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Everyday Habits That Attract Germs & Best Antibacterial Wipes to Use

There are many things we humans do on a daily basis that bring more germ and bacteria into our life. Some of the activities might seem innocent at first until you pay close attention to the tremendous potential for transfer of deadly bacteria.

While it is not good to isolate yourself from other human beings, you do need to exercise greater caution, if you want to remain very healthy. Here are some of the activities can create the potential for more deadly germ transfer into our daily living.

Washing Your Hands

You should be washing your hands every time you do certain activities. While most people are aware that one should wash hands after every bathroom break, studies show over 50% fail to use bacterial soap.

I recently stopped going to my local Starbucks when I discovered the bathroom for both workers and patrons lacked the required sanitary products. Do you wash your hands often? Pay close attention to your local restaurant by asking to use the bathroom. What you find might make you start cooking your own food for good.

What Else Do You Use Your Kitchen Sink For?

You’ll be surprised to discover what people do in their kitchen sink. While it is the right place for food preparation, people also use it to wash other stuff. I have seen friends wash shoe soles in their kitchen sink while some bathed the small cute dog in there.

Some are used to brushing their teeth in the kitchen sink or washing dirty clothes. If we took a poll, a high percentage of Americans do spit in the kitchen sink regularly. Which one are you guilty of?

Drinking Out of the Container

Most people would not think twice before offering you drink from a container they put to their lips to drink out of. When out at a friend’s house or at a local restaurant, rarely do I accept a glass of water or glass of wine. I prefer bottled drinks or water to make sure all is well and safe.

I am sure you’ve done it once or twice, drinking out of the carton of juice or wine bottle and then offer the same drink to a guest at a later date. While everyone knows it is a nasty habit, more people are guilty of the behavior than you know.

Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is just asking for bacteria and germs to come right into your internal organs. Your hands and nails carry more deadly germs than you care to know about and using your teeth to conduct manicure techniques is not the healthiest thing to do, regardless of how clean you might think your hands are.

Nibbling Pencils or Pen

This is another habit that most people do without even realizing it. When I look at my collection of pens, I would be lying if I told you the origin of each one. Pens and pencils travel, and they do it just as fast as money.

Your writing instrument is not clean, regardless of how many times you wipe it off with best antibacterial wipes. Most of the transfer of germs among kids or adults can be traced to this type of unhealthy behavior.

Do You Pick Your Nose?

Most people do, including this clean freak writer. I have tried my utmost best to cut if off, as I know of the tremendous potential to transfer germs. Why would you put your fingers with all the hidden bacteria into your nostrils? That habit is unhealthy, and can cause you many illnesses.

Do You Pick Your Skin?

This is another habit that’s more common than we all realize. Most try to do in the privacy of their homes, but the transfer of germs is still present. If you suffer from acne or other skin conditions, picking on them will not help matters.

In fact from many health studies, every time you touch a skin breakout it gets worse. Simply get the right treatment, and let it heal without introducing more germs from your hands or fingers.

Is Your Cellphone Constantly Attached Close to Your Face?

I can assure you that your cell phone is probably just as dirty as your toilet at home. That device gets more abuse than most would care to admit. Your smartphone houses more germs and bacteria than you care to know, but they can still create health problems.

You should constantly wipe off your talking device with best antibacterial wipes, especially if you have it close to your face and mouth for many hours in the day

Using public pens

That pen you just used to sign the credit card bill was also used by dozens of patrons that same day. Whatever was on that pen from the other patrons, just got transferred to your hands without your say-so. Did you just pick on your bread or cake with the same hands? Little things like that, is how we get the germs that cause us to get sick.

Do You Like to Eat at Your Local all-You-Can-Eat-Buffet?

I stopped visiting a popular all you can eat buffet in my city when I observed the nasty habits of the other patrons. People did not care how they handled the utensils to get the food, neither did the restaurant owner.

I saw dirty hands, reused dirty plates, including sneezing and coughing right next to the massive collection of different foods. I am not asking you to stop patronizing your favorite buffet restaurant, but go at the opening hour rather than later.

What about Your Local Gym Equipment?

The germs floating around your local gym equipment is a hidden secret. Do you know that sweat is a form of waste from the human internal organs? Simply getting on the machine without wiping it off, is simply asking for more germs to be introduced into your life than you want. A good gym should have hand sanitizer stations for such healthy purposes.

Some of the Best Antibacterial Hand Wipes are:

You can reduce or eliminate your chances of introducing more germs into your life by using the following hand antibacterial wipes during your daily activities. Here are some of the best individual hand wipes one can buy for less online.

Germ-X Antibacterial Soft Hand Wipes Singles

I like this brand because each is individually wrapped for easy on the go use. This antibacterial soft wipe can kill 99.99% of most common and harmful bacteria within the first 15 seconds.

The germ x wipes are made from durable spun lace fabric, which have better performance metrics than the cheaper pressed paper wipes. Since each Germ-x antibacterial soft wipe is individually wrapped, you can easily take as many as you want, before leaving your home.

PURELL Sanitizing Hand Wipes

This is a cheaper brand of hand sanitizer wipes with good feedback and performance metrics from current users. You get 100 units in each Purell sanitizing wipes box, and each is individually wrapped.

Each sanitizing hand wipes measures about 5 x 7 inches, and can be used to eliminate the presence of dirt and germs, even while you’re away from home. PURELL sanitizing hand wipes are the perfect alternatives when water and soap are not available.

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes

This is also an excellent brand of best antibacterial wipes from a company called Wet Ones. It is capable of killing 99.99% of germs, and can be used confidently when access to water and soap is restricted, or unavailable.

Wet ones antibacterial wipes are hypo-allergenic and contain skin conditioning aloe. It is just as powerful as germ x wipes, but way cheaper. This individually wrapped hand wipes are portable, and can be conveniently used anywhere.

Best Antibacterial Soap

Dial Complete Foaming Antibacterial Hand Wash

I just wanted to include a good antibacterial soap you can use at home or in your office. Dial complete foaming antibacterial hand wash is a good brand because it comes with the needed dispenser attached.

You simply push on the nozzle and a fair amount of the antibacterial soap will be dispensed into your hands. It is formulated to foam so that you know it is working to kill 99.99% of the germs present in your hands.

Not only can you get it in different fragrances, it is also made to rinse off cleanly. Currently, they have the best antibacterial soap from Dial in 7.5 oz. bottles. You can buy a pack of four at a good price, through the above link!

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