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Emjoi Micro Pedi Reviews: Differences between the Battery Operated and Corded Models

Contrary to what some people might think and believe, your feet can be considered the premier functional body organ after your eyes. It is your feet that bear the brunt of all the upper body weight. It is a heavy burden, and that is why skin around and under your feet gets hard and scaly.

Despite all the scientific theories about what causes dead skin cells, it has to be removed constantly before it causes embarrassment. A good battery operated callus remover or one that uses regular electricity can give you smooth, silky feet in just a few minutes of application.

There are many brands of best callus removers, but this review will be about the two versions of Emjoi micro pedi nano. Both the Emjoi micro pedi battery operated callus remover and the Emjoi micro pedi corded are solid products, with many similarities but subtle differences.

You can see from this review here that my favorite best tool for removing feet callus is made by Amope. My best friend is a firm believer in the powerful performance of the corded micro-pedi callus remover by Emjoi, and her feet is as smooth as silk, and she does her own maintenance at home, including manicure and pedicure.

So lets take each product one by one, and at the end I will point out some of the differences based on my conversation with her and my research of online resources from both the manufacturer and beauty products critics alike.

Emjoi Micro Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover

Emjoi Micro Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover

This Micro-Pedi Nano callus remover from Emjoi is battery operated and has a powerful motor with an ergonomic design. Apart from been easy to hold and use, the grooming feet tool also looks esthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Emjoi micro pedi nano will enable the gentle and effective buffing away of dry, rough and calloused skin in mere seconds.

Not only is it more effective and safer than a high-end metal scrapper, it is also a better callus removal tool than a .

Within the unique roller one can find micro mineral particles with the ability to pulverize dead skin in an instant. It is designed to spin at least 30 times per second.

You’ll need two AA batteries to get the device working at an optimal pace. Unfortunately, the initial supply of batteries is not included with your purchase.

Some of the feedbacks from existing customers call it a good product that’s easy to use and works well. Other reviews from customers praised the tool for helping to keep feet looking soft and smooth.

The only cons I discovered were the lack of an extra replacement roller, and the lack of an initial supply of batteries to get it working right out of the box.

Emjoi Micro Pedi Corded

Emjoi Micro Pedi Corded

While this version has some similarities with the battery operated version, it is more powerful at removing feet callus. One of the most notable touches is the use of an international travel power cord, which means it can function in currents of 100V to 240V.

This electric versatility makes it one of the best callus removers that are compatible and functional in any country in the world. Whatever limitation offered by the cord is made up with more power, that can gently and effectively do away with dead skin cells around and under your feet in just a few minutes.

Because it uses electrical currents, you do not have to worry about having enough juice to remove feet calluses anytime you feel like it. The unique roller is able to spin at 360 degrees, meaning you’ll witness at least 30 spins every second.

This model also comes with two speed settings for better performance metrics. Emjoi micro pedi nano corded has a rubberized grip, thus making it easier to hold and use.

Since this device uses electric power, make sure you’re only using it on dry skin area for best safety and awesome results.

Differences between Emjoi micro pedi battery operated And Emjoi micro pedi nano corded callus remover

Emjoi Micro Pedi ReviewsOne uses electric power and the other require battery to function. While you have battery cost, let’s not forget the cost of electricity used by the corded model. Emjoi Micro Pedi Corded might cost you less to operate, but just slightly.

The battery model is more portable and can be used just about anywhere. On the other hand, one must make sure to carry ample supply of battery power to negate any surprises.

The electric version does give you more power to remove dead skin cells. Depending on your usage, the battery operated callus remover might experience faster power loss after each use.

Which Emjoi micro-pedi callus remover is best?

If you’re seeking to buy micro pedi and not sure which of the two models will serve you better, consider several factors. Before we get to where to buy Emjoi micro pedi, you’ll need to determine how and where you’ll be using the device.

Another consideration is the cost; the corded one is twice the price of the Emjoi micro pedi battery operated callus remover. I have a battery operated callus remover of another brand, and it has served me well.

I have traveled with it countless of times, and my only worry is to have ample supply of batteries just in case. If you’re low on funds, go with the battery operated model.

If you can afford it, the Emjoi Micro Pedi Corded do deliver more powerful and faster results in removing dead skin cells around and underneath your feet.

Both products come with endorsement from the American Podiatric Medical Association as beneficial to foot health.

Emjoi Micro Pedi Roller Refills

Emjoi Micro Pedi Roller Refills

Some of the existing customers wished the callus removing tool came with an extra spin roller. Keeping your roller in tip top shape is the key to getting optimal performance from both products. Each pack of replacement rollers has four units, which should last you for a while, depending on usage.

I have included a link to the authentic genuine replacement rollers, and you should have a set on hand just in case. As an added bonus, the rollers are designed to fit both Emjoi micro-pedi callus removers.

Paula F. Kennedy

Paula F. Kennedy

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