth surfaces.

I tried it on my carpeted floor, but the back and forth called for to get the Ab core developed was just not as smooth as I want it to be. I cleared out my basement floor, and that proved to be the best ideal floor type for my workout style.

Depending on how you use it, you might notice streak marks on your carpeted floor. Despite the fact that I do not consider myself obese or fat, I felt pains in more places than I care to clue you in on.

My thighs and stomach areas created so many sounds, and the aches and pains got to me just after 30 minutes of trying my best to follow the Ab carver pro exercises. I know the first day in any journey is usually the hardest part.

I made a conscious vow to increase my workout time with this Ab developing tool, by ten minutes every day. This odd shaped and looking tool got me sweating like mad in just half an hour, and as I got into the shower the aches in my arms started to annoy me.

I did not dwell on the aches; neither did I seek the aid of artificial pain relieving medicines like Tylenol or Advil. After the lukewarm shower, I felt tired and went straight to bed.

Not only did I sleep for eight hours straight without any bathroom breaks, I felt much better the next day. I decided to do light stretching to wake up my joints and muscles. Most of my aches and pains from last night were no longer active, and I felt good to face the challenges of the day.

Day 2

If you make a vow to do something that would help you create a better physique, try your best to follow through. Despite all the intense activities at work, I knew the Ab carver pro workout called for 40-minutes of my time.

Within the first ten minutes, all the previous aches and pains came roaring back with intensity. I gave it my best, and I could feel the workouts doing something to my core. I did the same evening ritual like the day before and enjoyed a very good night sleep.

Day 3

By the third day, if you asked me does the Ab carver really work? My answer would be a spectacular yes, even with no visible results to show in my Abs. What I did feel, was an intense readjustment happening within my thighs, arms, legs, and stomach area.

I gave 50-minutes of my valuable time to the perfect Ab carver 21-day workout plan. I did notice after each workout, my desire for late night snacks simply subsided.

Day 4

When you start a new weight loss workout regimen, the fourth day is a crucial period because that is when all the internal doubts try to sabotage your new found zeal for staying in shape.

Don’t be surprised to find all your favorite foods on sale, with friends and relatives’ coming out of the woodwork’s to help give you the nudge to quit trying to lose your weight or build a new physique.

You must resist all the temptations, regardless of the source. I gave the Ab carver pro workout one hour of my time, and I felt my core responding positively to the exercises I was doing on a daily basis.

Day 5

The temptations to quit got stronger on the fifth day. Someone offered me a twenty dollars debit card from Starbucks. My then girlfriend insisted I come with her to a newly opened seafood restaurant, despite her knowing about my Ab carver pro exercises experiment.

I have learned that drinking Starbucks coffee before working out made one lose focus and intensity. I gave the card to a nearby homeless guy, and politely refused my girlfriend’s invitation. By now, I loved the ergonomic hand grips of the Ab carver and was determined to give it 70-minutes of my time, despite all the temptations.

Day 6

By now, I was on a groove with my newly found Ab carver pro exercises, and could feel my arms, legs, thighs and stomach muscles getting much stronger on a daily basis. After 80-minutes of using this Ab developer home tool, I was drenched with sweat and felt very little pain.

Day 7

This is another period of sabotage, whenever you set your intention to lose your weight or get in shape. Strange things would happen to throw your off-track, and you better be prepared to withstand all the challenges, if you want to fulfill the commitments called for in the Ab carver pro 21-day workout plan.

My basement flooded from the heavy downpour. I moved my workout area to my living room and was still able to conduct over 95-minutes of exercises using this odd shaped Ab shaper.

Days 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

I kept to my workout routines during those days, and my Ab core area was now emerging to serious envy from friends and people close to me. Apart from feeling in tip-top shape and having higher energy levels, people could somehow sense I was doing some transformation activities.

I have learned it’s better to keep your weight loss goals to yourself because well-meaning people cannot sabotage what they do not know about. More temptations to throw me off-track came my way at an amazing rate.

Stingy friends were suddenly open to paying for my meal at expensive restaurants. Invitations to attend social functions flooded my email inbox, at an alarming rate. I stayed true to my perfect Ab carver pro workout commitment, and my emerging stronger Abs gave me all the motivations I needed.

Days 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

I limited the use of the Ab carver pro to just 90-minutes every day. By the 20th day, my arms and thighs felt much stronger. The muscles in my stomach are now solid as a rock, and my chest muscles looked like I was a fitness expert buff. This home fitness tool is more effective than most people realize.

Day 21

I went hardcore with the perfect Ab carver pro workout exercises due to the nosey interference from a good friend. He discovered what I was doing with my time after work from my girlfriend, and he wanted to see for himself.

He interfered with my well-choreographed routines by insisting on participating in the exercises. Despite all the distraction on that day, I gave the home fitness equipment my best efforts.

My Ab Carver Pro Workouts Results

After using the perfect fitness Ab carver pro for just 21-days, I could feel and see my sculpted arms and ripped Abs. The workout plan included with your purchase is as detailed as one can expect.

I still continue to use the fitness equipment to this day, and most people think I play professional sports for a living. One of the side benefits of getting newly toned Abs is the increased attention from the ladies. I soon broke up my girlfriend for many odd reasons, and met the love of my life with the same goals and aspirations.

You might understate the power of the fitness Ab carver pro by just looking at the odd shape of the device. This home gym fitness equipment will deliver better Abs in less time than you think, provided you stay committed to the perfect Ab carver 21 day workout plan.

Do not judge the Ab carver pro by the way it look, for the design will enable you to use your own movements to create the most perfectly toned Abs any man or woman would want.

Perfect Ab Carver Youtube Video

Where to buy Ab carver pro can be found by clicking the link below

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