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Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream

The company called Edwin Jagger was established in 1988, and within that short period of time the grooming tools industry has never been the same.

The old time manufacturers that were resting on prior laurels are now threatened by this well organized nimble outfit.

The brand name Edwin Jagger is now synonymous with high quality, when it comes to straight razors, shaving brushes, and other shaving accessories.

Just to quiet the cynics about the staying power of this fast growing company, they recently expanded there products line to include shaving soaps, shaving creams, and moisturizers.

Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream

This shaving cream reviews article, would be taking a closer look at one of those new products, which is the Edwin jagger sandalwood shaving cream.

This sandalwood shaving cream from Edwin jagger is made from the purest of ingredients, and it’s able to help you get a comfortable shave from your straight razor.

You should know that, this best shaving cream for men is far superior to other regular shaving creams you might have tried in the past.

Quality wise, this product is way ahead of all the other traditional shaving creams you can find in the market-place today.

Beware, because not all sandalwood shaving creams contain the real sandalwood essential oil.

The lower priced sandalwood shaving creams are made from artificial ingredients that try to mimic the fragrance of the real ingredient.

Luckily, Edwin jagger sandalwood shaving cream is made using 99.9% natural organic oils, including sandalwood.

You can certainly judge a product by the manufacturer’s known quality standards.

The first time you open the tub of Edwin jagger shaving cream, you can easily tell that the fragrance is natural smelling, because it has no added fragrances to enhance the scent.

For those that are familiar with this product, you know what I mean!

And for those thinking about trying this top rated shaving cream, you’ll not be disappointed with its quality, and how it can help you get the most comfortable close shave.

Edwin Jagger shaving cream is described by many users as having a soft, but not sticky or slimy texture.

Amazingly, this best sandalwood shaving cream has a regular consistency that you can work with. All you need is a small amount that would create enough lather for you to get a close shave.

While you can apply the lather to your beard with your hands, best results are achieved if you’re using a shaving brush.

It’s only with a good brush can you infuse that lather with small amount of warm water, to create a creamy and rich lather.

If you’re new to wet shaving, this is the ideal product to begin with, as it has natural ingredients that makes it lather easily.

As you shave, the natural soft sandalwood scent will open up, and become more noticeable as you build-up the lather. You’ll find the scent very pleasing throughout your shaving routine.

This best shaving cream for men is able to protect and lubricate your facial skin as you glide the sharp razor blade across the unwanted hair.

This shaving cream with natural sandalwood oil maintains its texture, and will not dry down, neither will it become runny.

You’ll find that the good base provided by this product allows any razor you’re using to easily cut the facial hair, all without any irritation.

If your current shaving cream causes irritation due to the fragrance oils and glycerine in them, get one of the Edwin Jagger sandalwood shaving cream listed in the above chart, and see how it can help enhance a close smooth shave.

By using this sandalwood shaving cream from Edwin Jagger, you’re most likely to enjoy the all natural ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you hate the thought of harmful chemicals on your skin, switch today to a natural product that would help you get your wet shaving done quickly, with awesome results of best most comfortable close shave.

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