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Total Gym XLS Reviews

I am sure you’ve seen the popular infomercial starring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley hawking the total gym XLS workouts. Truth be told, my usual inclination when it comes one is to turn the dial, but I felt different about this home fitness equipment.

If you like to get a new physique or stay in shape, this product has all the workout accessories you’ll need and more. Before getting deeper into the total gym XLS reviews, you should know about two important issues with this workout tool.

It is pricey, and you do need to bring your enthusiasm for getting buffed if you expect to see any visible results. While the total body gym has all the tools you need to workout your lower and upper body muscles, nothing about doing the exercises is easy.

Total Gym XLS Reviews

I know watching the commercials you might get the wrong idea that the product will do all the work. Nothing could be further from the truth! I was determined to get my muscles toned, and I managed to get the purchase price through my finances.

My new total gym XLS arrived within 7 days, and I was excited like a kid in a candy store. One major shocker for all those dreading or not used to installing fitness equipment, this “bad boy” comes to you 97% assembled.

The design of the chuck Norris total gym XLS is ingenious to say the least. You can have one up and running within just a few minutes. The dimension for the total gym XLS workout machine is 90 x 19 x 43 inches, and weighs about 83 pounds. It can support user weight up to 400 pounds.

Your total gym XLS accessories include: Ribbed Squat Stand, Training Deck, Exercise Chart, 5 Workout DVDs, Wing Attachment, Leg Pull Accessory, and Nutritional/Meal Planning Guide. Before even conducting my first workout routine on the home fitness total body gym machine, I was impressed.

While you might be tempted to just start working out on your new muscle trainer, may I suggest you read the manual thoroughly for safety reasons? The design of the total body gym will allow you to perform about 80 different exercises, which will help strengthen your entire body muscles.

Here are Some of the Features

The ergonomic body is made from durable steel. It is rugged and sturdy, because the frame is powder coated in black/chrome finish. The upholstered vinyl finish has a plush look and feel to it. I am thrilled they choose the black/blue combination for the vinyl color.

Once you’re done with your exercises, this total body workout machine can be folded and put away for easy storage. If you have the space in your living quarters, you might be tempted to leave it ready to use. Trust me, it will compliment your living quarters, provided you can keep your friends from abusing it.

The compact design of the total gym XLS trainer comes with much need flexibility and adjustment features. The position of the equipment can be adjusted to suit your workout style. You also have the option of doing without the wheels, handles and bench, based on the type of exercises you’re doing.

The total gym XLS instructions are as complete as can be. You get a total fitness program to support your workout goals. The step by step guide is what you need to take the guesswork out of what workout routines you need to be doing to get into shape, within a short period of time.

The included 5 workout DVDs will get you going in the right direction, while the training deck, exercise wall chart, and nutritional meal planning will keep you motivated. The included eighty different exercises will help you target all your muscle groups. It is the ideal home workout machine for strength training, cardio and stretching.

While no assembly is required per se, you do need to pull and stretch a few sections to get it functional for your workout routines. The Total XLS home gym is delivered 97% assembled, and the remaining steps are easy and you’ll be guided.

I am not a fan of letting friends use your home gym fitness equipment, but I did make an exception for a good friend trying to recover from some leg injuries. The muscles in his legs got stronger with some of the included workout routines, and within 30 days he was as good as new. The only bad thing is that he visits three to four times every week, thus depriving me of my privacy.

Pros and Cons of the Total Gym XLS


It is one of the best fitness equipment you can use for full total body workout

You’re able to customize your workout routines to suit your fitness goals and style.

The most important part of any fitness machine like this is the frame, and it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

You’ll not get bored using this fitness machine as it comes with 80 different exercises you can implement as you see fit.

Total Gym XLS is designed to support user weight up to 400 pounds.

You get the use of the latest Dan Isaacson’s meal plan and nutritional program.

This fitness equipment for your home gym is compact, solid and capable of helping you lose weight or build a better physique.

Since little or no complicated assembly is required, this machine is suitable for beginners and fitness veterans at the same time.


The pricing might keep it out of the reach of many folks. But on the other hand, the price you spend on Starbucks coffee for two months, should be sufficient to buy this home fitness equipment with all its benefits.

You get no option for adding additional weights, which is not a problem for most users except those training for Olympic competition.

While the frame is covered by a lifetime warranty, other parts are only covered by a six months warranty.

Unfortunately, this product cannot be shipped to any military address, or the states of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

The Bottom Line:

I know it is not the home gym equipment for everyone due to the pricing. But remember, good things do not come cheap. I like the fact that very minimal assembly is required to get it functional. It has an impressive compact design one can use to get in shape or build a better physique. Your body weight is used to create most of the resistance.

The fact that it can support user weight up to 400 pounds is an added bonus. The lifetime warranty of the frame is a good thing. All the total gym XLS accessories are just as solid, and you’re bound to have much fun using this fitness machine like I did.

You can find the total gym XLS manual – here! For those in search of a good deal on the product, the total gym XLS best price can be found through the link underneath the images or below.


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