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P90x Reviews: Does it Contain Best Exercises to Lose Weight?

Let me get straight to the point, this P90x reviews is not intended to convince you to buy the best workout videos one can use to lose weight. I am sure you’ve seen the infomercials on TV, with the heavy emphasis on the needed exercises if you needed to stay in shape, or how to build up a better physique.

I have looked at several best home workout DVDs geared towards men or women, and my intention is to just present the known facts, about the home exercise program called PX90 workout.

Let me be clear, this how to exercise to lose weight video series is not for everyone. If you hate getting off your couch and doing some type of daily workout routine, this fitness program will not make you change.

This best workout DVD will help someone tired of looking a certain way, or those determined to create a better shape or physique in just 90 days.

Being in shape or muscularly fit for a guy, do come with certain privileges most overweight people cannot even begin to fathom. Let’s begin by examining why these top workout videos have sold over 5 million copies worldwide. What exactly are PX90 extreme home fitness videos?

What is P90x?

Even after watching the popular commercials several times over, it took a lot of research time to determine that P90x actually stands for Power 90 Extreme workout. One of the most important creators of the best exercise plan for weight loss is Tony Horton. We’ll take a closer look at him and the company called Beach Body LLC later on in this P90x review.

This review will be based on the original P90x DVD Workout. Since it is so popular, the creators tried to create other series with the same workout routines with just different names. Your initial purchase of this home fitness training programs will come with the following items in your delivery package, regardless if you bought one for less.

Included Materials in Your Beach Body P90x

You get 12 workout DVDs – all detailed with workout routines one can use to build a new and better body within ninety days. I will explain what each video will do for you, later on in this P90x workout review.

Fitness Guide – this is probably as good as it gets, as far as good home workout videos are concerned. You get to use a detailed exercise schedule for the next 90 days. It gives you what exercise to do on each day. You get the ability to know the right way to conduct the exercises for best weight loss results.

You’ll Like the 3-Phase Nutrition Guide – what you consume on a daily basis as you work out, is just as crucial as the exercises you do on a daily basis. You’ll be given the list of best foods to eat if you want to have the energy to do your workouts and lose those extra pounds as you tone your muscles in the right places.

You get to use a detailed workout calendar – It gives you the ability watch you progress. You can also use it to track your fitness goals and results.

You also get 24/7 access to full online support. You’re free to interact with extensive peer group or fitness experts, to keep you motivated.

The company behind this home fitness DVDs is called BeachBody LLC. Some of the most popular workout videos for men or women were created by the same company.

What about the Creator of P90 workout – Tony Horton

After millions of infomercials on television, this guy is now well known all over America. His full name is Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr, and he was born on July 2, 1958. He grew up in a small town called Trumbull, in the state of Connecticut.

His father served three years in the military ROTC program. His interest in fitness grew from residing in different military bases all over the world. He attended the University of Rhode Island, and his interest in fitness issues took off when he participated in a weightlifting class out of boredom.

After graduation, he moved to California and worked as a comedian and gofer at the 20th Century Fox movie production facility. An executive at the company wanted a more buffed physique, and Tony decided to teach him for $20 per session. He worked out of his garage and as word got out; his clientele list grew to include Billy Idol, Tom Petty, and Annie Lennox.

You can find him in the early version of Thighmaster infomercial, and he also worked briefly as a spokesperson for NordicTrack. His big break into super celebrity and millionaire status can be attributed to the astounding success of the best home workout DVD called P90x.

Does P90x Really Work?

Most people want to know if the P90x best workout videos for women and men will work for them. It is not for the faint of heart, neither will it do anything to make you get ripped unless you apply everything taught in the program for the next 90 days.

I must confess, the developers took the time to provide needed resources for those with motivational issues. The ingredient to making this P90x exercises work for your situation is dedication. Your desire to create a better-looking physique is what you need to bring on a daily basis if you want to get the best out of the best workout DVDs.

So, will the home exercise program from Beach Body LLC work for you? In my humble opinion and from the hundreds of testimonials I examined, it is one of the most amazing workout videos for women and men, provided you bring along your enthusiasm to get in shape or buffed.

What about the P90x Workout Videos?

The program is designed to help you lose weight and stay in shape, but you’ll need to bring the right attitude to experience tremendous fitness results. You get twelve DVDs in your delivery package, and each is designed to work certain area of your body.

The effectiveness of the P90x workout program can be traced to the fact that real people are featured performing the exercises on your video screen. Each of the videos will give you a brief introduction into what to expect.

The P90x program includes 12 workout videos, and they are:

Chest and Back – you’ll go through many different exercises, all designed to work the muscles in your chest and back. You’ll be doing a lot of push-ups and pull-ups, as excellently demonstrated in the section of the P90x workout routine. It will help you build strength, as you develop your new shape.

Plyometrics – This is the workout routine that’ll make you start feeling the effects of the popular best exercise DVDs. You’ll be required to conduct 30 jumping moves that are both explosive and invigorating. You’re bound to feel the effects in your lower and upper muscles. This is more like jump training, and each one will give you better stamina while also enabling superior athletic performance.

Yoga X – The name made me chuckle a little bit, for it has nothing to do with actual yoga meditation. So do not be fooled by the name, for it might be the most intense of all the workout routines in this home DVD program. You have to perform seated poses, yoga poses, twisting poses, and stretching poses. You finish by performing one of the most intense Ab workouts one can find in any workout videos for women and men.

Shoulders, Chest and Triceps – The amazing moves in this section are designed to target both your small and large muscles in those body parts. You’ll find yourself doing plenty of presses and flys, to help increase your endurance level. You’ll feel the moves mostly in your upper body area.

Your Legs and Back – You’ll be required to lunge, squat and pull for a complete total body workout. The key essence of these workout routines is to strengthen your leg muscles. Expect to feel most of the effects of these exercises in your legs and thigh regions of your body. Your legs needs to be developed for your new physique, and the exercises will make that happen in due time.

Back and Biceps – to get your biceps and back muscles stronger you have to perform many pulling movements. For ladies, try to go easy on these exercises, unless you want to bulk-up your bicep muscles. On the other hand, it is the ideal home exercises to develop nicely sculpted arms.

Shoulders and Arms – Your new physique will not be complete without well-defined shoulders and arms. This is one of the most important potent combinations of curling, pressing and fly movements one can conduct for stronger and perfect shoulders and arms.

Core Synergistics – If you can get past the odd sounding name, the exercises are designed in such a way that other muscle groups will start to support your core, which is your trunk and lumbar spine muscles. These are the exercise that will give you that conditioned and toned body you’ve always wanted.

Kenpo X – The kicking and punching moves packed into this routine, will workout your cardiovascular muscles. The exercises in this section are designed to give you better flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination. The name might sound odd, but the exercise moves are potent as can be!

X Stretch – This is more than just stretching exercises. It is designed to help make your core muscles stronger while helping to forestall injuries. The stretching moves are probably derived from other disciplines like yoga, karate, and intense sports. You definitely will be sweating after going through the detailed exercises.

Ab Ripper – Who wouldn’t want a more ripped Ab? I know most guys would, and the included workout routines will make that happen faster than you think. There are eleven exercises in this section, and each will contribute to giving you much stronger abdominal strength with a perfectly toned Ab.

Cardio X – If you want to burn additional calories, this is the ideal exercises to engage in. You can also do just these exercises, if you want a break from all the high-impact workouts found in the other videos.

Those are the 12 DVDs included in your P90x, and each is tailored to get your body toned within just 90 days with the right commitment. When you look at your before and after pictures after completing this program, you’re bound to be astounded by the amazing body transformation that has occurred.

Bottom Line:

Included in your P90 workout, are best exercises one can use to lose weight. The series of workout videos for women and men, will deliver potent results provided you stick to the routines on a daily basis. After examining many P90x reviews, I can assure you of the effectiveness of this program.

It is also true those best workouts DVDs are just as effective as the person using them. With over 5 million units sold worldwide, the included exercises in this best workout videos will help you create a new figure or physique, within just ninety days.

P90x is the best weight loss program I have seen with provable and actionable results. If you want additional performance metrics, you can read some of the P90 reviews from happy customers like yourself, by clicking the link below.

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