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Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

If you’re bored and tired of the usual cheap workout equipment one can find in abundance online, may I introduce you to a fitness tool called Maxi climber vertical climber. It is designed to imitate the movements and effects of rock climbing.

Using this machine can deliver the same benefits one can expect from conducting fitness routines on a Stairmaster, or high-end step machine. Maxi climber will not only help you burn calories, but also strengthen and tone your overall body muscles.

You might not believe the durability of the product by just looking at the odd design, so please save your judgment until you’ve used one to write your own weight loss stories. This best home workout machine is designed, manufactured and widely distributed by a company called, Innoventions International LLC.

Can this fitness equipment help you get gym quality workout in the comfort of your own home? Let’s examine some of the benefits delivered by Maxiclimber, as reported by some of the enthusiastic current users of the product.

You should know that independent studies recently confirmed the climber is able to eliminate at least 500 calories, with just one hour of deploying the exercises enabled for the machine. Here are the top fitness benefits one can expect from daily use of the climber:

Comes to You Pre-Assembled

It is frustrating buying home fitness equipment with difficult to follow assembly instructions. The climber exercise machine is delivered to you almost completely assembled, and all you have to do is just untie the shipping knots, to get the fitness tool ready for use.

This is a good thing because I for one dislike complicated installation instructions or chances of putting together unsafe fitness equipment. You can be up and running on your Maxiclimber within minutes of receiving your delivery package.

It is Very Quiet

When you’re using fitness equipment in your own home, you don’t your downstairs neighbors complaining about the noise coming from your workout routines. Despite the fact that it delivers a complete total body workout, Maxi climber home workout machine is relatively quiet during use.

You can even use the tool next to a sleeping roommate, without worrying about squeaky noises common with some treadmills or poorly designed stationary indoor cycling bikes.

Reliability and Safety Come with the Climber

Most people shy away from trying out good home gym fitness equipment, due to concerns about safety for the user and other people in the residence. Just as perfect examples, best adjustable dumbbells can roll out of position and hurt little kids playing close by, or weight plates can be accidentally dropped on the foot of the user.

You do not have any safety concerns with the Max climber, as it is designed to use your own body weight to provide the needed resistance. You need no additional tools to make the climber help you burn calories.

Included Interval Training

Your purchase of the Maxi climber includes the use of a well-detailed interval training DVD, one can use to make daily training as fun as can be. As you know, good interval training will help enhance your workout sessions, thus leading to the faster elimination of unwanted calories.

The interval training guide will help you develop the body physique you’ve always wanted, in a very short amount of time.

It is Adjustable to Any Height

Since us, humans have different heights and sizes, the adjustable feature of this climber take away the common limiting factor found with other home fitness equipment.

With the height adjustment of the Maxi climber machine, you’re able to conduct intense cardiovascular exercises regardless of how tall you are.

Can be used in Limited Space

This best home workout machine takes up very limited living quarters space, as compared to other gym equipment designed for home use. All you need is a steady flat surface, and you’re good to go.

Best of all, this best home exercise equipment can be folded once you’re done with your workout routines for easier storage. You can even put this fitness tool away in your closet once you’re done.

Health Benefits of Using the Maxi Climber

You can use one to give your body a total workout. Each climbing step engages all the right muscles, to help you sculpt a more toned physique. The Maxi climber is capable of giving you leaner legs, a tight midsection, plus perfectly toned arms.

With just a few minutes of daily use in the comfort of your own home, you can use the Maxi Climber to write your own personal weight loss stories. If your body is stable and good, diseases like diabetes and hypertension will simply run away from you, to find other obese individuals to afflict.

It is true that if you have a workout plan like the ones provided with your Maxi Climber purchase, you’ll be able to burn more calories on a daily basis with active use of the maxi climber fitness equipment.

I can assure you that with a leaner more desirable physique, you’ll experience better moods during your daily activities. Spending just 30-minutes on the climber will deliver more endorphins to help you cope with the stress of daily activities. Constant use of the machine will make you happier, and filled with optimism for your daily activities.

With the regular exercises you can perform on the climbing machine, your internal body tissues will get the deliverance of cleaner oxygen that will improve your overall cardiovascular health.

When you engage in regular exercise and good lifestyle choices, you’ll be sleeping more hours, and the quality of your rest will be reflected in glowing skin tone.

Best of all, the exercises you conduct on the Maxi Climber machine will lead to a better sex life, simply because the blood flow within your internal organs is at an optimal level. Before you run to take a pill for erectile dysfunction, get your hands on the Maxi climber and get happiness back into your life.

Let’s Breakdown Some of the Pros & Cons


The aerobic exercise you can do on the Maxi climber will deliver better sculpted and toned Abs. It is a good home gym tool to get better total body workout.

Hidden within the fitness tool is the latest Bio-X technology, which helps to engage the Abs and core, with every step you take.

Using this climber will enable you to burn more calories than even home treadmills or recumbent bikes.

It is a stable fitness tool, and just ten to twenty minutes of daily use will deliver better physique in just a few weeks.


If you’re taller than average, you’ll need the room head space to be able to climb to the higher heights of the Maxi climber machine. So if you have low ceilings in your place of residence, you might have problems going higher as you climb the machine.

This might be a positive or negative, depending on your total body weight. The maxi climber exercise machine is limited to user weight of 240 pounds. Those bigger must try to lose a few pounds, before trying to use one.

Bottom Line:

It is my sincere hope that you found this Maxi Climber reviews helped you decide if the best home exercise equipment is right for you. The compact folding design of the Maxi climber makes it stable and easier to get a whole total body workout.

You get ample directions about the best exercise to do on the climber through the provided DVD. Maxi climber price can be found through the link provided below.

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