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Best Spin Bikes One Can Use at Home for Workout And Weight Loss

Just imagine you’re sitting at home debating the merits of going to the gym and all the stuff you hate to see staring you in the face. One of an ideal exercise equipment to use to lose weight in your own home is a spinning exercise bike.

You can use best stationary bikes while watching your favorite show on TV. Exercise bike workouts can be done within the confines of your own home, and most people will not know your secret weight loss steps unless you tell them.

The same spin bikes found in top gyms across America can now be purchased for home use. Some will come with great workout tips to get you started in the right direction.

Before we go any further, let’s get some confusion out of the way. Spinning bikes can be found with many other names like; stationary bike and indoor cycling bike. Any bike that’s stationary can be called a spin bike.

Another differentiating factor is the seating mechanisms. So for clarity sake, our reference to best spin bikes will refer to any stationary cycle one can pedal for workout and weight loss.

Apart from dealing with the uncomfortable attitudes of other gym members, membership does come with long-term financial commitments that might not be to your liking.

The best way to negate all those negatives that come with joining a local gym is to get your own best stationary bike for home. It is a onetime investment that’ll pay off with slimmer you and better overall health.

I have joined several gyms in the past, including that popular one called planet fitness (you should our review why planet fitness might be detrimental to your weight loss goals), and have a better understanding of the power of a good spin bike to enable you to lose weight at your own leisure, having owned several of them.

Before we get to the factors you need to keep in mind, if you’re searching for best stationary bikes, and good exercise bikes reviews, let’s examine some of the known benefits one can derive from regular use of one in the comfort of your own home.

Exercise Bike Benefits

There are many benefits one can get from indoor cycling on a regular basis. If you’re looking for an efficient workout tool, one can use to enable rapid weight loss while also building muscles, a spin bike for home offers many advantages.

Most of the spin bikes for home use will improve your lung and cardio capacity, with daily workouts of 30 minutes or more. Rarely do certain illnesses strike, if you engage in multiple cardiovascular exercises on a daily basis.

Riding a stationary bike works all your muscles while also encouraging blood oxygenation and fluidity. Your determination to ride that pedal hard will help you stay thin, thus keeping your body free from diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

With your own indoor cycle, the ever-changing outside weather will not bother you anymore. Riding your spinning bike every day offers many weight loss benefits that cannot be impacted by your local bad weather, like heavy rainfall or snow-storm.

This activity you can do in front of your favorite television shows or movie DVD. There are several cheap spinning DVDs you can invest in to get ideas, as you pedal away right in your own home.

Cycling on a spinning bike offers more cardio workout advantages because pedaling engages your entire body in the process. As simple as it might look, this activity will workout your shoulders and upper arm, while helping to make your muscles stronger in every part of your body.

Most of the top rated exercise bikes will come with resistance knob which you can use to make the pedaling adjust to the way you like it. If you think the pedaling is too easy, you can make it more difficult to offer more resistance.

The right resistance level for you might depend on your age and overall health condition. Daily indoor cycling will give you better metabolism, which means you’ll be burning more calories and experiencing more weight loss than even before.


Factors to Look at Before Buying Spin Bikes

Best spin bikes can be found online with different performance metrics. Just like any exercise equipment one can use to stay in shape or lose weight, there are several features to consider before pushing the buy now button online.

Pay attention to your weight and size, as some of the top best exercise bikes will have weight limitations. Here are the main factors to consider:

What about Adjustability?

We humans come in different heights, shapes, and sizes. The most crucial aspect of any good spin indoor bike is the seats and handlebars, and it would be nice to have both adjustable. Now the adjustability features will defer based on the brand, model and type of indoor bike trainer.

Adjustability features are essential, especially if you have more than one rider in your household. The high-end models will be able to remember your preferred riding position, and can be restored with just the push of a button.

Should the Flywheel Weight be Adjustable?

In my opinion yes! The flywheel is what helps stimulate the realistic outdoor biking experience, and can be loose or not properly situated after prolonged use. Models with an adjustable flywheel should be seriously considered over other brands with the same metrics.

Do you want special features?

There are many “bells and whistles” features one has to decide if they’re worth having in your spin bike. Some of the added extras includes; padded seats, cup holders, iPod and MP3 docks, non-slip features, Bluetooth connection, and others like that.

Some will also offer you the latest display technology with an instant compilation of pedaling stats, like current speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate, RPM, and running time goals. Even the cheap brands of spin indoor bikes will come with some of those features embedded within.

Based on research from our spin bike reviews, pricing for the best models will depend on included features. Do not just purchase the cheapest model, for what you need is an exercise bike workout that would benefit your whole body.

You get what you pay for, is an adage that should be applied to this niche market, as you search for a good affordable spinning bike for home use.

Best Exercise Stationary Bikes for Sale by Price

This is a niche market in the exercise equipment world, with a wide variety of prices one can find online. It is for this main reason that I think anyone with a decent budget can score a good brand of spin bike with greater durability.

Any budding indoor cyclist should expect to spend anywhere from less than $200 to over $1000 for very high end models with more features. Remember, while price is important to you, your guiding light should be the features and durability embedded within the spinning exercise bike.

Spin Bike Reviews

I have used my years of owning several models of spinning bikes to compile this list of good exercise bikes for home use. Here are some of the top models that offer the most bang for your money.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review


When you look online for best spin bikes several models from this company will pop-up, due to good mechanics and durability built into each model. Sunny exercise bike model number SF-B901 comes to you with a 40-pound flywheel.


First of all, the manufacturer is not a newcomer to this niche market, so the durability of this indoor stationary cycle is not in question.

If you like the workout you can get from an indoor spin bike, this model has a heavy duty crank, with one of the smoothest chain drive mechanism one can find on any model available for sale at this low price.

The durable seat and handlebars are made to be easily adjusted to fit your cardio workout style.

Not only is the transport wheels made to be free-flowing, you’ll come to appreciate the adjustable resistance systems as you put the bike through its paces.

While sunny exercise bike measures only 20 x 46.5 x 48.5 inches, and will take up minimal space in your living quarters, it is capable of supporting up to 275 pounds of weight.

Best part is that all the tools you need to assemble this spin bike are included in the delivery package. Some of the recent customers called sunny indoor cycling bike one of the cheapest and most durable ways to spin at home.


Few complaints were against the handle bars that could only be adjusted up and down, and not forward and back. Based on some of the reviews from even those that love the product, the pedals do take getting used to, eve for the most adapt indoor cyclist.

Personally, the only con I have with the spin bike is the three months warranty, which is among the shortest within the exercise equipment industry.

Bottom Line:

Rarely do you find indoor bike equipment without a few negatives from some of the current users. With the advent of the internet and some customers that buy the wrong product, manufacturers are at the mercy of social media with any shoddy product. This best spin bike for indoor use is as good as it get for that price range.

Sunny pro indoor cycling bike has over 92% approval rating from the current users of the product. If you want the best out of the stationary bike for weight loss, you’ll have to read the included manual and make sure the unit is assembled the right way. You can read some of the existing customer’s reviews by clicking the link underneath the images.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse Review


Another good addition to our reviews list is from a company called Exerpeutic. Some of the critics even called it one of the best upright stationary bike one can find for less online. It is one of the upright bikes with good formidable features.


It cost about 50% less than the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro, and you also get free shipping.

Another advantage this model offers is that it can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

I like the wider seat design, as most butt sizes will find it comfortable to sit on and pedal.

The portability of this spin bike is enhanced with the fold-up design.

The crank system has a unique high torque, for best pedaling results.

Included is a hand pulse that also monitors your heart rate, as you pedal on this stationary upright bike.

Exerpeutic Folding indoor upright spin bike has a large pedal design, which makes it easier to speed-up your cardio workout routine for best weight-loss results.


Remember what I told you about all products have some cons from some users, despite good mechanics and durable features, well this spin bike falls within the same rule.

Some complained that the seat is too wide, and make it harder to pedal properly. I am sure heavier riders will appreciate the wider seats and pedal system. Some users liked the price and durability but wished it came with a rack for reading materials.

As an indoor cyclist myself, I find it hard for someone to read and pedal at the same time. You can watch something nice on your TV screen, but reading takes away from the good results you can expect if you put more focus into it.

Bottom Line:

Price-wise, this indoor spin bike is an affordable alternative to the other one reviewed above. In fact, this model has a higher customer rating from those that have tried the product.

It has some form of a digital display technology, with wider seats for better comfort. This spinning exercise bike comes with a tension resistance system that’s also easily adjustable.

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