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Best Adjustable Dumbbells

As you take a closer look at the fitness equipment you have in your home gym, hopefully, you have some good adjustable weight sets to enhance your workout routines. Even with the cheapest adjustable dumbbells, you’re able to stay healthy while also avoiding the monthly cost of a gym membership.

In the review article, I will be examining some of the best adjustable dumbbells one can find for sale online. My aim is to provide you with some of the best reasons to buy an adjustable dumbbell set, the different types, and some of the features you want in a good brand.

Towards the end of these adjustable dumbbells reviews, I have assembled an impressive list of the top rated brands with excellent performance metrics.

Why You Need Adjustable Dumbbells

I have no doubt you’re familiar with some of the established and documented benefits derived from engaging in strength training as part of your daily workout routine.

Good weight lifting steps benefits your heart while also increasing bone strength. With some of the adjustable dumbbell sets reviewed in this article, you can easily turn that body fat into muscles.

It is Cost Effective – Why invest thousands of dollars in a gym membership, when you can get the same tone results if you have the right equipment in your home gym.

Of all the fitness equipment’s designed for home use, adjustable dumbbells offer you the best chance for getting buffed at a fraction of the cost. Even if you’re a beginner, I am sure you can find a cheap adjustable dumbbell set to suit your needs.

Can be Customized – With the right adjustable weight dumbells, you’re able to customize the way you lift weights to suit your comfort level. You do not need multiple sets of dumbbells to get good workout results. You’re in a better position to adjust the dumbbells to fit into your workout style and schedule.

Much More Convenient – You definitely feel better when you can get toned in the comfort of your own home gym. With the right adjustable dumbbell set, even a beginner to weight workouts would experience tremendous improvement in physique in a short period of time.

Apart from the versatility options offered by a good set of adjustable dumbbells, you can use one in the smallest of living spaces, and storage will never be an issue since they take up very little space.

Different Types of Adjustable Dumbbells

There are three types of adjustable dumbbells you can find for sale on the open market. Spin-lock adjustable sets, dial-a-weight dumbbell sets, and selector pin dumbbell sets. Each has some unique features one can use to get excellent workout results.

Dial-A-Weight Dumbbell Sets

It is probably one of the simplest to use as you’re able to select the exact amount of weight you wish to lift. The correct amount of weight will be added to the barbells automatically.

This is the adjustable dumbbell that offers the most convenience since it’s so easy to switch between weights. As you guessed right, this is the most expensive, but you get better space saving, durability and ease of use.

Spinlock Dumbbell Sets

This type is more your traditional style and comes with multiple weight plates which are held together with a durable spinning lock.

To make it work, you’ll have to embed the right amount of weights on each end. The weights are held in place by a metal lock. Since this requires more input from you, you can get them for less.

Selector Pin Dumbbell Sets

While it has some similarities to the dial a weighted dumbbell set, the main difference will require you to move the pin to the exact amount of weight you desire. Once the pin is moved, the other unwanted weights will be left in the holder.

The adjustable weight dumbbells style you select will depend on how much you’re looking to invest. The dial a weight dumbbell style is the most convenient, and also the most expensive. All will enable you to get the most from your workout routines.

Desired Features in Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

In this best adjustable dumbbells reviews, I have included some of the most desirable brands of barbells one can find online. After careful consideration, I decided to include some of the most sought after features one should seek when exploring other best adjustable dumbbells options.

Keep in mind these are the options you want after carefully examining your true fitness goals. Even if you’re looking at cheap adjustable dumbbells, these are the features you should keep in mind:

Consider the Size – pay close attention to the size of the adjustable dumbbells, even when looking at the highly rated brands. There are many weight lifting sets with multitudes of handlebars and plates one can use to experience far more varieties of workout routines.

You’re better off selecting good sets that would fit nicely into your home workout gym. Most importantly, the adjustable dumbells you choose must come with the weight sets you prefer to work with.

Should You Pay Attention to Max Weight? – Definitely yes, from my opinion. Keep in mind you’ll be getting much stronger as you increase your workout routines, so select weight sets that offer you the opportunity to find better resistance as you get stronger.

The Ease of Adjustment – you want a dumbbell set that’s not only well designed but also very easy to adjust and alter. If you’re looking for best adjustable dumbbells with instant changes in weight structure, you should get yourself a dial-a-weight dumbbell set.

What about Quality? – While you want the best brand with the lowest prices, quality should be your top concern. A good way to determine top quality is to look through sales data, existing customer feedbacks, and the manufacturer behind the product.

Storage Considerations – some of the top brands of adjustable dumbbells will come with stands one can use to store the fitness equipment easily.

The many models with storage stands will be much more expensive while also offering you the most desirable storage options. While those without a storage stand can be more affordable, do pay close attention to your living quarters before making your final selection.

Should Warranty Terms Matter? – Every time you buy fitness equipment, pay close attention to the warranty terms. While dumbbells can appear durable and solid, weird things do happen when you utilize the fitness tools on a daily basis.

A good warranty should provide you with clear excellent terms, and what exactly is covered if you should experience product defect within a couple of months or years of putting the adjustable weight sets to the test.

What about Cost? – Regardless of what you want and need, your finances will determine the final product you end up with. But I have to tell you that it is better to pay a little bit more and get a more durable adjustable weight dumbbell for best workout routines.

I was able to find many brands of adjustable dumbbells within different price range. Even if you have less funds, you should find good performance metrics from some of the listed cheap adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

With so many adjustable dumbbells one can choose from in the market place, choosing one to suit your true fitness needs becomes a bit daunting. Below are some of the adjustable dumbbell sets with best value for the money.

1 – Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbell System Review

Ironmaster quick-lock dumbbell system might be called the brand with the latest innovation in modern fitness equipment. This best adjustable dumbbell set comes with heavy duty construction.

You can adjust the fitness tool in 2.5-pound increments, giving you the ability to go from five to seventy-five pounds as you please. This particular model from Ironmaster comes with a stand, but you can also buy one without a stand for much less.


The quick adjustment system can go through increments in just a few seconds.

The heavy duty construction comes welded with very strong steel, and durable chrome plated handles.

Some of the versatility of the brand is the ability to increase weights through the addition of extra sets.

Ironmaster quick lock system has two dumbbells weighing in at 75 lbs. each. You also get a strong, robust stand and exercise poster for your home gym.

Ironmaster 75 lbs. quick-lock adjustable dumbbell system with stand is so space efficient, that it only takes up about 2 square feet of space.

Apart from excellent customer feedbacks, you get a Limited lifetime warranty with your purchase of the product.


Looking through some of the feedbacks, the most common issue revolves around the need to properly secure the dumbbells before use. As you increase the weights, pay close attention to the locking mechanisms to avoid any injury.

Bottom Line:

If you want a home fitness equipment one can use to get in shape or toned, Ironmaster quick lock dumbbells should be looked at as a sensible investment.

The embedded quick lock technology will enable you to change weight plates within seconds while also allowing you the option of purchasing additional weights for best workout routines.

Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells are as strong as any weight sets can get. With all the great features, one can tell it is a good product from all the awesome reviews from existing customers. Best of all, the lifetime warranty makes your investment a truly wise and prudent one, for overall good health.

2 – PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

PowerBlock Elite is the ultimate fitness tool that could represent the only weight training equipment you’ll ever need. PowerBlock dumbbells provide you with additional weights that could go from 50 to 130 pounds.

With this set of dumbbells in your workout arsenal, you’ll be able to accomplish any of your fitness goals with daily workouts.

The 10-year warranty that comes with your purchase is not the longest in the industry, but it’s quite generous when compared to other highly rated dumbbells one can find online.


PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells have a compact design, and offer you excellent balance during your workout techniques.

PowerBlock elite have versatility built into its design, and offer you one of the easiest mechanisms you could use for proper weight selection.

PowerBlock comprises all steel welded weights, and comes compatible with many top gym and bar accessories.

This PowerBlock stand with adjustable dumbbells is not only designed to save you time, for the cost is truly affordable.


When brand new, the individual plates do tend to stick together. It will subside once you use it daily to get in shape. One needs caution when setting up the fitness tool.

Care must be taken to place the weight plates in the right place without it slipping out. Another downside might be that the fitness weights are designed to increase by 10 pounds after the first initial 5 pounds increment.

Bottom Line:

PowerBlock dumbells can be called among the best brand among all the fitness equipment’s one can purchase for the home gym. The compact size guarantees it takes up less room within your living quarters.

As soon as you get used to the caged style grips of the PowerBlock dumbbell sets, your workout routines will only be limited by your imagination. It is the ultimate equipment one can use to get awesome results within a short period of time.

3 – Universal Power-Pak 445 Reviews

Universal power-Pak 445 adjustable dumbbells is designed to add weights in 5 pounds increments with just the touch of a dial. It has non-slip grip handles, which provides added safety as you workout.

It will not take up much space, and comes with a comprehensive workout guide with awesome steps to get you in shape within a short period of time.


One of the bestselling aspect of the universal power-Pak dumbbells set is the affordable pricing.

You’ll come to enjoy the ergonomic stand for the dumbbells, which makes it easier to store the fitness tool.

The handles are made from thermoplastic, which enables you to have a firm grip without any chance of slipping or sliding during your workout routines.

It has turning dials one can use to adjust the weights smoothly and most efficiently.

Universal power Pak 445 weights and stand are designed in such a way, that you can set both up within just a few minutes.


Despite all the many advantages offered by this best adjustable dumbbell sets, some users had some issues with the product. The weight sets only goes up to 45 pounds, which might be limiting to those seeking higher muscular physique.

Unless you’re a beginner in fitness routines, the nine weight settings might be limiting to those seeking more weight lifting options. Some did complain about the dumbbells sliding, especially in the beginning of use.

Bottom Line:

With the universal power Pak 445 dumbbells, you’re able to perform at least thirty different exercises to strengthen your muscles for a better shape or physique. By using these best adjustable dumbbells, even amateurs, and advanced fitness experts get true awesome results within a short period of time.

While some of the features of these adjustable dumbbells have certain limitations, the friendly design and rugged built makes it an ideal fitness tool for beginners. You can use it to get true workout results right in the comfort of your own home.

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