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Review of the Omron Blood Pressure Cuff: Model BP652

As humans, one of the things we should do on a regular basis is to monitor our blood pressure, and one of the best products to use is the Omron BP652.

This best automatic blood pressure monitor is worn on your wrist with a slim design, and can be as accurate as can be. This is one of the most recommended best blood pressure cuffs by doctors and pharmacist worldwide.

Omron 7 series is made to activate as soon as your wrist is at your heart level. You’ll see a flashing blue indicator light that’ll confirm you’re in the correct position, with the most amazing accurate readings.

You can use this portable product discretely almost anywhere. It has a hypertension icon alert that sounds when your readings exceed the internationally recognized levels.

You don’t have to look at the Omron blood pressure cuff every minute, but you’ll be able to see three of your last readings that were established within the last 10 minutes.

Omron BP652 best blood pressure cuff works by utilizing the latest smart Heart Guide Technology.

Some Facts about Blood Pressure

If your heart stops beating, you’ll be dead within a few minutes seconds or minutes. It is your most important organ, and the constant blood supply is crucial to how it works. The way you monitor your blood pressure level is by using a good blood pressure monitor cuff.

Before we get to what the numbers mean, you should know that one in three living adults in America experiences some form of high blood pressure in their lifetime.

High blood pressure can lead to strokes, heart attacks, blindness, and kidney failure. You can take a step towards better health, by monitoring your own blood pressure at home. With a healthy heartbeat, you get to experience a healthy lifestyle.

Omron BP652 Features

This blood pressure monitor uses the latest eheart guide technology, to deliver the most accurate readings. It has a blue and an orange indicator lights to increase your insights into how your blood pressure is, and should be.

This best blood pressure cuff can be used by two active users to monitor their own blood pressure levels. It has two user modes, which is made possible with the memory storage capacity of the Omron blood pressure cuff.

This cuff for monitoring your own blood pressure will deliver accurate readings that are easily compatible with international reading standards.

The slim design will allow you to use this cuff almost anywhere. Be it at work, home or gym, you can wear this Omron cuff discretely and most effectively.

Why wait till you collapse from a heart attack when this product can monitor any irregular heartbeats. An indicator icon will appear on the digital screen, thus giving you enough time to consult with a competent medical professional.

With just the touch of a button, you can see and review your blood pressure readings for the past eight weeks. This makes it easier to know your blood pressure averages.

This unit uses 2 “AAA” batteries and has been proven to be one of the most accurate blood pressure reading tools you can buy online.

Apart from coming with a 5 years warranty, you also get a cute carrying case for easier storage.

What is the Meaning of the Numbers?

While understanding the numbers is not difficult with the Omron BP652, we thought some explanation is necessary. The screen display is digital, and the numbers are shown in large labels and fonts with a moveable tab on the side.

The top number displayed mainly relates to the Systolic pressure. This is the pressure that is created when your heart contracts as it pumps blood throughout your body.

The bottom number displayed relates to the Diastolic Pressure. This is the pressure that occurs between beats, as your heart relaxes.

These two unique numbers combine in a unique way to give you your own unique blood pressure readings.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Tips

Your own blood pressure numbers will change depending on the hours of the day. Your readings can be vastly different in the morning than at night.

Just to make sure you’re getting the right blood pressure readings, refrain from measuring your blood pressure after the following activities.

You should wait over 30 minutes after engaging in the following activities:

After Drinking Alcohol

You should be monitoring your blood pressure on a regular basis, and one of the best products to use is the Omron BP652 best wrist blood pressure monitor.

The company behind this product is well regarded on a worldwide basis and produces other useable health related products.

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