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4 Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids That Won’t Break Your Budget

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about best oral hygiene practices, by introducing them to best electric toothbrushes that are specially designed for kids.

While manual toothbrushes might help get the growing teeth of a toddler clean, sometimes the handling dexterity of your little one comes with some limitations.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics just concluded a great study that proves the many advantages from using a toddler electric toothbrush.

We know that kids sometimes have short attention span, especially when it comes to things they hate to do.

You can change all that, by introducing your little one to the best electric toothbrush for kids, and some come with cartoon characters only they could appreciate.

Here are some facts why you need an electric toothbrush for your kid

Electric toothbrushes that are designed for children will have less vibration power than the adult versions, but yet more effective at removing gunk and plaque from a toddler’s mouth.

Some of the most highly rated brands would come with timers, which helps your little one get used to brushing for the entire duration.

Recent studies from leading dental organization have shown that electric toothbrushes for kids can help remove at least 41% more plaque, than even the best traditional manual toothbrush.

A toddler’s electric toothbrush provides the coordination and movement kids need, to focus the brush in the right areas.

Most times, kids view brushing their teeth as a chore unless you can put a positive spin on the activity.

If you’re tired of threatening, or afraid of the looming dental bills, try enticing “little Johnny” with a kid-friendly electric toothbrush. They also enjoy the fact that it’s less work than using a manual version.

Apart from been superior to manual toothbrushes, best electric toothbrush for kids will have the extra soft bristles which are perfect for a growing tooth enamel.

Most Electric toothbrushes designed for use by children will also have the ADA’s (American Dental Association) seal of approval, which means they’re indeed safe to be used by kids.

Some Tips When Looking For The Best Brands of Electric toothbrushes for Kids

Try to pick one out with the favorite cartoon character your kid loves to watch.

It’s up to you, if you want your little one to participate in the shopping experience, I for one appreciate the surprise when the product arrives in the mail.

Another cool touch is to address the package to your kid for added special effect. The excitement to open it would transfer to the teeth brushing room.

You would have to decide if you want just a battery model, or one that comes with a charging station.

The plain battery models of kid’s electric toothbrushes would run you less in purchasing cost, but keep in mind the battery cost over the long haul.

From experience, one with a charging station would do just fine. The device is always fully powered as long as it’s placed back on the charger after each use.

You should also look for models with replaceable brush heads.

The brush heads do wear out their effectiveness, and one that can be easily replaced saves you money because you don’t have to replace the whole product.

The price point for a best electric toothbrush for kids varies widely. Do bear in mind you always get what you pay for.

The cheaper might cost you less up front, but they might not be able to get the job done right. You also want to buy a brand that has been around for decades, with the resources to stand behind any warranty claims.

Try to read some of the existing customers reviews about their kids experiences with the electric toothbrush, you’re purchasing.

If you buy on Amazon, they do have a rating system using stars. Go with electric toothbrushes for kids with at least 3.5 stars and up.

Most of the brands included in our comparison guide of kid’s electric toothbrushes, and the reviews below, come with excellent customer reviews.

We took the time to make sure of that, before presenting them to you. Clicking on the images would take you directly to the source with the best lowest prices.

Here’s Our Pick of the Top 4 Electric Toothbrushes for Children

Philips Sonicare HX6311 Review


The name Philips Sonicare elicits good comments from both critics and industry insiders alike.

This company is well liked, so is their many lines of electric toothbrushes, especially the Philips Sonicare HX6311, which is geared towards the oral hygiene health of toddlers.

This best electric toothbrush for kids uses a unique patented Sonicare’s technology, that has the power to remove at least 75% more plaque than even your top rated manual toothbrush is capable of.

Another unique feature is the KidTimer, which can be programmed to increase brushing time each day, until the optimal two minutes brushing time is reached.

Another notable feature is the KidPacer, which is designed to make funny sounds as your child goes through the morning or evening brushing routine.

Not only does this kid-friendly electric toothbrush come with two power settings, it also has one of the industry’s best ultra-soft brush head, which is what a kid needs for those growing teeth muscles and enamel.

The other funny part is that this toothbrush comes with about 8 interchangeable stickers only a kid would love.

Apart from the fact that the handle is ergonomically pleasing for a kid’s growing hands, it also comes with a charging base for constant power source.

You simply train you little one to put the toothbrush back on the base, after each use.

This electric toothbrush for children can be used on braces, just make sure the power is set on the low setting.

The brush heads are easily replaceable after multiple use, and the product is fully guaranteed for two years.

The best aspect of this toothbrush is the astounding reviews from current customers.

Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Rechargeable Power Toothbrush


This is another company, with an awesome reputation for delivering health-enhancing products that are beloved by millions of consumers worldwide.

The oral-b pro-health for me rechargeable power toothbrush comes with features that make kids develop the best of oral care practices.

The oral b pro-health for me is one of the most recommended kids electric toothbrush in the industry.

Just ask your dentist! This toothbrush comes with a specially formulated brush head, that’s able to get all the gunk out of your little ones growing teeth.

The oral b pro-health toothbrush comes with a charging station, thus making it easily rechargeable.

This power toothbrush is designed to stop charging once fully charged, so it’s safe to leave it on the charging stand after each use, without fear of the battery getting fried.

Embedded within the oral b pro-health electric toothbrush is a timer, with awesome completion sound after the required two minutes brushing time is reached.

You’ll not be in the dark as to the effectiveness of the brush head. The Indicator Bristles feature will let you know when the brush head needs changing, through LED indicator light signals.

The ergonomic design of the oral b power toothbrush handle is pleasing to the growing little kids hands. You get an initial supply of two brush heads with your purchase.

Not only is this best electric toothbrush for kids guaranteed for two years, you can read some of the outstanding reviews from actual customers.

Colgate Kids Sponge Bob Powered Toothbrush


While you might know this company as a leading toothpaste manufacturer, they’re slowly making inroads into the electric toothbrush segment, with some excellent product lines.

This is one of the cheapest electric toothbrush for kids you can find online. It cost less than $6 but do lack some of the features offered by the other brands.

The Colgate Kids Sponge Bob Powered Toothbrush comes with soft bristles brush head, that’s friendly to a growing toddlers teeth.

The rotating brush head is able to sweep away plaque as it cleans teeth.

This is purely a battery powered toothbrush for kids, so you’ll be needing 2 AA batteries.

You do get for free the initial supply of batteries, but make sure you keep ample supply at hand!

You can buy this product with different popular cartoon characters. This Colgate powered toothbrush also comes with an easy to use on/off buttons.

While the Colgate kids toothbrush can do a fine job cleaning your little one’s teeth, be mindful the brush head is not replaceable.

So you’ll have to buy a new one once the brush bristles lose its effectiveness.

While the initial cost is truly affordable, you’ll be spending more money on maintenance cost, not to talk about needing an entirely new brushing system once the brush bristles wear out.

Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000


This is another awesome product from Oral-B! The oral-b professional healthy clean precision 1000 is not marketed to kids directly, but after looking at some of the great reviews, we concluded it’s an ideal product for toddlers.

It has an ergonomic handle, that’s friendly to a child’s growing hands.

One of the unique aspect of the oral b healthy clean precision 1000 is the use of vibration plus pulsating technology, to break up and remove plaque.

You only get one brush head, but it can be easily replaced once it is worn out.

The handle is waterproof, and it has an LED display feature, that shows the battery charge level. The included daily brushing mode can be set just the way your child likes it.

The oral b precision 1000 comes with no cartoon characters, so you’ll have to find other unique selling points of the benefits to your toddler.

I once told my kids their teeth would fall off once they start dating, if not properly cared for now, and it worked like a charm.

Oral-b professional care 1000 electric toothbrush is an excellent product, and would be great for instilling best oral hygiene practices at an early age.

The online reviews for this best electric toothbrush for kids are just as great, with more than 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

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