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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

As you look around your home gym, can you tell what fitness equipment can be added to enhance you workout results. There are many spinning bike benefits one can get from indoor cycling, and one of the best products one can use is the sunny health & fitness SF-B901 pro indoor cycling bike.

This Sunny spin bike model SF-B901 is an entry level exercise fitness tool, with beginner-friendly features. It is a good product one can use to begin a spinning program in the comfort of your own home.

While it might be missing some of the advanced features found in high-end models, it has the basic stuff you need to lose weight or build a better physique.

Sunny health & fitness SF-B901 not only has a solid design, the pricing makes it truly affordable for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. This fitness bike from Sunny health is extremely easy to use, and can be mastered in just a few cycling sessions.

Let’s Look at the Included Features:

Sunny pro indoor cycling bike model SF-B901 has solid and well deserving sturdy design, while also being lightweight as compared to other spin bikes found on the marketplace.

It has a 40 pounds flywheel, which helps to help make the product totally stable. The heavier flywheel is what ensures a smoother and sleek indoor cycling ride.

This indoor cycling bike has adjustable handlebars and seat, thus making it easier to customize the fitness equipment to suit your personal needs. This bike can help you avoid the personal injuries common with some cheaper spin bikes from questionable manufacturers.

Sunny health pro indoor cycling bike design is friendly to shorter and taller indoor cyclist at the same time. The different adjustable features guarantee much riding comfort, regardless of your height.

No one wants to experience blisters or soreness while trying to get in shape, and the padded handlebars on this product guarantee those afflictions will not come your way.

This sunny health and fitness exercise bike has dimensions of 48.5 x 20 x 46.5 inches; while weighing only 97.2 pounds. It is capable of supporting user weight up to 275 pounds.

One of the most annoying aspects of riding an indoor spinning bike is the problem of feet coming off the pedals as you conduct your workout.

As luck would have it, the fairly affordable stationary spin bike comes with pedal straps to ensure your feet will remain in place no matter how hard you pedal during your workout routines. Best of all, the straps are designed to accommodate different shoe sizes.

How about the Company behind the Cycling Bike?

This fine company has been around for over 15 years, and they make many fitness products in different niches of this ever growing market.

Some of the top sports gear and equipment can be attributed to this fast growing manufacturer, and the increasing sales can be traced to its commitment to bringing to the public very high-quality products.

You can find more indoor cycling bikes made by this company through our earlier reviews of best spin bikes one can use for weight loss.

How about Assembly Time?

Sunny health & fitness pro indoor cycling bike SF-B901 comes to you partially pre-assembled, but you do need to complete the process to make it functional.

All the required installation tools are included for your personal use, and you can have one up and running in less than one hour.

The included installation guide is both detailed and diagrammed, with each step clearly shown and explained. If you can follow simple instructions, you can have this indoor spin bike up and running in no time at all.

What about Existing User Reviews?

From all our fitness equipment reviews, we constantly stress the importance of reading existing customer feedbacks before making your final purchase decision.

Despite the affordable price, most of the current feedbacks for this product can be called positive. You can read some of the customer reviews at this online resource.

Over 95% of current users love the indoor spin bike, and most would gladly recommend the brand to all looking to lose weight or stay in shape with a better physique.

What about any Drawbacks?

Rarely do we come across fitness equipment without any negative issues from current users, and this model is no exception. The biggest complaint from even the users that love the spin bike is the short warranty terms.

You only get one year for the frame and 90-days for the mechanical parts. It also lacks a computer screen or board one can use to track performance, as you pedal away those extra pounds.

Should You Buy One?

The final decision to buy the SF-B901 pro indoor cycling bike is up to you but judging by the included features and pricing, the decision would be a sound one.

While it lacks some of the computer enabled features found in higher end spin bikes, it does have what you need to build a better physique or shape.

SF-B901 pro indoor cycling bike is built by a company known for quality fitness products, and most important of all, most of the current users gave high ratings to the performance one can get from using this fitness tool within the comfort of your own home.

Here is a Good Video about the bike and how to assemble one

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