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Philips Satinelle HP6401 Cheap Epilator Review

In just a few simple words, Philips hp6401 can be described as an awesome Epilator you can buy online, for the cheapest price possible.

What Exactly Can the Philips Satinelle HP6401 Epilator Do

Some Epilators cannot be well described with just a few words. Below are some facts about the device that is part of the Philips Satinelle series.

The HP6401 in a nutshell, can be described as an Epilator with the basic features to remove body hair, without any extra “bells & Whistles” functionality.

If your main concern is to get a device with minimal features, but can get the hair removal job done right, with a lower price point, please continue to read on.

Some might say this is not the best Epilator. If you’re just starting out, and seeking your first brand new Epilator, this is the right one to start with.

While some critics might say this is not the best women’s Epilator you can buy online today, the comparison is more favorable to this device when it’s done with products in the same price range.

In fact, Philips hp6401 Satinelle Epilator is by a wide margin, the best value for money Epilator you can find anywhere online.

While lacking some of the fancier features offered by the pricier models, the HP6401 can be called a good inexpensive Epilator for ladies, regardless of which way you measure the performance metrics.

You certainly would get more than you paid for, I guarantee you!

This device works best when used to remove body hairs from areas where the skin is tighter, like your legs, arms etc.

You certainly can use this Philips Satinelle Epilator to get a soft, smoother skin all all over your body.

The performance is far superior to what you get from those cheap disposable razors or depilatories.

This cheap Epilator will remove body hairs from the roots, while also been gentle on your skin. You can’t ask for anything more, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

It’s the ideal device! This is an Epilator you can travel with, because it’s compact and lightweight to carry.

This Epilation system is able to remove body hair that is as short as 0.5mm. It does not have a fancy exterior design like the more expensive Philips HP6576 or the , but it’s ergonomically pleasing to hold.

It comes with a two year warranty, just like you get from the other great Epilators. 

No. of Tweezers

The Philips hp6401 Satinelle Epilator comes with 21 hypoallergenic tweezers, which is great, but not as impressive as the 72 tweezers you get with the Emjoi Emagine AP-18.

You get the use of two speed settings – one that is more efficient, and one that is more gentle to your skin.

Since it has smaller number of tweezers, your Epilation sessions might take longer than if you were using a device like the Philips HP6520 Satin Soft.

But then again, Epilation should not be a game of lets see how fast I can get it done.

It should be more like, lets see how this process works, and how smooth can I get my skin to look. I know that’s what I would be thinking!

If speed is your thing and you’re seeking faster Epilators, be ready to spend about $60 to $100, or even more if you buy from the wrong online store. We heartily recommend Amazon.com for the best and lowest prices.

You might be thinking what can you do with a cheap Epilator with about 21 tweezers

First and foremost, you should not wait too long to conduct your Epilation sessions.

Depending on how your body grows hair, once a month might do it, or for better and smoother skin, do it once every two weeks.

The more frequent your Epilation sessions, the faster the process would seem to you. As you know, familiarity sometimes breeds fastness and competence.

Would You Feel Any Pain While Using Satinelle HP6401

If you’re looking for another great feature to make you choose the Philips Satinelle HP6401 as your ideal Epilator, try the less pain factor.

This is a lot more gentle on your skin than some of the more expensive brands of Epilators.

In this niche market, the level of pain you experience has nothing to do with the price you’ll pay. You should know that some of the models with more tweezers, inflict more pain than this one.

If your budget is tight like mine, and you just don’t like spending much money on a body hair removal product, then please choose this one as a viable quality alternative.

What About Accessories?

Philips hp6401 Satinelle Epilator comes with one notable accessory, which is an efficiency cap.

With a good efficiency cap on your Epilator, you’ll feel a lot less pain than if you use it without one.

Thou it comes with a washable head, a small cleaning brush is also included for your convenience.

You can use the brush to remove all embedded hairs before washing the head in a tap of running water.

The washable head for the HP6401 Cheap Epilator is removable, which makes cleaning it much easier to accomplish.

Is it Corded or Cordless?

This model from Philips is corded, unless your would prefer the more expensive Philips Satin Perfect HP6576/60, which is cordless.

Do not be disappointed, as it comes with enough cable length to guarantee good freedom of movement.

As a matter of fact, corded Epilators might offer you some advantages, depending on how you look at it.

I know its annoying having to wait for a device to charge before using it. Based on that alone, corded Epilator would do just fine for me.

If you decide to seek an Epilator that offers wet and dry Epilation, it must be cordless, as water and electricity can become a volatile mix, even with the best of intentions.

No hair removal product is perfect, certainly not this one from Philips.

The disadvantages should not dissuade you from buying one, I just thought this cheap Epilator review would be incomplete, without all the total honest truth about the device.

Cons Against Philips hp6401 Satinelle

The biggest one, is the lack of a built-in lighting system to see how your session is progressing. The light would enable you to see all the little hairs that needs plucking.

So with the low price comes some missing features, and the lack of any light is a biggie, in my opinion.

So if you buy one, be sure to conduct your sessions under very bright lights, so you can see what body hairs needs to be removed

Even thou the ergonomic design feels good in your hands, the exterior design lacks any wow factor.

It will not win the design of the year for Epilators competition, but then again it’s lowly priced.

I would not recommend this for facial hair removal, I would recommend the Philips Satin Perfect Deluxe HP6576/50, which comes with more features that’s perfect for facial hair removal.

In Conclusion

Their is nothing not to like about the Philips Satinelle HP6401 Cheap Epilator, except for the part of nothing having any light, which is manageable in my opinion.

While been offered at a bargain price, it does not compromise on its stated mission, which is the ability to remove body hairs gently, and most efficiently.

The hairs would be plucked right from the root, while causing very little pain due to the included efficiency cap.

From all the evidence we have gathered and presented in this review article, you have some excellent reasons to consider the Philips Satinelle Epilator.

Finally, Philip HP6401 is one of the best budget Epilator you can find online.

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