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My Steps to Lose Weight Now

While I look beautiful with my designer clothes on, it is a different matter once they come off. Obesity is a huge problem in America and I am one of those with the ugly statistics.

Based on seeing myself naked in front of the mirror, I can confess that I am at least fifty pounds overweight.

Since some of my friends read this blog, I will not be giving out my personal stats. When my boyfriend of many years walked out on me and hooked up with someone in better shape, that certainly woke me up to take action.

While I am not doing my weight loss routine to get my ex-boyfriend back, the events that caused the break-up woke me up to the realities of what obesity can do to one’s self-esteem.

Here are the steps I took starting January 15, 2015, to get my weight in check:

I got Myself a Good Bike

I am blessed to live in a city that created bicycle paths, and one runs through my neighborhood. My job is about five miles from my residence, so riding back and forth to work should help me lose a few pounds.

The bike I am using has all the old fashion setup, with a back carrier included. It has a bright light sign in the front and back, with one of the best braking systems one can find on a bicycle.

The first week was incredibly hard to say the least. While my city is a little colder in the winter months, snow is a rarity in this part of town.

Truth be told, the first day I pushed the bike the last mile while drinking the cup of coffee that made me lose my motivation.

The comments from my co-workers were brutal to my desire to continue. You must not let all the snide comments from your well-meaning friends distract you from your weight loss goals.

My Steps to Lose Weight Now

In short, I made it back home on the bike despite all the difficulties with pains to my legs, thighs, arms and other body parts I care not to mention.

The bike riding to work became enjoyable after 10-days of daily riding. I can tell you it was the true foundation for my true weight loss story.

I Bought Myself a Recumbent Bike for Home Use

After looking at several models of best recumbent bikes, I found a model that had all the features I wanted. Since I had limited space in my one-bedroom apartment, the recumbent bike I choose came with a compact design.

I placed it in my living room, right in front of my television. I used it mostly on weekends to compensate for my lack of bike riding to work.

I soon discovered that a bike designed for home use works several more muscle groups than the one you ride outside.

To get my motivation juice flowing, I play my favorite disco songs and pretend to be dancing while pedaling away my unwanted pounds.

I Started Reading Food Labels

If you like the toxic stuff you presently eat called food, please do not adopt the habit of reading food labels.

I am now convinced there are hidden forces trying to get people fat and sick from all the toxicity found in our food supply.

In the beginning, I used to Google any odd sounding name to really find out what it means. I soon discovered that many toxic substances have chemical sounding names purposely used to confuse consumers.

Now, rarely do I put anything in my mouth without knowing what it can do to my body.

It was through this process of learning how to read food labels the right way that I realized the types of food flavorings and food preservatives used in packaged foods.

From my weight loss experience, you can only permanently control your own weight if you know what is included in the foods you’re eating on a daily basis.

This is the key reason why most diet plans lead to failure. If you leave it to others to prepare your meal, staying thin and healthy might just elude you.

I Started Cooking More

I now cook about 90% of the foods I eat on a daily basis. The former excuse of not finding and having enough time to cook is no longer true. I consider my health a priority, and for that one should always make time.

I have not eaten any meat product in the last four months after discovering the toxic substances fed to animals before they’re slaughtered.

My preference is for some type of seafood, with lots of green leafy vegetables. I started making my own smoothie drinks using just vegetables, fruits, and bananas.

Water Became my Fluid of Choice

The water from your tap contain some bad substances, but it is far better than all the packaged drinks sold in the supermarket.

My preference is to find a way to filter my own water safely, but that should happen once I buy my own place.

At present, my preference for water takes me to the brand called Smartwater. I like how it makes me feel, and it does well for my skin and flushing out any remaining toxins from my internal organs.

I Gave Up on Drinking Alcohol

Baileys Irish cream Liqueur used to be my favorite until I studied food labels with a passion. Just one glass of this sweetened alcohol drink can increase your weight gain substantially.

I did not stop drinking alcohol due to the calories found in most drinks, but the toxicity of the product got to me on a spiritual level.

Most of my compromised decisions took place under the influence of the substance, and as I look back some of them were regrettable.

It took a while to learn how to deal with peer pressure on this subject, but I am much more equipped to deal with anyone with snide comments about me not drinking alcoholic drinks including wine.

Ladies, if you want glowing skin, stop drinking for just 30-days and let me know how you feel. I now use less makeup and the compliments I get for my amazing skin even baffles me sometimes.

You can only cover but so much fine lines and dark circles under the eyes.

Apart from alcohol being an intoxicant, it is also one of the key reasons why people overeat and lack the energy to do any type of meaningful physical activity

I took up Salsa Dancing Lesson Class

This was one of best aspects of my weight loss steps. If you can find a Salsa class by you, please join and see the benefits it can deliver to your self-esteem and weight loss goals.

My class occurs twice every week, and each lesson last about two hours. The movements of the hips will invigorate your whole body.

Apart from learning a few Spanish words, the meaning behind each movement was also eye-opening to say the least.

I took Up Weekly Swimming

Once a week I made it a duty to participate in rigorous swimming sessions through my local YMCA club. Swimming is a good way to tone all your body muscles.

I liked the fact that my weekly swimming smoothed away all the pain and raw edges of my bike riding.

I am pretty sure swimming will allow you to shed a few pounds if you approach it with serious intent.

The Benefits Derived From My Losing Weight

After six months of participating in all those activities I mentioned, I lost about 55-pounds and my doctor could not believe what happened to my prior bad blood pressure and diabetes prognosis.

My weight loss enhanced my overall health in so many areas. My high blood pressure symptoms all simply vanished into thin air.

I now have the skin texture of a twenty-year-old, without any acne or breakout. My daily energy level if off the charts, and I can easily walk up flight of stairs without feeling tired.

I now get great pleasure when I look at myself naked in front of the mirror as all the unwanted body fat are now all gone for good.

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