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Who Makes the Best Sandalwood Shaving Cream?

Regardless of what you might have heard from other sources online, sandalwood is far from been of one particular smell.

Truthfully, it can have a variety of smells! While sandalwood is derived from the same base, each product will have a truly unique scent, based on the manufacturing process used.

For those familiar with sandalwood, you know some can be more spicy, some more piney or woodsy. In a nutshell, the scent from sandalwood is indeed very versatile.

That is why when you look at the best sandalwood shaving creams, the scents can be either loud or subtle, depending on what it was mixed with.

The sandalwood scent lingers much longer than other products, thus making it one of the most sought after product for shaving creams.

The products you’ll find in this sandalwood shaving cream review, delivers pure manly good smell, that any gentleman would truly appreciate.

To some men that are new to straight razor shaving, this different sandalwood shaving cream might seem a bit too much, but they do have the ingredients to help you get and maintain a comfortable close shave.

The top shaving creams you find in the comparison guide, all have sandalwood as the base formula.

Why do you need shaving cream?

Some might be asking why a man that likes shaving, would need a shaving cream. First of all, it helps to treat your skin really well!

While the market is now dominated by quickly formulated shaving foams and gels, shaving creams made from sandalwood are still appreciated by shaving enthusiast with knowledge about the benefits of old school style of getting a close shave.

After a while, I soon discovered that top shaving creams comes with two unique properties that cannot be denied.

Lubrication for the protection of the skin. Most shaving creams have plenty of natural oils that are incapable of penetrating the skin.

The oil in the shaving cream acts as lubricants for the skin, thus making it much easier for the sharp razor blade to smoothly glide through the surface, while removing all unwanted hair without pulling your skin in the process.

It has moisturizing properties capable of softening your beard. One of the top ingredients in a good shaving cream, is natural oil glycerine properties. Natural glycerine has moistening power that’s suitable for your skin.

Once the shaving cream is applied to your beard, the ingredient hydrates and provides the hairs with nice humid environment, thus making them much easier to cut.

If you can come up with other reasons, please leave them in the comments section.

From what I have experienced, Sandalwood Shaving Creams comes with a nice masculine smell that would probably last you for many hours throughout your daily activities.

You’ll also experience one of the best most comfortable close shave by using this product.

Within the comparison guide, are some of the top rated shaving creams with sandalwood we could find, and you can see the affordable prices and reviews by clicking the embedded links.

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