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Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Before we get to the details of the nautilus R614 recumbent bike reviews, let me clue you in about the manufacturer behind this home gym fitness equipment. The same company responsible for nautilus workout equipment also controls the brand names Bowflex, Schwinn and Universal.

The same company that created the nautilus R614 is responsible for making hundreds of fitness products that’s beloved by millions of consumers world-wide.

The main parent company has been around for over 40 years, and the diverse family of cardio and strength conditioning tools can be found everywhere online. I am yet to find any niche fitness market without a dominant product from this conglomerate.

So this nautilus R614 recumbent bike is from a company that has sold millions of fitness tools all over the world. It is designed with so many features, and can be used by those looking for the same workout results one can get from using professional gym equipment.

This fitness bike from Nautilus is a good product one can use to get a full body workout, all without straining your muscles. The main advantage this one has over a regular upright bikes, is the way you can position your body in a laid back angle for best workout results.

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

In a nutshell, you can sit back comfortably as you exercise. This recumbent bike is not only comfortable to use, but it has built-in efficiency one can use to lose weight or build a better physique.

Some of the Features Present in the Nautilus R614

While the Nautilus R614 is not considered a commercial recumbent bike, the features it comes with do allow you to get the same results as you engage your workout routines.

So the notable features embedded within the R614 fitness bike are:

The seating system in a recumbent bike is primarily responsible for the comfort one can feel when using the tool. The seat on this bike is wide and can easily accommodate many different body styles and shapes. With the support of the back rest, your pedaling style can be done in the most comfortable manner.

This Nautilus recumbent bike model R614 comes with built-in acoustic chambered speakers, with an integrated MP3 docking system.

It has a media shelf one can use to hold most media digital devices like your tablet, kindle or a book. You can also use the USB charging port to charge your digital devices, including your smartphone.

Unlike other stationary bikes that require you to strap on a device on your chest to get your heart rate, this one has sensitive sensors built into the ergonomic handles. These sensors can read your heart rate instantly, as you do your bike workout routines.

The LCD computer monitors on this device uses the latest technology to give you your workout stats. The dual-track display technology allows you to view your exercise stats, while also viewing your favorite entertainment on the other one. The display technology will give you the calories burned, distance traveled, time spent, and your current heart rate numbers.

Any recumbent bike is just as effective as the resistance levels that it comes with. This model comes with 20 different resistance levels, along with 22 built-in customizable programs. This is more than enough resistance to challenge even the most experienced indoor bike cyclist.

The Nautilus Connect website allows you to setup a free account at the MyFitnessPal application tool. You can then enable your workout data to be transferred via USB to the site, for easy analysis of your stats, fitness goal and witness.

The embedded adjustable fans delivers cooler breeze throughout your workout routines.

This indoor recumbent bike is as quiet as can be, due to the way the drive system is designed and situated. The perimeter-weighted flywheel will allow you to witness a smoother ride than most people would expect.

Another great reason to consider getting this indoor recumbent bike is the awesome warranty from the manufacturer. The frame has 10 years warranty, but only 2 years for the mechanical, and one year for the electrical. You only get 90 days warranty for labor.

The total product weight is 93 pounds, while it can only support maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

How about Assembly Time?

Nautilus R614 recumbent bike comes to you partially assembled. The steps to complete the fitness bike come detailed in a diagrammed installation guide. The tools you need to put the fitness bike together is all included in your delivery package. With the detailed guide, you can have this recumbent bike from Nautilus up and running, in less than one hour.

Does it have any Drawbacks?

Like any fitness equipment, this one has a few negative feedbacks from the current users. Some users complained it came with a higher learning curve. The detailed manual is as instructive as can be, and one must take time to read it before attempting to run the bike.

Another point of gripe is about the weight of the device. Some users complained it took up too much floor space. The assembly complaints came from customers that are not used to following detailed diagrammed installation instructions. Best of all, over 90% of the current users love the performance metrics of the nautilus exercise bike

Is the Nautilus R614 Recumbent Exercise Bike Worth it?

From this nautilus R614 recumbent bike review, we do know that this fitness equipment has a lot of features one can use to lose a tremendous amount of weight within a few weeks. It is not as cheap as some of the other bikes we reviewed here, neither is it as expensive as some of the commercial grade recumbent bikes.

Nautilus R614 is loaded with good amount of resistance levels, and guarantees to deliver intense workouts provided you come ready to pedal. This fitness bike is as solid as can be, and the type of workouts you can do on it is only limited by your imagination. The warranty terms for this home gym tool is just as awesome, and the current discount price comes with FREE Delivery!

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