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Shaving Kits For Men: Some of the Best Wet Shaving Supplies

When you ask the average guy about what’s in their shaving kit, some will point you to a shaving razor and a can of foam. If you take your shaving seriously, you’ll be wise to invest in a good shaving kit for men.

Some of the essential products you need in a good kit include excellent pre-shave products, actual shaving products, and best shaving razors.

The key to maintaining a well-groomed look is by having and using awesome shaving products for the best most comfortable close shave.

If you’re seeking to create the best shaving kits for men, the following products should get you moving in the right direction.

If you have other ideas or products you think we should include, please leave it in the comments section.

Pre-shave Products for Men

The worst thing you can do every morning is to just get up and start shaving. If you want your good looking skin to last, there are some pre-shave products you should invest in.

Some of these shaving products are best when used before or after showering.

Pre-shave oil or Cream


Using good pre-shave oil is a must if you want to enable faster and clean close shaving results.

Most pre-shave oils has natural ingredients that will help open up your skin while also softening the facial hairs.

The best pre-shave creams and oils will contain sunflower, olive, coconut, or other oil ingredients that’s derived from plants.

Natural oils are better for your skin as they will not clog your pores or induce damage to your skin.

You should be on the lookout for pre-shave creams or oils with antibacterial agents, as they will help prevent breakouts or cuts getting infected.

Electric shavers oil

Some modern electric shavers require constant oiling if you want to continue to experience a premium performance.

They’re commonly called blade oil. Most electric shavers require you apply blade oil based on how often you use the device.

The blade oil guarantees your electric shaver will stay sharp, thus negating any issue of pulling or tugging of facial hairs as you shave.

Be sure to read your electric shaver’s manual and follow the recommended blade oil brand and usage recommendations.

Best Shave Products

After opening your pores and softening your facial hairs, you need a good buffer between your sharp razor and your skin.

Before you place that razor or shaver on your skin, a good shaving lather will help increase your chances of getting the most comfortable close shave.

Shaving Creams or Foams

While shaving creams and foams perform the same function, a significant difference is how they’re packaged.

Shaving foams are usually packaged in cans and contain more air that helps with the release. You will find your best shaving creams in cans or small tubes.

Some will have concentrated power and can be mixed with little water to get the best results.

Both the shaving cream and foam will soften your whiskers just like pre-shaving oil. Both can also lubricate and moisturize your skin right before shaving.

A good shaving cream or foam would rinse easily from your blades. For best results, you’re encouraged to use a good shaving brush, or just apply the solution into your facial hair with your hands.

Nowadays, you can find shaving foams or creams with aloe, and can heal the shaved skin and prevent it from completely drying out. Some of the best and most expensive brands are Glycerin-based.

Some of the lower priced shaving creams or foams are known to contain menthol and benzocaine, ingredients that are known to prevent proper exfoliation and can close pores.

So it’s better to spend a little bit more and gets the best shaving results.

Shaving soap

This does almost the same thing as the shaving cream or foam.

It most likely will come in a solid form and will require the addition of some water to create a nice lather.

You’re better off using a good shaving brush to create the rich lather before applying it to your whiskers. Best results can be obtained by creating the lather in a shaving bowl or cup.

The only downside to using shaving soap instead of a shaving cream is that it might dry out your skin, depending on the ingredients.

Shaving Gels

You can call them the new kid on the block, as they’ve exploded in popularity in the last 10 years.

A good shaving gel will help create the best skin surface to help your razor glide effortlessly on your skin as you shave.

On the downside, they tend to stick to blades and require thorough washing to get it off your face and shaving tool.

Some reviewers have also complained they can clog pores unless you find one made with natural ingredients with moisturizing properties.

Shaving Brushes

The power of a good shaving brush cannot be overstated, especially if you’re using shaving creams, soaps or gels.

While you can lather with your hands, a good badger shaving hair brush will apply the rich lather deep into your whiskers.

If you’re on the cheap side like I am, get yourself a boar bristle brush for the same function.

Badger shaving brushes are softer and made from finer materials while boar shaving brushes appear thicker and stronger. In my opinion, a boar brush is just a durable, but you be the judge.

Best Shavers or Old Fashion Razors

You should thank your lucky stars you’re living through this age of multiple choices for many products, especially shaving products.

You can use an electric shaver, straight razor or safety razor to get the most comfortable shave.

Electric shavers

You can find them everywhere, and most are designed to function with a cord or cordless.

Modern science is ever trying to reduce the time it takes for us to do things, and the best electric shaver is capable of doing just that.

They do cost more initially, but most would last longer than multiple packs of disposable razors.

Cost wise, they’re a wise investment as compared to cheap disposable razors.

They’re many design models to select from, and you can get a better idea from the complete list of electric shavers.

Straight Razors

If you want to experience what it’s like to conduct old fashion shaving in style, try using a straight razor.

The modern ones will give you the opportunity to change the single blade as they dull out.

The antique straight razor will be all metal, and the blade can be sharpened using any stone sharpening tool.

While this shaving tool is more common among professional barbers, you can enjoy the same results if you’re careful enough.

Please be careful, the first time you try a straight razor shaving. The learning curve is short, but it does exist!

You can have a better selection idea from our – Best Straight Razor Brands reviews

Double-edged safety razors

This is a good alternative to using a straight razor. The initial cost of a good double edge safety razor is well worth the durability.

The only maintenance cost is packs of DE razor blades, and lately a pack of 100 will run you less than previously thought.

You’ll enjoy using this type of razor, and your shaving results will be substantially better.

Cheap Disposable Razors

Truth be told, this was how I started shaving. My college days involved multiple packs of Gillette disposable razors, thinking I was saving money.

This is what happens when you follow the masses! You end up spending more money than you should.

Due to travel restrictions imposed on law abiding citizens while traveling, you can use an electric shaver or buy a pack of cheap disposable razors.

If you’re using them at home, you might be wasting your money in trying to get a comfortable close shave.

As a man, you should have some of the above products in your wet shaving supplies kit. Putting together the best shaving kits for men is like food recipes.

Some will appeal to many people, but the ultimate goal is the same. The above products are required if you desire the most comfortable close shave with the greatest of ease.

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  • January 12, 2015, 2:54 pm

    You left this one off your list:
    Marvy Shaving Gift Set Contains Mug, Brush, And Soap

    The Marvy Rubber Shaving Mug Gift set comes with Mug, Brush, And Soap!

    The Marvy Rubber Shaving Mug is perfect for men that shave in the traditional way.

    The cup is a durable rubber design, and will survive in the bathroom. The rubber allows the Marvy cup to bounce on the bathroom floor, rather than damage bathroom ceramics.

    It also makes less noise than cups made of other materials.

    The Marvy Shaving Mug is very large, and holds a large amount of hot water! The soap securely fits in the bottom of the shaving cup.

    This is both safe and convenient, since it prevents slippage and sliding shaving soap that can lead to problems.

    The Marvy Shaving Mug is a great gift for any man that loves traditional shaving, and the perfect tool for men new to the classic shaving method.

    Its large size, and wide mouth make stirring the foam easier than other other shaving mugs.