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Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Once in a while you come across fitness equipment like the sole fitness E35 elliptical machine, with a hefty price tag. It comes with perfect features and dimensions, but can you get the same elliptical machine benefits from lesser priced products?

After many years of buying different types of home gym workout tools, I lean towards the meaning of the adage, “you get what you pay for”. In this Sole E35 reviews, I will try to give you the facts about the best elliptical machine, and let you decide if your finances can enable you to benefit from the many health and fitness workout results openly discussed in online forums.

The aesthetic design of the sole fitness E35 elliptical machine is more than pleasing to the eyes. This elliptical trainer is smooth, and you can get substantial workouts from just using the multiple preset exercise programs.

You’ll never be bored from using this “bad boy” as it has about 20 different resistance levels, while also offering differing ramp angles. You’re able to create two user profiles to keep separate workout data results, which makes it the ideal stay in shape home gym equipment for husband and wife, or couples in love.

The fact that you can easily adjust the length of the stride from 20 to 22 inches, will allow you to get a full body workout. Remember, elliptical machines are similar in motion to fast walking or running, depending on how you’re using the product. Each step creates motion and synergy, which helps to induce faster calorie burning, as it tones many of your lower and upper body muscles.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Sole E35 Dimensions

What is the point of buying home gym fitness equipment if you do not have the space for it. This home gym elliptical has the following dimensions

Width 27 inches
Height 58 inches
Depth 83 inches

Elliptical sole E35 weighs about 215 pounds, while it is capable of supporting user weigh up to 375 pounds.

E35 Sole Elliptical Warranty

Before we get to the amazing features, let’s look closely at the warranty terms. Since this is a worthy investment that can pay dividends in better physical health, one must know what is actually covered, in case of any factory defect issues.

The most important and most expensive part of an elliptical machine is the frame, and that is covered with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

All the other parts including electrical items are covered by a five year limited warranty by the manufacturer.

You get two years labor warranty. An extended warranty plan with free in-home service is also available for purchase, for additional peace of mind as you put the machine through its paces.

How solid is the Manufacturer?

I have to confess that the durability of any home fitness equipment is based on the reliability of the manufacturer. The company behind E35 elliptical machine is as solid as a rock! SOLE Fitness is well known within the fitness equipment industry for creating top quality exercise equipment, that’s beloved by tens of thousands of consumers all over the world.

In the USA and Canada, this is the fastest growing brand within this niche fitness product market. You might not have heard of the company because they used to primarily market the high-end elliptical machines to luxury hotels and residential homes.

You can also read about superb performance results from their line of treadmills, recumbent bikes, and rowers. Here is the from this fast growing conglomerate.

Sole E35 Reviews


Sole Fitness E35 Features:

Since you can easily adjust the stride length from 20 to 22 inches, all riders of different shapes and sizes can be easily accommodated.

With 20 resistance levels to choose from, your workout routines will never get boring. Best of all, you can change the levels by just pushing a button that’s conveniently located within the handle bars.

The handlebars are made from strong durable materials, and offer you multiple grip positions to select from for your workout routines.

The flywheel is made from heavy duty aluminum. The included friction-less resistance design keeps the elliptical machine from Sole fitness as quiet as a mouse.

You get to experience up to 30° of incline, and all can be enabled from the auto controls embedded on the handlebars.

This is probably the only high-end elliptical machine with two ways to monitor your heart rate. There are sensitive sensors embedded within the handlebar grips, or one can use the included chest strap, if you’re looking for more hands free application.

The over-sized foot pedals were designed with major input from certified physical therapists. Both are fully adjustable, and can offer a 2° inward slope. You feel almost no ankle or knee strain, as your strides will emulate your natural way of walking or running.

Even if you’re using it in a hot climate environment, the built-in cooling fan system will keep you cool as you conduct your exercise routines on the elliptical machine from Sole fitness.

The well positioned water bottle holder is deep, and will accommodate most fluid containers. No more trips to the kitchen, as the hydration fluids will be within your fingertips as you go through the paces of your workout.

To guarantee that this home gym elliptical machine does not move as you use it, there are 6 rubber floor rests included with your delivery to offer much needed stability. The floor mats will help keep the machine stable, regardless of what type of flat surface you have within your living quarters.

Not only can the whisper quiet drive system support user weight up to 375 pounds, you get to also experience the power of the latest in forward and reverse motion technology.

sole E35 elliptical

The handlebars that are designed to move along with your strides can be adjusted to suit your riding style. The stationary handle bars have the heart rate sensors, and some of the controls for the features of the sole E35 elliptical.

It has a console with an easy to use LCD display. You can output the music on your digital devices through the integrated speaker system. Just imagine jamming to your favorite songs from your iPod or MP3 player, as you shed those extra pounds. It has backlit technology, which makes it easier to track all the essential training data accumulated through your workouts.

What about the Assembly?

This is heavy duty fitness equipment, and you should give it the required space if you want a great workout experience every time you use it. The product weight is about 215-pound weight, but the delivery weight is at least 50 pounds more than that, due to padding and protection materials used in shipping.

All the tools you need to make this fitness home gym elliptical machine working the right way, is included in the delivery package. The installation manual is as detailed as can be. The major parts come to you intact, but you’ll need to attach all the little parts before you can start getting the benefits of using the product.

Here is a great installation video for those dreading the process. If you take it one step at a time, its not as difficult as most people think.

Any Drawbacks?

The only con I can think of is the pricing for the sole fitness E35 elliptical machine. This is the type of fitness product that last for decades, provided you treat it with the upmost care that it deserves.

The installation routine might be challenging to some people, but all you the tools and detailed diagrams you need to get it done is included in your delivery package. Best of all, I found one of the most detailed video installation guide (above) from a current user of the elliptical machine.

Should You Buy the E35 Sole Elliptical?

sole E35Through this sole E35 elliptical review, I have tried to take you through some of the most obvious questions that arise during the buying process. After concluding you can afford or finance one, you’ll need to measure your living quarters for the needed space.

The warranty of the sole E35 is pretty good for what it covers. Vast majority of the current users of the sole E35 elliptical machine love it, and most would gladly recommend it to friends and all those looking for a good workout product one can use at home to stay in shape.

So, it’s time for you to decide! Can you afford sole fitness E35 elliptical machine? This is an investment in your health, and any fitness equipment that can help you stay in good shape should always be considered priceless! At least check out all the details, with the awesome customer reviews and sole E35 elliptical best price, by clicking the link below.

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