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Achieve a Brighter Smile With a Diamondclean Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

I have learned that in life you mostly get what you pay for and that my friend applies to the electric toothbrush industry.

Most Dentist, contrary to what you might think, were never enthusiastic about the power of sonic electric toothbrushes to remove plague and other junk from our ever busy teeth and mouth.

The obvious reason is self-interest. If you start using an electric toothbrush like the Diamondclean rechargeable sonic toothbrush, your Dental hygienist might never see you again.

In this Philips Sonicare Diamondclean review, I will try to explain the unique advantages you can get from investing in a product like this.

If you like your teeth whitening product cheap and disposable, this line of absolutely best teeth cleaning toothbrushes might not be for you, cause they’re not cheap.

Once in a while you come across products you know are designed so efficiently, you don’t mind paying for it. With one of this toothbrush, you can polish and brighten your teeth with ease,

Not only does it use gentle unique mechanisms to clean your teeth, it also cleans the gum enamels too.

The three toothbrushes we reviewed are capable of delivering at least 31,000 brush strokes per minute, and will remove all those plaque build-up before they can cause gum disease or bad breath.

Here are 3 of the Best Diamondclean Electric Toothbrush Made by Philips

Philips Sonicare HX9332/05 

Philips Sonicare HX9332/05 Diamondclean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

If you happen to own this toothbrush, consider yourself lucky. Philips Sonicare HX9332/05 is a well designed rechargeable toothbrush with many unique features.

Not only is it designed to remove plaque, but it also can whiten your teeth after just a few uses. It has specially built-in unique cleaning modes, to handle just about every dental oral hygiene needs.

Some of its Amazing Features includes:

Built to utilize the latest in Sonic Technology. This technology is what makes it possible for this electric toothbrush from Philips to deliver at least 31,000 brush strokes per minute.

These powerful strokes help to drive the cleaning fluids deep into the hidden crevices of your teeth and your gum line, which ensures a much cleaner, and healthier mouth.

Notice an Improvement in your Oral Health. Not only would this electric toothbrush remove plague and other bad bacteria, but it also can whiten your teeth while improving your gum enamel health.

People you see with brighter smiles have a secret, and it certainly involves the power of an electric toothbrush and best whitening toothpaste.

This Diamondclean toothbrush will help remove stains from tea, tobacco, coffee, including those derived from drinking.

You should notice a significant improvement in just one week of use.

Uniquely designed replacement brush heads. You get to experience the power of the bristles of the Diamondclean brush heads, which comes with angled diamond bristles to get the job done right.

With the power of the motor, the Sonicare brush heads contribute immensely to the removal of all those surface stains embedded on your teeth and gum enamel.

For best optimal oral hygiene, you’re required to change the brush heads after a few months of use.

Custom Cleaning Modes. Philips Sonicare HX9332/05 Diamondclean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush comes with 5 cleaning modes for best teeth cleaning routine. The cleaning modes are:

Whiten – This mode is designed to gently lift those stain you currently have resting comfortably on your teeth.

Cleaning – This is the mode that ensures you get a minimum of at least two minutes brushing time, as recommended by a professional dental hygienist.

Gum Care – If you’re worried about the health of your gum enamel, this is the mode to use to put those worries at rest.

It will induce a three minutes brushing style that can only improve the health of your teeth, and gums.

Teeth Polishing – It has a mode for that too. You can use this to create that brighter, whiter teeth you’ve always desired.

With prolong usage, you’ll start to notice the incredible compliments you receive about your radiant whiter smile from people you meet.

Sensitivity Mode – If you have sensitive teeth and gum lines, this is the mode to use.

It will enable a gentler brush strokes, with all the benefits of a cleaner and brighter teeth and gum enamels.

Other Notable Features of the Sonicare HX9332/05

It comes with two built-in unique set of timers, for added effectiveness of the product in keeping your teeth gleaming with brightness.

The first one is the Smartimer, which ensures you get at least two full minutes of brushing time as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA).

The nest one is a Quadpacer timer, which emits a beeping noise in 30-second intervals, with the hope that you’ll remember to brush thoroughly, all the unique corners of your mouth.

This teeth cleaning electric toothbrush uses the latest in lithium-polymer battery technology.

It comes with a battery indicator light feature, that alerts you to battery power status.

You also get a USB charging travel case, thus making it possible to take your Diamondclean rechargeable sonic toothbrush just about anywhere.

This electric toothbrush is guaranteed for a full two years. While it comes with usage instructions, you can also access customer information on the manufacturers website.

On the manufacturer’s website. we saw downloadable users manual and a quick start guide.

You’re also able to register your product, in case of any future warranty claims. You can get one in either one of the following colors; Pink, White, and Black.

About the other two Diamondclean rechargeable sonic toothbrushes

After a while, you learn about the tricks manufacturers play to make it appear they have unique products in the marketplace.

The two models below are just as identical in features and functionality, like the above mentioned one. It would have been redundant to write a separate review on each.

Philips Sonicare HX9382 / 54 Diamondclean Black

Philips Sonicare HX9382 / 54 Diamondclean Black Dental Professional Model Electric Toothbrush

This is about the same product as the Philips Sonicare HX9332/05 with just subtle differences.

While it’s touted as the dental professional model, we found the features are similar. The only limitation is that you can only get it in black color.

It also comes with an additional USB wall charger. The price point is about $15 higher than the above model.

Philips Sonicare HX9352/04

Philips Sonicare HX9352/04

Personally, this is the one to get because it’s slightly lower priced than the other two models.

The subtle difference is not even worth mentioning. The features are similar, and it can also deliver a brighter and whiter smile, in just a few weeks of constant use.

It uses Sonic technology, and comes with dual charging base, which includes USB one. You can get this model in either Black, Pink or White color.

In Conclusion

For those of you seeking the best in teeth cleaning products, these are the electric toothbrushes the superstars use.

They’re not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but they do deliver a whiter teeth and better gum health with constant use.

Finances determine everything in life, but your dental oral health is too important to be trusted to second rate products.

This is not one of those toothbrushes that last just a few months, these “bad boys” can last multiple years, with just the right Philips Sonicare replacement heads.

You can communicate more effectively with an awesome whiter set of teeth, and nothing delivers better cleaning results than the power of a Diamondclean rechargeable sonic toothbrush.

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