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What is the Best Old School Shaving Kit?

It’s amazing how some of the old traditions of shaving is making a huge comeback among men. On social media sites, more and more men are starting to express the joy one could get from old school shaving, especially if you’re using a safety razor.

As a beginner or newbie shaver, it can be difficult navigating through all the Old School Shaving Kit options. At atcemsce.org, we took the time to put together some of the best high-quality starter set that can guarantee a well deserved close shave, without any guesswork.

I am happy to see that old fashioned shaving products are making a comeback. As a guy, it’s about time you give safety razors and straight razors a chance to prove they can truly deliver a close shave.

Some might try to make sense of the great demand old style shaving kit, but I think it has to do with economics and pure nostalgia.

Also, some men now realize that old school shaving negates the inconvenience and cost of keeping up with the latest modern razor.

This old school shaving kit review is my contribution to reviving this tradition, and below are some of the best old-fashioned shaving kits for you good-looking devils!

Best Old School Shaving Kits: My Personal Recommendations

Merkur Shaving Set with Safety Razor

Merkur is a respected name when it comes to manufacturing excellent men’s grooming tools. First, a closer look at the price! This shaving kit for men is reasonably priced, but it’s not cheap looking.

I have seen other shaving kits with fewer features going for more money. I am not trying to get you guys to splurge on an expensive set you need on a daily basis. Honestly, I do think the higher quality of the product deserves you at least check it out.

If you want that good old school shaving look, this old-fashioned shaving kit comes with everything you need to get started.

The product comes with a shaving brush, best Merkur safety razor, bowl, and a stand. The Merkur Shaving Set comes with all quality products.

With this old-fashioned shaving set, you have everything you need to start getting a comfortable close shave and looking your best.

Harry D Koenig & Co Shave Set

This set actually cost less than the Merkur Shaving Set. This old shaving kit from Harry D Koenig would make a nice display addition to any bathroom apart from enabling a comfortable close shave.

If you’re looking to surprise your father, husband, friend or brother, this kit is packaged nicely and it has a wow factor once opened! This silver plated premium shave set comes with a well-balanced stand, bowl, razor, natural bristle brush, and shaving soap.

The brush alone is worth its weight in gold! While the name Koenig & Co might not ring a bell, they have been around for a long time, just ask your local professional barber.

They make solid men grooming products and this old-fashioned shaving kit is no exception. This item is reasonably priced, and I think it looks better than the higher priced brands.

Simply Beautiful Shaving Set with Merkur Razor

For those men looking to splurge because only the best would do, this old-fashioned shaving kit is for you! It reeks of luxury! This is the shaving gift set you give to your husband or boyfriend if you’re truly in love. The product comes packaged in a well decorated beautiful gift box.

It has all the needed products that are needed for you to get a comfortable close shave, in an old fashion kind of way!

Simply Beautiful Shaving Set comes with 100% pure badger brush that has a chrome handle, a chrome safety razor, an Omega shaving soap and a well-accentuated chrome stand. Truthfully, this item is worth every penny, and it’s one of my favorite old school styled shaving set.

Straight Razor Shaving Set by Haryali Fashion London

My desire was to put this old style shaving kit for last. The products included confirms this is probably one of the true best old school shaving set you can find online.

I mean, what can be more old fashion than a straight razor! Truly, this kit comes with everything needed for you to get started with your old style shaving desires.

If you’re just seeking a complete or backup shaving kit set, this is the one to get. This old style shaving kit includes; a strop, straight razor, brush, honing stone and shaving soap.

This shaving set is complete and would look just as sexy once you put it in your bathroom. I am telling, your guest would ask tons of questions when they see this in your bathroom, especially from women.

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