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Here Are 6 Best Straight Razors for Beginners

I remember my dad used to shave with a vintage straight razor, and I thought it was the coolest thing a man could do to get rid of unwanted facial hairs.

As my mustache and beard grew, I tried my hands at different disposable razors and cheap shavers, but that vision of watching my dad shave was permanent in my memory.

My girlfriend in college handed me my first best beginner straight razor, and I have used it since then. I mean she paid less than $20 for it, but it’s still a good straight razor just don’t tell my wife how I got it.

Some might think straight razors are a relic from a way-back era, but the truth is that very few products can deliver a true comfortable close shave.

With our busy modern lifestyles, we all need razors that are low maintenance and truly efficient. Notwithstanding, your desire for the best close shave can be enhanced tremendously if you’re willing to spend few extra minutes during your daily grooming routine.

6 Best Straight Razor Reviews

1 – Dovo Full Hollow Carbon Steel

Dovo is a German company that has been manufacturing premier shaving tools, including best straight razor designs since 1906. While the company offers a wide selection of straight razors to choose from, the Dovo Full Hollow Carbon Steel is one of their bestselling models.

This best beginner straight razor comes with the highest quality standard with a comfortable handle and nice grip.

The black color handle is made from pure synthetic plastic that’s rugged as can be. You’ll experience no slipperiness with this product!

The Dovo straight razor comes with a 5/8″ blade that’s made from hollow ground Swedish steel, and you’ll truly appreciate the classic DOVO insignia embedded on the shaving tool.

This best straight razor is ideal for beginners and those familiar with straight razor shaving. It should be noted that the razor does not come to you “shave ready.” The blade does require you hone it a little bit more, to give it that sharpened edge.

Soon, with just some tender care, this best straight razor for shaving will be ready for action. You can tell the high quality of this razor from just your first stroke.

Regardless of your straight razor shaving experience, the 5/8″ blade is designed to feel comfortable in your hand, as compared to the other longer blades offered.

2 – Dovo Silver Shavette Straight Razor

If this is your first time with straight shaving, the Dovo Shavette razor will do just fine.This model is designed to use disposable razors thus eliminating the need to use strops and hone to sharpen the blades.

The main body of this model is constructed from pure stainless steel while the blade holder is made from durable plastic. This shaver is designed to only accept half blades, so snapping is required.

With your order, you get 2 blades and best replacement blades can be found here – Merkur blades. Despite the low price point, this straight razor is versatile and well made.

While you won’t get some of the advantages of using a true straight razor, like lasting a lifetime and not having to buy replacement blades, it does provide high quality close shaves perfect for those new to the craft.

Professional barbers and high-end salons worldwide value this straight razor, as it helps them comply with the health code requirement of a new razor for each client.

Real Benefits When You Use a Straight Razor

Quality of the Shave: No other shaving tool can compare to the close shave delivered by a straight razor. Depending on your skin type, your best option for getting the quickest high-quality close shave is with a best straight razor.

Just one shave with one of this reliable shaving tool will bring your boyish good looks back to life!

On the hand, it must be pointed out that a straight razor shave does not save you time. For those with extra few minutes to spare for grooming, a best straight razor for shaving can deliver an excellent quick shave.

Is it Economical? While the initial cost of a straight razor might seem expensive as compared to disposable mass produced razor kits, over many months and years, you actually save more money as you can use one with excellent straight razor designs for life.

Since straight razor shaving is an acquired taste, searching for that extra cartridge at your local Walgreen store is out of the question. The straight razor designs have embedded blades that can be sharpened by using a strop and hone (much manlier).

In a nutshell, you do not need to spend your money on a cheap Gillette for $9.00, then pay $11 to $15 for additional new blades every time you run out. By using a best straight razor for shaving, the only extra cost will be the need to buy a good shaving cream.

Rewarding Success of Straight Razor Shaving: Nothing compares to the joy you derive from using a straight razor for shaving. To begin with, holding a straight razor in your hands just makes you feel more like a man.

Your partner would also admire the process! Just ask my wife! Women love to see men use a straight razor tool. She never explained to me why, but I see the look of passion in her eyes when I’m shaving.

Ask any of your friends, or just try using one in front of your girl and watch her reaction. The straight razor shaving process is more like slow meditation, you have the ability to control your focus and breathing.

You’ll soon notice how you develop more patience for other areas of your life that calls for such discipline.

3 – Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor

Parker is another great name when it comes to shaving tools manufacturing. This Parker straight razor comes with genuine stainless steel blade arm, that’s not aluminum.

The Parker SR1 is economical and easy to use and requires no stropping or honing as it uses disposable blades. The maintenance for this product is reasonable, as the replacement blades can be found at decent prices.

It has a rounded well-designed exposure at the blade compartment end, created this way to minimize cuts. The Parker SR1 is a great razor for those trying to make the transition from novice to advanced straight razor users.

If you’ve outgrown your current shaver or razor, the Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor can fill that void. Based on several customer reviews, this straight razor from Parker comes with some very sharp blades.

Take it slow initially, until you get used to it. Many have nicked themselves by going too fast. Best to take small baby strokes, as you get acquainted with the straight razor shaving.

4 – Sweeney Todd Type Straight Razor YC116

The Sweeney Todd straight razor is one of the cheapest brands on sale today.

This product is all metal and quite heavy as reviewed by many buyers. This high-quality blade is thick and sharp!

This cheap straight razor is shorter than most and despite its affordable price of less than $5 you can still get a comfortable close shave even if you’re a beginner wet shaver.

Luxury straight razor

Below are some of the higher priced best straight razors you can find online.

5 – Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

The Feather straight razor has a handle that is super-engineered for the most comfortable shave. The handle is made to be heat resistant!

The main body is composed of pure stainless steel which makes it possible to get the best shave. It has a rounded shaving head and the optimal blade will allow one to get a smooth shaving experience.

The blade itself is spring mounted with just one-touch mechanism and can be easily taken apart and reassembled. It is highly recommended you use extreme caution when changing blades! The manufacturer advises you not to use sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting.

This Japanese Straight Razor can be found at some of the high-end professional salons and barbershops all over the world. If you can afford it, this best straight razor is truly worth every penny asked!

6 – Thiers-Issard 5/8″ Straight Razor

This best straight razor is one of the most expensive brands I have seen in a very long time. Thiers-issard straight razors are factory honed. It has a round-tip 5/8″ Wide blade. The handle is made from white plastic scales and has features that make it water resistant.

This luxury straight razor is a true work of art and craftsmanship and can enable a comfortable close shave even for a beginner.

This shaving instrument is manufactured through the process of grounding and forging. This is a more durable process as compared to die-casting used by other top rated straight razors.

This is the kind of straight razor that’s designed to last a lifetime. You get a well-designed handmade travel pouch with your purchase.

Where to Buy Straight Razor?

Once you’ve decided to join the wet shaving bandwagon, the most widely asked question is – where can I buy a straight razor.

While you can find straight razor for sale at many discount sites online, the only one place we know where you can buy straight razor for less can be reached by clicking the link below.

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