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Tabac Shaving Soap: The Original Review

Pros: This best shaving soap last much longer than what you find on the marketplace today. If you pick your shaving soap using economics of scale metrics, this would be your ideal choice.

Tabac original shaving soap is made to create rich lather pretty quickly. The lather from Tabac Shaving Soap is thick and slick enough for your razor blade to glide on it.

Cons: Unless used rather quickly, the lather from this soap has been known to dry rather quickly. While some consumers like the scent, some also complained about it been too abrasive.

Verdict: Tabac Shaving Soap has excellent reviews from customers that have tried the product. Like most shaving aids, the scent might take a while for you to get used to it.

The manufacturer claims to only use high-quality ingredients. If you want a shaving soap that’s a little more natural smelling – take a look at – Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream.

Tabac Shave Soap Review

Germans not only know how to build luxury cars, but they also make a fine selection of shaving products, including the Tabac Shaving Soap.

From what we’ve read and seen, this shaving product is able to deliver an above average shaving experience.

Tabac shaving products first came on the market in 1959, and based on feedbacks and sales numbers alone, they certainly have flourished.

Those versed in the art of wet shaving techniques know about the prowess of this product and the majority like it.

While we hesitate to call it the best shaving soap in the industry, it certainly is a worthy competitor.

Just like with any shaving product on the marketplace today, their legions of fans that love it, and some who aren’t keen about this shaving product.

On the average, Tabac shaving soap is indeed on the expensive side when compared to other top rated shaving soaps we have looked at.

While we consider it an excellent product and heartily recommend it, we also suggest you first get the smallest puck you can find, and see how it works for your skin type, before investing in a larger $32 tub.

With this shaving soap, the scent always seems to be the issue. From our rating scale, we give it a 3.5 out of 5 when it comes to the scent.

Despite the average scent rating, those wet shavers that do enjoy using this product are indeed rabid loyal followers, based on the hundreds of passionate reviews they leave online.

From the online reviews of Tabac shaving soap from existing customers, those with razor burning or irritation are happy with this product.

The shaving soap is able to rise off quickly, thus leaving the skin properly moisturized, before shaving.

The Tabac Shave Soap makes a thick lather that can be dense and slick, as compared to others we have tested.

It is this slick denseness that allows your straight razor to glide effortlessly through, instantly removing all the unwanted facial hair.

Tabac shaving soap is also made to work well with any brand of safety razors. We found the scent to be mild and not overbearing or too much.

Due to the scent, you might experience some irritation from first use, especially if you have sensitive skin. This irritation should subside as you continue to use the shaving soap.

While the Tabac shaving soap is created to work with both straight razors and safety razors, the majority of the users that liked the product were using straight razors.

As you know, shaving with a straight razor is an acquired taste, and indeed a longer process to get the most comfortable shave.

To Those that care About the Art of Triple Milling Lather

You heard me right, Tabac shaving soap comes to you triple milled. Triple-milling is an expensive manufacturing process, and most shaving products makers shy away from using it.

But it’s the best-known way to guarantee that the shaving soap has the same lather consistency as you go through the product.

With this method of making shaving soaps, the Tabac shaving soap will maintain the same density, which provides you same lathering experience all throughout the entire use.

Triple Milling is a process developed by the French, and you’ll find it in use in your high-end bath soaps that are sold exclusively at top department stores.

Tabac Original Shaving Soap Tub

The price from this shaving soap tub might shock some, but this 4.4 oz. tub is capable of lasting much longer than your other larger brands of shaving soaps.

As an added touch, the tub for this Tabac shave cream is made out of ceramic.

Like all wet shaving products, the scent does take a while for you to get used to it, but it’s capable of doing wonders for those with sensitive skin.

The Tabac shaving soap bowl is an excellent product that would also enhance the decor of any modern bathroom.

Tabac Original Shaving Soap Refill

This is an identical shaving soap like the one we reviewed above, without the ceramic bowl.

If you have a convenient bowl, even if it is from another brand, get this one instead and save a few bucks in the process.

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