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How to Choose the Best Shaving Bowl

Most people go around looking for best shaving bowl reviews with magic words. The best shaving bowls are pretty standard in what they’re capable of doing.

If you’re into old fashion shaving, you want a bowl that’s deep enough to hold your shaving lather while you’re stirring it up with your shaving brush.

The shaving bowl you select should also be able to hold your shaving soap snugly tight.

Lastly, the bowl must be pretty enough to enhance the look of your bathroom – but please do not try to use it to serve peanuts to your guest!

I get asked what shaving soap bowl criteria should one watch out for. You have to consider what type of shaving brush you’re using.

If you have a larger brush and shaving soap, you might want to invest in a bowl with deep dish, and comes with a lid that’ll help prevent spilling.

If you’re into the looks of your bathroom, you should pick up a chrome shaving bowl that matches your best stylish safety razor.

In a nutshell, this is a shaving accessory that will work for you while also complimenting your shaving style.

Below are the best shaving Bowls we recommend!

Dark Wood Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl with Lid

The Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl is a dark wooden bowl, and come as pretty as can be. This bowl has a lid and it’s larger than your regular size, thus making it ideal for those with a larger shaving brush.

This wooden bowl has a height of 1.75″ tall and about 3.75″ in diameter size. It only weighs 4.8 ounces!

This shaving bowl is as stylish as can be! It would easily hold any type of shaving soap and because of the fitting lid, makes it a perfect grooming tool for traveling.

Edwin Jagger Rn6 Contemporary Chrome Plated Shaving Soap Bowl

This shaving bowl is all high-end Chrome and nicely monogrammed. The Edwin Jagger Rn6 Contemporary Chrome Plated Shaving Soap Bowl reeks of luxury!

It’s just as swanky as can be! With this simple best shaving soap bowl, any old fashion shaver would be able to conduct wet shaving with great ease.

It has dimensions of 4 x 1.5 inches, and only weighs about 2.1 ounces.

Large Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl from Super Safety Razors

This is a stainless steel bowl designed by the people that brought us Super Safety Razors.

This shaving bowl is deep and wide enough to accommodate all types of shaving brushes and large shaving soaps.

The bowl does come with a luster finish, but my only concern is that would it hold! Well, it’s cheap enough for you to give it a try!

The Large Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl has dimensions of 4 x 4 x 3 inches, and only weighs 3 ounces.

For such a low price, this item is made from genuine stainless steel with mirror finish, and would not break if it falls to the ground.

If you prefer that high-end look with your shaving accessories, this is the shaving bowl to get!

NSSTAR Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Heat Insulation

Of all the old fashion style shaving bowl, this one is my favorite. My girlfriend says because I am cheap – I got one for less than $7!

What does she know about shaving and saving money? Like a lot of people, she equates high price with high quality.

I am still trying to convince her that’s not always the case, but not on this pretty bowl. This product is portable and very durable.

This shaving soap bowl is constructed from high-quality stainless steel. This item comes with a simple design and Chrome finish!

It might be on the small side, but it does serve its purpose with bravado!

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