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Review of Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor model HBF-306C

Omron hbf306c handheld body fat loss monitor is an ideal device to use for those into monitoring body fat. This is one of the top selling products made by Omron.


Omron handheld body fat monitor model Omron hbf-306 is designed to be easy to use, due to its simple mechanism. This is an inexpensive model, as compared to the other top rated alternatives.

For those seeking how accurate is Omron body fat analyzer, it delivers accurate results within less than seven seconds. Omron handheld body fat analyzer is a good tool for those seeking to stay thin and healthy.


Like every tool, some cons must exist as we humans are different at all levels. Using the device when you’re dehydrated will not deliver accurate results. Even with a full bladder, the results you get from the Omron hbf-306c will not be as reliable.

Bottom Line:

Omron body fat loss monitor model hbf-306c uses micro electrical current to gently analyze and monitor your body fat ratio. Within the device are two modes, one for athletes and the other for normal activities. This model can accommodate up to nine different user profiles, thus making it one of the best body fat loss monitor within the industry.

Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor model HBF-306C

Omron Fat Loss Monitor Review

With the advances in medical technology, tools are now available that we can use to find out crucial information about our body that used to require a visit to the doctor’s office. There are devices to monitor your blood pressure, your heart rate, and also the overall fat rate index of your body.

When you ask people that like to keep track of various body metrics, knowing your body’s fat ratio is one of the most desired results. Omron hbf-306 does not require any huge learning curve, and you can be up and running within a few minutes of opening your delivery box.

How Does it Work?

The HBF-306C has two unique modes, one for those exercising and the other for those doing regular activities. It has the capacity to deliver results in both Bi methods; Body mass Index (BMI) and Bio-electrical Impedance Method. While the tool will deliver body fat percentages using the BMI method, your also get body mass results with ranges from very high, high, normal, and low.

Within the handle are embedded metal contact strips, which are capable of sending small electrical currents right through your body. While you feel nothing during testing, it is advisable you do not use the device if you’re using a pacemaker.

Fat is not conductive to electricity, so it is quite a neat trick for it to measure just the fat content of your body not the water, mass or guts. For the product to deliver accurate results, you must maintain consistent conditions.

Within the comfort of your home, you hold tightly the grip electrodes and simply press the start button. If you’re into an active lifestyle, monitoring your body fat composition is one of the best ways to ascertain long term success. Try not to use the tool when you’re dehydrated or with a full bladder. You’ll experience accurate results as long as those guidelines are adhered to.

Omron hbf-306c Notable Features:

Value – it comes with the features to handle up to 9 different profiles, thus making it ideal for large families on a budget. It’s like each user has unique version of the fat monitoring tool once turned on.

Distinctions – this fat loss monitor is both stylish and portable at the same time. The micro-electrical current it uses to measure your body’s fat index is delivered using the latest in digital and medical technology. The results will include the body mass index and the body fat percentage. The two included “AA” will last you about one year with regular use.

Calculation Method – the method use by this device is more accurate than using the Hydrostatic measurement method. Dunking one under water to get body fat measurement is getting old and cumbersome, thus paving the way for Omron body fat analyzer accuracy for all to admire.

Analyzing Process – the process of analyzing and displaying your results can take just a few seconds to accomplish. You have the ability to change the readings unit from popular US system to the worldly acceptable metric system.

Operating Modes – within the tool are two distinctive modes, which can be used by those exercising or just doing normal daily activities. The normal mode will be ideal for those into light exercising to reduce weight. The athletes’ mode is geared for those into intense physical workout with high muscle mass.

Batteries – the power for the device is derived from 2 “AA” batteries. A good brand of double “A” battery will last you about one year with regular use. You get an initial supply of durable batteries with your purchase.

Omron body fat analyzer review of model hbf-306c proves the device is just what you need to monitor your body’s fat index. It has a friendly user interface, and can be mastered in just a few minutes by just about anyone regardless of age. Most important of all, this best fat loss monitor is truly affordable!

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