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Omega Shaving Brush Review

If you like or trying to start straight razor shaving, apart from shaving creams or soaps, you’ll be needing a good shaving brush for best comfortable shave.

Despite the introduction of shaving foams or such other quick shaving accessories, using shaving brushes is an acquired taste. Currently, some of the best shaving brushes are made by a company called Omega.

This Italian company has been manufacturing grooming tools since 1946, and they have a nice selection of the best selling shaving brushes on the market today.

Just as a way to introduce you guys to this brand, below is a sample of the many shaving brushes made by Omega.

To find out more about each individual omega shaving brush, a link is included in the guide to customer reviews and other notable features.

Why You Should Consider Omega Shaving Brushes

After careful analysis, I have come to admire the people at Omega. They specialize in making brushes for many activities, including shaving.

Let me tell you this, when you focus on one specialty only, you simply become better than the others trying to be jack of all trades. A look at the shaving brushes they manufacture reflect high quality.

Another great aspect of Omega shave brushes is that they’re designed to hold much water. With this feature embedded within the brushes, you’ll find it more enjoyable to lather right before using your straight razor.

I have no idea of how they’re able to make the bristles on the brushes to hold a lot of water, but it certainly benefits those into old fashion style of shaving. Price wise, this growing company have products across the price spectrum.

When you take a look at some of the omega shaving brushes we listed in the guides above and below, you’ll find one suitable for your taste, regardless if you’re a beginner or pro in all aspects of wet shaving.

With the right kind of shaving soap, the quality of the lather you create will only be as good as the quality of the brush you’re using.

Some will say a boar shaving brush is not capable of building enough lather as a pure badger brush, but I say it’s better to give one of the omega shaving brush a try, and see how it can help you get the most comfortable shave from your straight razor.

Our observations about Omega shaving brushes

Omega shaving brushes are indeed very economical! Regardless if you’re buying the badger, synthetic brush, etc., you’ll find that the prices offered are usually below what other manufacturers are charging.

Don’t let the low prices fool you, as this shaving brushes exhibit a better than average quality grade across the board.

One of our top writers here, uses the Omega 13109 Creamy Curved Handle Pure Badger Shaving Brush and he swears by how they look, feel and handle.

In fact he’s the best groomed of all the men in our company, and now I know one of the key reasons why.

All omega shave brushes are made in Italy, that country that’s famous for bringing us Ferrari sports car, nice designer shoes, best pasta, etc,.

I am sure you know what I mean! This product is from a place noted for creating some of the best products for the upper class. The biggest complaint against Omega shaving brushes is that they do not dry very quickly.

Also, some have complained that the handles that come with the Omega brush is cheap looking because they’re made from plastic or very light wood.

While some complained about the brushes been too large and heavy, the majority seems to like it that way, as it enables better control.

So, overall these shaving brushes from Omega are well designed and priced right. Included in this omega shaving brush review are different options that can help you handsome fellas.

We do know that gentlemen have unique preferences and grooming styles, so we’ve included many recommendations from Omega shaving brushes for your consideration.

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