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Here are the Best Products from Merkur Razor Company

So, have you been paying attention to top social media sites lately, the secret is now out in the open. Old fashion style shaving is making a comeback with a bang!

It seems that straight razors and other attributes of traditional shavings are setting the standards for getting a close shave.

Young fellas must admit the marketing from the big razor companies got us running around to keep up with the endless upgrade multiple blades offerings.

However, it seems like the wise shaving methods preferred by our grandfathers are now becoming the best way to get a comfortable shave for less!

Despite all of that, the men interested in using old style shaving methods must upgrade to best shaving gear to get the job done right.

Merkur razor company is currently one of the top companies in manufacturing traditional shaving equipment. That has been true for many decades, as this razor company is not going anywhere!

It’s always good to know you’re buying from a company that has stood the test of time, and still going strong with many shaving products, including double-edged safety razor.

Before asking where to buy safety razor? You must first realize what type you’ll be needing so that you can get a good shave the old fashion way.

Merkur razor models can satisfy the needs of a beginner while offering better products for experienced shavers looking for an upgrade.

And most important of all, Merkur 34c razor company makes the products we need to accomplish a suitable upgrade to all our grooming tools.

Below are some of the Best shaving products from Merkur Razor Company

Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor

At a Glance…

> Designed to deliver the best extra close shave
> Offers the best high-quality shaving from Merkur
> This is a sturdy razor, with good Chrome finish
> It has a good long handle, great for men with large hands
> Made in Germany, with excellent manufacturing methods

Most professional barbers would tell you the name Merkur is a well-trusted name, especially when it comes to safety razors.

Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety RazorWith decades of experience of making super safety razors, they have a growing fan base because it’s an excellent shaving product.

With safety razors making a huge comeback, Merkur is definitely leading the pack because of their absolute commitment to quality.

The Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor is friendly to beginner and experienced shavers alike. A good look at the Merkur 180 long handle razor reveals its convenient size.

Some men with small hands complained about the size, but since most men have big hands it’s one of the best features of the product.

This model has a sleek and slender design, and it’s also lightweight and durable. Most important of all, the razor is built not to pivot, thus guaranteeing a comfortable close shave.

My recommendation is for you to take it easy and slow, when you first use the safety razor. Once you get used to it, you’ll be getting your good looks back in no time at all!

This Merkur safety razor set is far superior to what you get with the best Gillette razors, and will also cost you less, maintenance wise.

With all the sleek public relations by top blade manufacturing companies trying to convince us men that two or three or four blades are better, it’s nice to know one company still makes a safety razor with one blade, that can get the old fashion shaving done right!

Vision Adjustable Safety Razor

At a Glance..

> Comes with an adjustable head that enables the best close shave
> The head is designed to easily screw on and off for easy changing of best safety razor blades
> It’s made of stainless steel with solid Chrome finish, and capable of delivering comfortable close shave

The Merkur Vision is a product you can use to easily accomplish your desire of shaving with a safety razor.

Vision Adjustable Safety RazorThis trusted Adjustable Safety Razor from Merkur also has designs that’ll satisfy any man with large hands.

Since most men are born with larger hands to begin with, this safety razor has a good thing going, size and quality wise!

I know why people constantly prefer the bulky Merkur safety razor designs because it allows for the man using it to be in charge – for once!

The Vision Adjustable Safety Razor is beautifully crafted, and would make a nice gift to someone you love. It comes with instructions on best ways to preserve the Chrome finish look.

In my opinion, the best cleaning method is to rinse the safety razor in lukewarm water after you finish using it.

Before you store it back in the nice storage case, make sure you wipe off all excess water from the blade and body of the razor.

Those steps should keep your Vision Adjustable Safety Razor looking like new always!

For the beginners that are scared of cutting themselves when shaving with this bad boy, put your fears aside, for this safety razor with large handle puts you in charge of how fast you want to shave.

In the beginning, take it slow, until you get used to the product. Taking slow, long strokes is the way to get the best comfortable shave with this adjustable safety razor!

Merkur 34C Double Edge Razor

At a Glance..

> Merkur 34C is a double edge safety razor
> Made with true stainless steel
> Crafted in the town of Solingen, Germany

The 34C by Merkur is truly one of the best shaving gear made by this company. The Merkur 34C is a high-quality safety razor, and it’s priced so low at less than $45, that I had to double check just to make sure it was right.

Merkur 34C Double Edge RazorIn fact, this original safety razor is better at old-style shaving than some of the higher priced safety razors on the market today. To me, this model of Merkur safety razor is shinier than the other models.

Since it’s made from true stainless steel, this safety razor is heavier than the others. The weight might take a while for you to get used to it!

I find this model to be more durable and sleek that the other Merkur safety razors – am I right, or just falling in love with this safety razor!

In fact, based on several reviews about this product, the weight and size will help minimize burns and cuts, especially for the beginner old style shaver.

The Merkur 34C Double Edge Razor comes with a shorter handle, and might be a boon to those with smaller hands or those used to shaving with the mass produced disposable razors.

On the other hand, if you prefer a safety razor with longer handle, you should go with the Merkur 180 long handle.

Merkur Razor Double Edge Razor Blades

At a Glance..

> This best safety razor blades is designed to fit all models of double edged safety razors
> This safety razor blades comes with 10 blades per Pack
> This is product is manufactured in Solingen, Germany

As we all know, you can’t have a safety razor that shaves without the blades! This best safety razor blades from Merkur comes ten per pack.

Merkur Razor Double Edge Razor BladesMerkur Razor Double Edge Razor Blades are designed to fit double edged safety razors. So you know, the best safety razor would not do much without best safety razor blades to go with it.

It’s like cooking in a way, your ingredients will mostly determine the outcome of the dish! Lousy shaving blades means bad uncomfortable close shave.

I am sure you get the picture! You can pick up a pack of this Merkur razor blades for less than $6 – the last time I checked.

Please note that your safety razor experience would depend largely on the best safety razor blades you’re using.

These blades are high quality, and would even fit other brands of double edged safety razors you might already have in your grooming tool kit.

I highly recommend these blades, as they are priced low with high quality to get the job done right.

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