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Can You Trust the Tropicana Orange Juice Ingredients List?

I used to be among the millions of gullible consumers that bought orange juice from the supermarket because it had on the label, 100% juice and not made from concentrate. Tropicana orange juice and other manufacturers can get away with these lies because of our archaic labeling laws. So based on what I discovered while researching this article, the Tropicana orange juice ingredients list cannot be trusted.

If you’re just like me, and did your food purchase because you trusted what’s on the label, the findings from my research might make you think twice before you touch any packaged brand of orange juice again. Have you ever wondered why every carton of Tropicana OJ tastes the same? From my experiment at home for this article, I soon discovered that every will taste different depending on the source of the oranges used.

Just like your regular soft drinks, beverages that taste the same all the time is because of a carefully implemented recipe. Your store orange juice is consistently flavorful due to chemicals added to it. Let’s take a closer look at the way orange juices are made for the millions of consumers.

Tropicana Orange Juice Ingredients List

The harvested oranges are stored in a giant silo, and sometimes induced to ripen before they are ready for juice extraction. The squeezed juice is put into a huge holding air sealed tank, and with the aid of science, the oxygen from the stored juice is carefully removed.

Two things will happen when you suck out oxygen from stored OJ. The juice extract will last up to one year without spoiling, but the taste will be bland as hell. Aseptic storage is the most common type used to keep the squeezed orange juice from going bad.

Consumers will not buy that bland taste, which is why another step is implemented to introduce taste to the juice before it is packaged for sale. The ingredients added to Tropicana orange juice are not included on the label. I should probably say the hidden ingredients are not included in the labeling for consumers to know what they’re truly buying.

The de-oxygenated orange juice needs flavoring, so the common practice among all the major manufacturers is to use “flavor packs” to make it tasteful. The companies that formulate your favorite colognes and perfumes are some of the major manufacturers of flavor packs for the juice industry. The ingredients included in flavor packs are not included on the label because they’re derived from oil and orange essence.

How the oil and orange essence are derived or extracted is a well-guarded secret, but we know chemicals are used, they then turn around and call it natural process. From industry critics, the packs added to the juice made for the North American market contains a significant amount of ethyl butyrate, which is also heavily used in martinis, daiquiris and other alcoholic beverages.

This toxic substance is also valuable as a plasticizer for cellulose. You mean to tell me this chemical that is widely used in the perfume industry is present in all the packaged OJ including Tropicana, yes. What this stuff does to the human body has not being fully established, but we know it’s not good at all.

What Can You Do

First of all, stop buying Tropicana orange juice and all the other brands. The added chemicals are what makes them last for so long, and give it that sugary taste. Just drinking bottled or packaged orange juice will make you gain weight, while also loading this toxic chemical into your system.

I urge you not to trust the Tropicana orange juice calories listed on the packaging, since some of the crucial ingredients are not included on the label. Start squeezing your own fresh orange juice at home. You can also try eating whole oranges to get all the nutrients that are good for your body. Also when you eat the oranges, you’ll not be over-loading your body with natural sugar.

While the Tropicana orange juice ingredients list is within the letter of the law, it is quite deceptive to say the least. Thanks to the insiders that have spoken out to expose this fraud on the American consumers, you should do your part by withholding your dollars by not buying any type of packaged juices.

The truth is that freshly squeezed orange juice that is good for your body will only last a few days at most. The ones you buy at your local supermarket are engineered to last about one year. You deserve to start treating your body like a temple, by curtailing the amount of toxic chemicals that comes with the food you eat.

Now you know why the rate of all types of cancer is up dramatically all across the United States. The least you could do is not buy any more packaged orange juice, and drink only freshly squeezed juice that you make at home. You simply cannot trust the Tropicana orange juice nutrition facts included on the label anymore!

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