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Why Choose a Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush?

When you research shaving brushes online at some of the top websites and shaving forums, you constantly hear people ask – Why Choose a Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush?

Well for those not acquainted with best shaving brushes, I will tell you, gentlemen. A Silvertip badger shaving brush is capable of enhancing your shaving experience, thus allowing you to easily accomplish your goal of getting a close shave.

When you hear the name Silvertip badger, it simply refers to the bristles that are on the shaving brush. Silvertip badger is one of the most rare and expensive type of shaving badger bristles.

While the popularity of Boar bristles cannot be disputed, those that know about old fashion shaving style can testify that Silvertip badger bristles are more stable and comfortable.

While we at it, you should know that a Silvertip badger brush is different from other variety of badger brushes.

Those with some shaving knowledge usually do like badger brushes as compared to boar brushes. It must also be pointed out, that there are multiple differences between the brands of badger hair.

The bristles that come with Silvertip badger shaving brushes are more durable and thicker.

By using a Silvertip badger brush, you’ll be able to make the best lather possible. For a gentleman that cares about quality in grooming tools, a Silvertip badger shaving brush is simply the best!

Badger shaving brush bristles vs Boar shaving brush bristles

The main noticeable difference between the two can be traced to comfort. Those using Boar bristles can tell you about how tough and abrasive they can be.

While badger bristles are known to be very soft and more comfortable. Also due to the style of the two unique bristles, you’ll get more stability from a badger bristle brush.

Boar bristles are prone to falling out more often, while that’s not the case with Silvertip badger bristles.

You should also know that Boar brushes are not capable of holding as much water as Badger brushes.

When you look at a badger brush, you’ll notice they have fuller head, which then allows you to create a much better shaving lather.

If your budget is tight, then you should go with a Boar shaving brush, as they usually cost less than $20.

For those that prefer a much better shaving experience and don’t mind the added expense, Silvertip badger shaving brushes are designed to enable the best most comfortable close shave.

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