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Best Home blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

With the amazing advances in wearable technology, it is now possible to check your own blood pressure safely in your own home. If your have high blood pressure symptoms, one of this blood pressure tester can be the difference between staying alive and living healthy, or dead.

Even the American heart Association and other top organizations highly recommend those with high blood pressure get one of this best home blood pressure monitor, and use it to keep track of the many fluctuations of blood pressure readings.

A good unit will enable you to keep track of your blood pressure readings in your own home, thus allowing you time to note the effectiveness of your medication. A good wearable blood pressure monitor will alert you and your doctors about any potential health issues, which mean surprise attacks from sudden spikes in blood pressure readings, will be avoided.

You can get a blood pressure measuring device without a prescription, but you still need to know the right technique of how to find a good brand. Before we get to some of the best home blood pressure monitor brands we reviewed, let’s look at the types of home blood monitors you can buy safely online.

Most Popular Types of Blood Pressure Home Monitors

Today, you can find good blood pressure monitors on sale online, at most pharmacies and medical supply stores. All good monitors will have basically the same parts; an inflatable strap or cuff, a gauge to see the readouts, and some of the older models will have a stethoscope.

The Cuff Models – the most wearable blood pressure monitor will come in a cuff design. It will have an inner layer that is made of rubber, and it’s designed to squeeze your arm as it fills with air. The best cuff blood monitoring brands will have an outer layer that is made from nylon, with a fastener to hold it in place. You’ll find that taking your blood pressure at home is easier with this type.

Gauge – with the rapid advances in technology, most of the blood pressure monitors with manual or digital gauges can be found in doctors’ offices worldwide. Consumers prefer digital models by a wide margin when you look at the sales data.

Stethoscope – this model is mostly used by doctors, but you can still find some sold for home use if you know how it works. Unless you have the right training in how to interpret the sounds that you hear, this type is best left to medical professionals.

While there is still some blood pressure measuring devices with gauges, most of the top brands will have digital technology embedded within the unit. One with digital technology is more accurate, and will have readouts that are easy to comprehend by everyone, as long as you can read.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use

1 – Omron BP786 review

In this Omron blood pressure monitor reviews, the features in this amazing unit called Omron BP786 makes it one of the top blood monitoring devices one can buy online.

When you ask critics of health products, most would agree that Omron is an established brand, with a reputation for delivering a top quality product. This blood pressure tester is far more recommended by doctors worldwide than any other brand.

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor accuracy is firmly established if you care to read the thousands of reviews posted by existing customers. With this best blood pressure cuff, you can easily track 200 past readings using your smartphone, iPad, or other digital devices.

To ensure digital accuracy, Omron BP786 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor comes with the latest in TruRead technology. This patented technology allows the unit to automatically conduct three consecutive readings every minute while also calculating the average.

The digital display technology is enhanced with backlit features. The digits displayed are extra-large, which makes them easier to read. While looking at the display, you’ll see multi-colored indicator lights, which compares your readings to normal blood pressure levels.

It’s good, it’s affordable, and will deliver awesome blood pressure reading results, which far surpasses what you can find with some cheaper brands.

2 – Panasonic EW3109W Portable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Panasonic blood pressure monitor is one of the top rated portable arm units within this niche specific industry. The cuff is designed to fit your arm easily, regardless of size.

This wearable blood pressure monitor cuff is able to deliver instant most accurate results with just the push of a button.

It has good LCD display technology, with a memory that can hold up to 90 readings, and will average out all your blood pressure readings over time.

Panasonic uses its own in-house digital filter technology to ensure you get accurate and up to date measurement of your blood pressure readings.

The embedded sensors are designed to detect and isolate only the required pulse oscillation, which means noise factors are eliminated for best reliable accuracy.

Panasonic EW3109W blood pressure tester has an alert warning system, for when your blood pressure reading is way too high or hypertensive. While this best home blood pressure monitor unit is not as pretty as the Omron BP786 reviewed above, you can buy one for 30% less.

3 – Omron 10 Plus Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This is another great unit for keeping track of your high blood pressure symptoms from Omron. This device will detect any irregular heartbeat while you can use the unit to do calibration system check.

With a memory storage capacity of at least 200 readings, two users can share this blood pressure reading tool with different profiles. This is an upper arm blood monitor, and it’s compatible with the legendary Microsoft health vault.

This unit from Omron has more advanced features that can deliver your past and present blood pressure readings, with just the touch of a button.

The one big difference with this unit is the AC adapter feature, which means you can plug it into your wall outlet, thus ensuring your monitor is always ready for use.

4 – Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Ozeri BP2M is not as well-known as the other top brands reviewed above, but it does deliver awesome blood pressure readings at an affordable price. The digital display screen is color coordinated to signify the type and significance of the readings.

The green color signifies your pressure is normal while orange means prehypertension and red is for hypertension. This unit can store at least 1,197 blood pressure readings, with other data like time and date of recordings included.

This wearable blood pressure monitor from Ozeri will detect irregular heartbeat, which might give the user enough time to seek professional medical assistance.

You can use this best blood pressure monitor from the comfort of your own home, and it will deliver accurate readings just like the top rated more expensive brands reviewed above. Ozeri BP2M is compact, portable and one of the simplest to use.

The needed 2 AAA batteries and a carrying case are included with your purchase. Despite the low price, the warranty offered by the manufacturer is a generous 5 years, which is probably the best within the industry.

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